Beware of the Brothers


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Hari, a destitute girl, got adopted by Duke Ernst at 7 years old when she lost her mother, as the Ernsts had themselves lost their youngest daughter Arina and sought Hari due to her resemblance to the late girl. Even though she received all kinds of persecution by the three Ernst sons in 20 years of life at the Ernst estate, she could finally escape that blood-and-tear inducing life when she was about to get married.

But what is this?
When I woke up from my sleep, I’m back to that hellish childhood! Is this a dream?!

Hmph. If I can’t wake up from this dream, I’ll at least live without too much consideration for others now!

Just like that, Hari decided to go astray. Eugene, the “dutiful son” but cold, Cabel, the roughhousing knucklehead, and Erich, the angelic-looking bully and Arina’s twin, all three be damned!

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Beware of the Oppas!
Geu Oppadeul-eul Josimhae!
그 오빠들을 조심해!
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laexdream rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: --
I disagree with Panda93. If I wanted to read a Chinese webnovel, I’d be reading that. Although this is a rebirth novel, it’s not about the faceslapping, but the re-evaluation of the mc’s past, and the subtle ways she changes it through looking at her brothers in a different kind of light. The story is long, and at times it gets a bit boring, but it’s not about fast-paced, unrealistic interactions with people, but about meaningful conversations, and looking past your prejudices and judgements to see others from their point of view.

In fact, I find it better than most Chinese web novels because it’s less shallow and dimwitted. There may be some Chinese web novels that delve into deeper conversations, but mainly they’re fluff pieces that tend to dumb people’s brain down with mindless, vicious faceslapping. This isn’t about that. It’s not about faceslapping at all.

The main character, after getting reborn again in her younger body, looks at her brothers and sees them for what they were - kids. And she forgives them for their faults, as she understands why they would act out that way. And the brothers, in turn, begin to care about Hari, and their family grows closer due to this. There’s no revenge plot or faceslapping because there’s no need for it. It’s a wonder if Panda93 even read further into the story to be able to judge this fact.

i don’t think the main character is “pathetic”, as it takes more strength of character to be able to forgive your bullies and see them as what they were - children. And realize that circumstances are different now, and that you can change things now, instead of, like, running away and living on the streets. Gee, I wonder which takes more courage.
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Panda93 rated it
July 23, 2020
Status: --
I think that if you're like me, and have read many Chinese webnovels in which the character has been reborn from a horrific past life and now they are intent on changing their fate and refuse to allow themselves to be used and abused by the same people in their past life...


Sorry but this ain't it son.

The MC of this story is particularly low in iq, common sense, and dignity. In 'Suddenly became a princess one day' the Mc's clumsy attempts at using whatever tools she has on hand to Survive the original fate planned out for the character she transmigrated into is excused because she wasn't born of that world, wasn't raised knowing what rules and roles the world around her asked of a princess, she's just your normal modern Korean woman who throws away her dignity to shamelessly hold onto a psycho father and coax him into liking her enough not to kill her when the original heroine shows up.

She has a pretty good excuse for acting brashly because she wasn't originally of that world any ways.

But THIS MC in 'DONT trust the brothers' WAS someone of that world. She was someone picked up from the streets and taken in as a replacement for a noble family's dead daughter, and then summarily emotionally and physically abused until she decided to get married to escape.

But *before* she had had enough, she was also trained as a noble woman would be, ok??? There's even a segment in which they detail the abuse towards her that made her strive to be a proper young lady who won't let down her family's image.

She was a grown woman (in universe at least) and had had an education expected of a ducal house if only so that she won't let down their house's image when she goes outside. And unfortunately for her, she woke up again as her eight year old self.

Let me repeat that. She was a grown ass woman before she woke up again in her child self. Now, I can excuse a lot of b.s in web novels, especially if the MC literally is locked into the lifestyle like Athanasia is as the one and only princess of a psycho tyrant emperor.

But Hari here, has no excuse. She could leave any f*cking time she wants to if the abuse really touched her bottom line.

