Beyond The Bad End


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Haru and Maki, two childhood friend who had their first love for each other came true.

While Haru takes his studies seriously and helps his parents out at the restaurant whenever he has the chance, Maki just spends her time to hang around with her friends.

Then, Maki is caught in a situation which she can’t escape from. By the time she realized it, it was too late. Despite their despair and regret, the two teenagers’ life goes on.

What does the future hold for them?

What awaits them beyond the bad end?

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bakquak rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: c24
This story is like your typical NTR/blackmailing story. The girl is in a relationship and gets threatened by an as*hole she rejected. Which leads to them having s*x and the girl's boyfriend finding out.

However, the difference in this story is that the girl actually had a reliable family to lean back on if things went dire. But she didn't do that. Instead she opted to fall for the pressure and have s*x with the as*hole which led to her getting pregnant and her family finding out.

Although the ending can be... more>> considered a happy end. I feel like the girl could have taken proper measures instead of immediately resorting to s*x. She had many opportunities to do so, but didn't ask for external help once.

But then again, this is just a WN and the scenarios are extremely unlikely to happen in real life.

TLDR; regular school ntr/blackmail story with a decent end <<less
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