Beware of the Strongest Man Who is Crazy About Me


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One day, my sister breaks up with the male lead.

I couldn’t bear to see her all gloomy, so I took it upon myself to find that knight.

The plan was simple: deliver my sister’s sincerity and patch things up.

However, when I finally reach the place, that knight is nowhere to be found…

“I don’t care if you’re a man or an alien anymore.”

“Well, actually, I am an alien!”

“That just makes it even more exciting.”

Instead of meeting the person I want to see, I met a crazy man.

* * *

It was a dreadful first encounter. I was trembling with fear, but I couldn’t let myself give up just like that. Determined, I chose to quietly observe and bide my time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to meet the male lead alone, just like a shadow.

However, a small problem arose.

“It’s better to give up.”

“What do you mean all of a sudden…?”

“I have no intention of just watching while you turn your attention to another man.”

It seems like this crazy man was seriously misunderstanding something.

* * *

I am Charlotte La Bravant, a woman who never gives up.

After much effort, I achieved my goals and quickly escaped, basking in the joy of success. And why wouldn’t I succeed? I’m the younger sister of the esteemed Marquess Bravant, also known as the dazzling rose of the high society after all!

“Did you think you could escape and I wouldn’t find you?”

“H-how did you…?”

“You’ve become even more beautiful since I last saw you. So, was that man’s embrace warm?”


The duke’s eyes grew more intense as he said that.

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내게 미친 세계관 최강자를 조심할 것
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