In one of the early chapters, that's what one of her shitty brothers actually does. Their family goes to town, the eldest separated her from the rest of the family, and then leaves her in a corner. He feels badly about it and comes back for her after an indeterminate amount of time, but in that time, Hari doesn't move.

You would think, if a woman, who was so intent on escaping an abusive and toxic household that she would choose to marry, now given the chance in her younger body to avoid ten years of misery, would really just sit obediently for one of the bystanders in her past/coming abuse? ? Like, not even a token attempt to plan for an early escape for her own mental health?

See. Low Iq and low dignity.

"But Panda, " You say, "you can't say that about her. She does have Iq, what would a child by herself even do to be able to survive on the streets by herself? You're being too harsh."

So you admit it. She knows her chances of survival are higher with the noble family rather than on the streets. So why doesn't the author allow her to admit it instead of writing her as some sort of victim who doesn't have a choice?

She had a choice, it's just she chose the easier route that would allow her to stay in the stratosphere of nobles. Are we supposed to empathize with a hypocritical, opportunistic, Victim-complex MC who doesn't even try to achieve freedom from her past/would be abusers?

(-actually, I would, if she was actually PRODUCTIVE instead of just sitting on her butt- bemoaning her brothers and abusive adopted aunt-)

In real life I would never victim blame, but this is Fiction.

Why did this author create such an unsympathetic character? Hari was plucked off the street, and then thrusted into an affluent social stratosphere. Why didn't Hari, who has been reborn, who somehow managed to survive in the gutter long enough for a noble couple to notice her, have any sort of gumption at all apart from her willingness to endure abuse and then whine about how unfair it was to get the one in a million chance at redoing her shitty life.

She's just a pathetic character, who would be eaten alive by any Chinese webnovel counterattacking heroine worth her salt.


I just want to apologize and say that I was too shallow in my explanation as to why I think this character is low in dignity and IQ. MC, at her time of rebirth is a grown woman, who was so desperate to escape her family that she married out- and then was reborn as her adolescent self-

This character wasn't written to have the resources or to have enough hate to support a vengeance.

(Not that I implied she should)

The author writes this character as someone who doesn't have the mental know-how to support herself. All that she knows, is what a noble woman knows.

The character's lack of self dignity, is reflected in how the author writes this character to resign herself to growing up in the same emotional/physically abusive house hold-

God, let me apologize for not making that more clear.

MC, from what other reviewers try to explain, is someone who has such a low sense of self worth, that of course in her miraculous rebirth she understands that the reason for why her brothers and others treated her so badly was *because* it was her own fault (s).

If only she had reached out and tried to understand their trauma and resentment more. *She* was the interloper in their midst. Why, it was her fault that this noble couple plucked her off the street as a macabre replacement for their own dead daughter.

She was a little girl, the onus is on *her* for not being gracious enough to understand and forgive their resentments and measure her own responses to their everyday disrespect and to somehow raise their affection for her at that age.

It was her fault for training so hard to master the graces needed for a noble woman, and then still being beaten out of dislike by her adopted aunt. If only she had been more mature and realized that this was just was what to be expected.

Now that she has been reborn in her youth, it's on *her* to explore the reasons why they treated her so badly.

Why should this character even dream of trying for a fresh start away from them? How dare anyone even suggest that she should have cultivated a more pragmatic set of skills in a miraculous chance at changing years of torment and dependence.

It's her responsibility after all, to realize that they were all only children at the time, and whatever trauma she sustained at the time was just because she was too dense to to out maneuver then like she will be able to this time.

After all, she's an adult now. She should know *better*. She is an adult trapped in a child's body, she has the responsibility to change the way how she is treated, in fact, it's always been her own responsibility the things that happened to her.

Why, her eldest brother, he even so kindly allowed her to get married out of their family- why didn't she *see* at the time how reluctant he was!

Why, all throughout her childhood and into adulthood, how could she not have seen from his adorable standoffish actions how he and her other brothers tried to care about her!!

