Beyond our Glorious Spring


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9 years and 7 months later, Qu Zhengyan finally saw Du Yongjin again.

Even with a new name and surname, even no longer having the heart pounding beauty, Qu Zhengyan still recognised him at first glance. He was overwhelmed with joy. However, why did this wayward, proud and domineering young man in the past become so silent, tolerant, gentle and polite… His heart wrenched.

For Du Yongjin, He Ziming was his new life – lonely, stable, far away from the past, a peaceful life. Yet the appearance of Qu Zhengyan broke through all of these…

From the obedient young man who constantly followed him while smiling, he became a mature man. His joy, longing, and careful touches, like a drop of water, stirred up ripples in his heart again.

In the past, there were many tales behind us. Why did we become like this? What happened back then? Life has taken us beyond our glorious youth and moving forward, can we…..still be together?

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New Evesneon rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c26
Hi! I'm the translator for this novel.

So far, reading/translating up to the middle of this novel, I would say this is a slow burn with a few foreshadowing. A hidden gem so far. As I'm translating, I'm also reading and truly, I just can't seem to stop. I want to find out more!

What happened to He Ziming / Du Yongjin? What made his personality change so drastically?

... more>> I'm sensing something happen in his youth but what was it? I could only wait and let the story flow.

For those who read my tl, thanks a lot. If there are any mistakes, you can always pm me on discord (Amber. Es#5546) <<less
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