How could she have been so dense??!?

Ah! They actually really cared about her, that invalidates all her pain and trauma and loneliness perpetuated by their hands!!1!

Of course~~~
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Arataka rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: --
... Yeah, I don't like this one. I actually read the manga instead, but I figure it's the same story.

... more>>

What I don't get is, the author tries really hard to make us feel like the boys and Hari are a family, and yet, after the time skip, it kind of feels like Eugene, her brother, is a ML for MC. Which is super icky. Like, what the heck. If she didn't want to illicit this kind of reaction out of the readers, then why'd she make the brothers establish a sibling bond with Hari? Although I know technically, Hari isn't related to them by blood, she has still spent 20 years at their house, spent 20 years as their 'sister', and in this timeline, she truly does see the boys as her brothers.

The main character isn't particularly crafty, or observant. She just lives through her life a second time around, never actually plotting to change stuff, just letting life float by. It's kind of shocking how little she does to change stuff.

And why is she so childish? She's supposed to be a grown woman, for crying out loud. Eugene, who's 13 in the beginning I believe, acts more like an adult than she ever does. It's confusing and aggrevating to me.

Also, something else I don't like, is the fact that MC has so little self-awareness. It's not cute. How am I supposed to believe her when she says that she wasn't able to find a husband in the original timeline due to her lineage, when she's supposedly super gorgeous and cute and makes males blush just by looking at her?! Unreliable narrator much?

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sunnyflowers rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: c22 part10
Spoiler alert-- I'm just pouring my heart and soul for the characters. This was such a beautiful heart-aching story.

My heart broke for Eugene and for all of the siblings. Everyone in the Ernst family was a victim of losing their loved ones and they all suffered in toxic relationships with each other yet at the same time healing together as a family. Many people say incest is f*cked up, but honestly is it really incest besides their official titles?

With everything they have been going through, who can truly understand Eugene's... more>> pain and sufferings that he went through alone to protect his family besides Hari? The only person in the entire world that can truly relieve his suffering and bring happiness to him is probably only her. She is a unique existence to him and no one can ever replace their memories of suffering and protecting each other.

The brothers all ended up accepting Hari as their family, even if it's like a sister, they protected her, I don't think there's a restraint to how familial love can become romantic-- for example, it's like childhood friends who grew up together like brother and sister relationship but they haven't seen each other for a while yet they still care for each other-- and in the end they see each other as a man and a woman but not simply a pure-- bro/sis family relationship. It's the same logic. They grew up in this insane environment as brother and sister relationship since that's originally what it was-- it's not like they were already seeing each other as a man and woman, they only saw each other as people they wanted to protect and let them become happy-- and when they both matured, they realized their feelings for each other were deeper than familial love, both of them needed each other (their reliance to happiness) were with each other.

This was absolutely a beautiful story, I give my full recommendations for you to read it if you were wondering-- plus the manga/webtoon definitely portray the story really well-- I'm absolutely in love with all the characters, and it breaks my heart to see them go through all these sad ass shits. <<less
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Ruta yifla
Ruta yifla rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: c1
You guys probably knew this novel from the manhwa.

The story is interesting and the translation is pretty good.

The author who wrote this was the same author who wrote *Who made me a princess* so I'm looking forward to this novel. Tbh, I want the author *plutos* to make it became a translated novel book. All of his/her work is really good.

Oh and thank you to the translator *Nirellav* for picking up this novel, I really apreciate it.
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Hotcrossbun rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c74
I don't get why some people say Eugene being the ML is weird. I get that Hari is adopted by the Ernst but honestly most of her childhood she lived with the Bastier family. I don't think their relationship as siblings are well developed compared to Hari and Cabel or Hari and Erich. But again this is just my opinion. So far I'm liking the story
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honingzoet rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: --
this should honestly be called “beware of the incest” and not “beware of the brothers.” this may come as a shock, but yes, this is incest! Her brothers constantly refer to her as their sister and there’s a big emotional scene of them accepting her as their sister. I really thought that the dude with turquoise hair would be the male lead, but that would be putting too much trust in a writer like plutus.

the male lead is her brother eugene, which is abhorring. Hari is stated many times to... more>> be the carbon copy of eugene’s dead sister and he’s also acknowledged her as his sister many times. Ive even heard that the dead sister’s TWIN fell for hari; I don’t know how true this part is, but I wouldn’t put it past plutus.

tldr; don’t waste your time on this shitty incest story <<less
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Iguanna rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: --
Thanks for the translator team. I was interested with this novel after I read its webtoon. I was curious about how Eugene's way to see Hari. Now I know and honestly I realize that this novel is not my type.?

... more>>

Eugene will kiss Hari and Hari will hold his shirt in her arm with kind of "mature" looks


I found some developed part of story qre ewwh. Of course I know that they are not a true siblings for each other. But for the kind of me who can easily called my male friends as my brothers, this kind of development in the story is something that I dont match with my taste? Of course you can disagree with me. Last but not least, poor Johannes. As Hari grows up*again*, she completely forgets the reason that she has her 2nd life? <<less
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Lihchan rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: c72
This is quite a lovable story. Hari was adopted into the Ernst family because of her resemblance to their late daughter. In her first life, she was very ostracized by her brothers and badly treated while growing up (suffering abuses from adults and so on). When she was finally going to get married and be free from this family, she goes back in time.

While she is very bitter about her brothers, now, as an adult, she starts to perceive things she wasn't able to when she was a child: Eugene's... more>> pressure to be the perfect child and protect his siblings, Erich's cripling loneliness and guilt and Cabel's overbearing but innocent personality (as in, he wasn't malicious against her, as Erich was. He was/is just clueless about the damages he unknowingly causes). Slowly, they start to open up to each other and build a family, to support each other after the death of their loved parents.

It was adorable. I teared up on more than one ocasion:


When we discover that the Duchess was mentally sick after the death of the daughter and the Duke made Eugene pretend everything was alright. The candy scene was quite heart-wrenching. Also when we discover that it weren't the brothers who lied to their parents when Hari almost died in the first scene, but the Duke who did, to protect the Duchess.


My heart ached for these kids, especially Eugene. At the same time, it was fluffly, adorable and quite a nice read. I loved who she ended up with:


Eugene is the ML. They parted after the death of the Ernst couple, so she didn't grow up beside him completely. Hari always acted differently with Eugene, as she was conscious of all he had to endure while growing up and he also took strength from all her support. Besides, they only get together after Hari becomes an adult.


The only downsize of the story is that, when Hari was a child, we used to get glimpses of her adult mind saying things as "well, as an adult, I <>". After Hari grows up, I missed her saying such things. I don't know. Another downsize is that I wished this was longer LOL I really liked it.

If you are in doubt about which translation to read: Blacky21's translation is almost at the end, but it is MTL and hard/unpleasant to read sometimes, while Piooky's is a bit more polished, but it still will take a while to finish. I coulnd't help myself and read Blacky21's, but since I loved this story so much, I will also read Piooky translation until the end.

Anyway, thank you so much, to both of the translators who took their time to translate this lovable novel!! You guys are awesome. <<less
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September 25, 2020
Status: --
This is the same author as “Who Made Me a Princess?” so I had high expectations. After reading some reviews, I noticed there’s a weird type of relationship between the FL and one of her brothers? I get that they aren’t related but they’re still sibling so the thought makes me rather uncomfortable.

But I will go into this with a clear head because I absolutely loved this author’s first story, so I hope I won’t be disappointed.
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AnastasiaTh rated it
September 24, 2020
Status: c60
It is funny seeing other review telling that Eugene being ML is weird.

... more>>

From their interactions after their parents died (chap 30+ I believe), I already sensed it will tilt to romance. Well, due to Erich and Cabel's childish behavior, she acted like their older sister (smts she's childish too, I know) while for Eugene being his sister who that-bullsh*t "always beside" him was not enough, she knew that and took some of his burden. Because of it, he depended on her comfort too much that (in my eyes seing how the story flowed) he got used to it, addicted I think suits more but whatever.

I know people feel disappointed because "you read earlier chap and found she's with her husband-to-be and convinced that it will not changed like any other time-reverse stories (that damn spoiled crown prince stories) " but if you follow the story better you will find SO MANY CLUES starting from Johan's first visit that their relationship isn't likely more than friends or bro-sis zone (judging based on their interactions itself ofc).

Since Hari herself seemed to not have any feeling "different" toward her husband-to-be even being together for 6 years, I am convinced there's no romance for them by their interactions not solely based on "he was almost to be her husband so now they really must be together" minded.

I mean how could alot people who read this can be this damn oblivious. I will say it loud, IT IS SO OBVIOUS!


Well, if the writer is tr*sh ofc they can change the ML as pleased as they could, but I know they're not (Who Made Me A Princess also made some noise because the difference of age).

What I think a good story is that if the plot could flow smoothly, not a forced or awkward interaction among the characters. And surely this story is not awkward at all, I appreciate the struggle.

Overall opinion, I enjoy this beautiful interactions.

For reader who likes to immerse yourself in the story, I recommend this one because there's no that damn annoying plot twist to confuse you how to interpret their word and action. What you read and your predictions based on it seemed to be side-by-side, you will not regret.

But, if you a reader who like to ship the characters from the beginning, I warning you just don't. Your wrong ship will just ruin your judgement on how the plot flowed, and it is annoying. <<less
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etherealbao rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: c30
As much as I like incest story, it is pretty disturbing how the author established Hari and Eugene relationship as siblings in the first half and then makes it leaning more to romance.

Though, I actually don't mind Eugene as ML. He is really mature for his age unlike Hari, who already lived a second life but didn't even try to change anything except for her bond with the brothers? FL is really bland, but let's be honest. We are here for the brothers.

I think it's the author's mistake to introduce... more>> it to a demographic who already are disturbed with siblings relationship to begin with. (Yeah this novel looks like harmless shoujo, who thought it'd have that element?)

But the story itself is cute and perfect for a fluff read before going to bed. I really appreciate it, so I gave 4 stars. <<less
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Coracle rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: --
I watched the manhwa... so this review may not be as relevant but I believe it's relatively the same (from the other reviews. Also, I dropped this... don't know if I will revisit in the future. But I ask you guys to read it, I haven't seen anyone raise my points! Take it with a pinch of salt if you want!

I was personally really disappointed after the death of Hari's (MC's) adoptive parents death in the second chance. I get that her relationship with her brothers was difficult, but the... more>> adoptive parents (regardless of the reasons they kept her as their daughter... because she looked like their deceased daughter, although they did kind of acknowledge just Hari) were actually kind to her. After getting picked of the streets where your life is in danger from people and starvation, regardless of the treatment, the child should have shown some appreciation for the stroke of good luck as she was fed and clothed properly! However, even in her second chance she watches like an audience without even trying to help them get over this dilemma!

Like imagine you did a good deed towards another person... a stranger (even if you have some intentions behind... but you aren't harming the other person and your intention can be as little trying to be a good person in society). And then the stranger had the chance to help you save your life without losing anything but they didn't do anything! Is that not wrong? Is that not worrying? The MC cried after their death alone... I found it quite hypocritical, this was her SECOND CHANCE!!!!!!! The author uses this as some character development... The MC seems to get her ability to feel back through this. I dislike this. The parents are literally used as plot builders.

The MC is super depressed. She was abused and her relationship with her brothers is very troublesome. They somewhat care about her but seem to have never grown up in their first life. In her second life, the MC is like a dead person uncapable of doing much. She is depressed and she is alone. But she went back in time. She still wants to live the same kind of life she lived without doing anything. If she was afraid of something worse happening if she changed fate, then I didn't really notice the author trying to make that point. She thought she would marry the same man who asked her out in her last life because he was kind to her and she would live a better life with him. Not to mention that he is not even the ML, I don't think the MC is even WORTHY of him. I didn't feel much emotion for him towards her. His efforts are appreciated but his love doesn't seem to be reciprocated! She just wants to escape and that is fine but she doesn't want to work for it! Like no one gets only the good bits in life. For someone born on the streets who should know all about survival of the fittest, this MC seems a bit to annoying.

Frankly, if the brothers didn't like her, they could have just sent her away or something (after their parents death in the 1st life). She wasn't their real sister and their relationship wasn't even that good... but they didn't. Someone truly poor and who lived on the streets would have been grateful for the generosity of a stranger. It didn't seem like she tried very hard to understand them. It was more she tried to be their sister, and of course you would feel hurt if a stranger came and tried to take the place of your deceased sister... I found their initial treatment of her justified. What she should have tried would have been to accept that and try to make them accept her as Hari!

It feels like the MC doesn't do anything and just lives life like the world is against her happiness and the plot moves on sweetly to make her happy! Quite contradicting, no?

I've seen people comment on the romance aspect about the 'Incest'. Like others said, they aren't blood related. But of course, this is personal preference. If you have step brother/ sisters, and you treat them as family, then this for you could be wrong... because in the end it ends up questioning the purity of a relationship between siblings... But for others this might not be a big deals as you might see love as open as possible. I don't think that this makes any side open minded or narrow minded... I would just say that this is a story and whichever side you are on, you have the right to hold your opinion.

The romance was nice. The other love interests were a bit alienated (kind off) earlier on... It's like if others liked her, then the ML supported her. The story does get sweeter but I was just unable to get rid of my earlier dissatisfaction. At least it's not a revenge story.

From her first life, all she learnt was endurance but I have never believed in blind endurance. I just don't find this relatable. Realistically speaking, a second life is always a luxury... But she didn't need it! In her first life, she was about to get married to a man who loved and respected her. But then she got it and she just wanted to get past the abuse so she can marry him again??? Everyone has their preferences, this didn't really suit my taste. <<less
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Apparently, a lot of people says this is incest, Because Hari and Eugene were already considered as siblings in contract. It's upsetting to the fact that they didn't know that in some countries here in REALITY, it's legal to marry your blood-related cousin... And if it were back then, Parents would have their children married to their Cousin's to keep their bloodline pure. So I say this Manhwa (And Novel) Isn't Incest..

If it really was incest then the Author should have written "Incest" in the genre.

Gosh I can't believe that... more>> there's so many people who didn't knew about this...

I mean. Hey, Think twice before you say it's incest... Your forcing the fact that its "INCEST" even when it's not... What's more is that The Females Lead (Hari) Is adopted... right after the foster parents died, The Adopted child can leave the family since the ones who made the contract had died...

"Here's more"

they say That the FL (Hari) Literally looks like Their Dead sister... Well let me tell you this, It was Because of Both Arina's And Hari's Poor complexion which Made them look similar.. some people may have said this and it's true. As Hari Began To look healthy, She no longer looked like Arina. So Apparently The similarities between the two is only the silver Hair...

I apologize if my English and Grammar isn't right... And I apologize if you didn't understand... 😅 <<less
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booho rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: --
I don't know why everyone says it's incest. Their sister is ARINA not HARI >< From the first time Hari was ADOPTED and no one from Ernst's brother thought of her as a sister. For them, Hari is a physical substitute for their younger sister because they have similar appearance. They only accepted Hari as a 'family member'. Of the three siblings, only Cabel, the second child, finally thought Hari as his sister.
And the relationship with Eugene? I think that's natural. Hari only lived 2 years with Eugene, then... more>> separated for 6 years, and met again when they were adults. Eugene sees Hari as a woman. Even in the past life, Hari and Eugene also liked each other. <<less
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iauszu rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: --
(I'm not north-american, so my first language is not english okay, please correct me if I made a mistake here) The start was pretty good and I was enjoying it, but after some events I dropped.

... more>>

It's uncomfortable that her brother is the ML. I know that they are not blood relatives but still, is really strange for me so I dropped.

I was quite disappointed that Johan isn't the ML, nor the prince. I thought it would be a good story if it was like that, but the way the story moved made me drop it. <<less
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Reimdesu rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: --
NOT INCEST but it's still incredibly disturbing that she would end up with a person who is supposed to be her brother.

I love the concept of the story and the wholesome family moments but everything was ruined when I knew that Hari would end up with her brother.

it would have been better if she just ended up with Johan or the crown prince.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wolve2k rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: c12
I had to stop reading this novel because:

a) is this maschine translated? Most of the times you have to think what you where reading since you had to decipher this mess.

b) The MC.... argh "reborn" in her own body from when she was 27 to back when she was 7. Some resolve in the beginning but that fades so fast, then she is really just passively redoing her 20 years of torment. Like others have said it would be better named "beware of the incest"

c) for a more detailed indeep... more>> description of this mess read Panda93 comment. I don't see the point in rewriting what he said or using my time do to it. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 1, 2021
Status: c23
Real rating: 3.5 stars

It was a nice, fast and smooth read. Had a little too much of slice of life for my liking (personally do not enjoy slice of life most of the time unless it’s done like in Green Plum Island), but the strength of the novel is the relationship between the characters so I didn’t mind it too much.

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This story has incest. ML is the oldest brother Eugene. I see many people disliking the incest. I personally am not bothered by incest when the people involved are not blood related in novels, so I was definitely fine with the ML. Also, for me, the ML was established very early in the novel. I would even dare say that at the start of the novel it’s already clear that for Hari (the MC) Eugene (the ML) is different from the other 2 brothers she has. So, I don’t think their romance was that big of a surprise, and mostly the main tension of the story seems to be dictated by the brother-sister relationship between our MC and ML. But the tension was resolved very poorly because them being step-siblings didn’t really become any trouble for them to romance it up, at least in the second life.

Heavy spoilers from here on.

In the first life, Hari and Eugene didn’t end up together because they both decided to hide their feelings from each other. So both of them got married to other people. Hari wakes up in her 7-year old body right before her wedding, but it seems the author implied that the first timeline did happen and in that timeline Hari got married to Johannes Bastier.
In the second life, or the second timeline, we have Hari, who has the mentality of an adult so this time around she is able to handle the Ernst family way better and succeeds in making her life at the Ernst mansion not nightmarish and probably even nice to some extend.

I think author did a bad job in trying to show how the Ernst brothers mistreated Hari and why would Hari have such negative feelings to her brothers. I am not saying that the brothers weren’t awful to Hari, but the author tried to make us, readers, believe that somehow Hari and her brothers developed a better relationship in their first lives, and actually cared for each other to the extend that the oldest and youngest brothers liked Hari as a woman, while the second brother got drunk and was crying the day before Hari’s wedding, because he couldn’t believe she grew up that much.

On the other hand, all Hari is thinking before her wedding is how she is finally going to leave Ernst mansion and finally get rid of the “bastards”, who are her brothers. So it kinda doesn’t make sense why she would harbor such strongly negative feelings when the brothers have definitely strongly positive feelings about her.
And then, during flashbacks to the first life, we get to see that Hari actually also loved Eugene as a man, though Hari does say she did not know her own feelings but still some positive feelings did exist in her but those weren’t really shown well at the beginning of the story.

If the author took their time to give a better and developed background for the first life, it would have been easier for the readers to accept the plot of the novel, but because at the start of the novel we got this impression that the brothers are absolute bullies, who bullied Hari for the whole time she lived in Ernst mansion, which is a full 20 freaking years, it’s hard to accept that these brothers could change for better or that Hari could stay in that mansion out of her own volition.

However, the truth is that the Ernst family was already very broken before Hari came, so the brothers had a very bad and rebellious phase which was further worsened by Hari’s appearance in the family. The brothers are really young when Hari first comes to their family as the adopted daughter (Eugene 12, Cabel 9, Erich 7), and these kids naturally think that their parents brought Hari as their dead sister’s substitute, which will of course feel awful for children that young. And then the real problem comes from the Ernst parents, especially Duchess of Ernst. She is psychologically not stable and isn’t able to be there for her sons. But the sons are so young, and they need their mother’s love, especially at such tender age and even more so after such a tragedy. But their mother is not able to provide much motherly love and support because of her own condition, and the Duke of Ernst is busy taking care of the whole family, his wife, and trying to protect his family, that he cannot also properly give love and support to his sons as a father figure. In such unfortunate situation, a child comes to their house all of a sudden and their parents are saying she is their new sister from now on, and the young sons see that their parents are doting on her and only have attention on her. It’s natural that the kids will get jealous and will do nasty things to get attention anyway possible.
So Hari does understand and see this situation clearly, with her 27-year-old lady’s mind when she comes back to her 7-year-old self. Of course, Hari also didn’t deserve any of the horror and torment she went through and she also understands that very clearly. So she actually behaves like someone who clearly understood that the little boys are behaving the way they are behaving because of immense trauma and stress they are going through, and she also understands that that doesn’t mean she has to silently receive abuse and torment from them. Instead, she actually starts integrating into the family by actually standing for herself and letting the brothers know when they do wrong. She also sees clearly through what every individual brother is going through, and as an adult that she is, tries to do whatever she can to help them.
I see some reviews saying that they cannot understand why Hari stayed or that she has no backbone, but I don’t think that’s true. Hari stayed in Ernst because she wanted to. She could have left anytime she wanted, but let’s be honest, who would want to leave a warm bed and warm food and clean clothes behind just to leave on streets, especially when they are only 7 years old. It doesn’t matter if her mind is 27, because her body is still 7 years old and there are too many things that she can’t and shouldn’t be doing on her own. And it’s obviously too dangerous to just go back to the streets. It’s also even more absurd to leave the Ernst family, when she clearly starts adapting way better to the Ernst family and the atmosphere is changing quite fast. Why should she leave when she is finally starting to get the familial love that she wanted so much for 2 lives? If she left the Ernst family, now that would be the s*upid thing to do. And I also think, that the fact that the author did not build well the first life and did not write well the characters of brothers and Hari in the first life, that it made hard for some readers to accept the brothers and their change for better. So that’s more on the author rather than the brothers themselves.

And lastly, probably one of the biggest issues people will find with this novel - the incest. So it is incest, and I can understand why people would feel uncomfortable about it. I was also uncomfortable when reading as I saw how the author was building up their relationship. Author did a really good job at building up the tension and it really felt like a taboo love, and made me anxious to see how they would resolve this problem of them being siblings but also in love. I really thought that Hari and Eugene, in order to get together, will probably face an almost destruction of the family that they have finally built after much struggle. And it would have been really nice if the author kept with the tension and showed more consequences of Hari and Eugene being in love and deciding to actually fight for their love. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case, and the author really turned their taboo love into a non-problem, because they are not blood-related and because inbreeding in royal and noble families is a common thing that happens. I was disappointed though such resolution of the main problem did make it easier to read the story since there was not much drama or hardships that Hari and Eugene had to go through, but there was just not enough satisfaction because of such cheap and easy resolution.

Overall, I think if the author actually built the first life better and gave more depth and understanding for their first life and the troubles that Hari faced in her first life, the story would have been way better. Especially, because in the first life Eugene and Hari weren’t able to get together because of their fear of destroying their family and trying to protect each other and the ones they love. And Hari was able to go back in time, because Eugene wished Hari would live the happiest life and get the love of the person she loves. So if the author wrote and portrayed more the tragedy of the first life, and then gave more weight to the incest and the taboo feelings of the MC and ML, and made them face hard consequences because of their love, this story would have been truly a 5 star novel.

There is a lot of potential for this story, and I hope I can find another story with similar premise but done better. However, for now, this story is good enough and the blanks can be filled by the readers.


I read Pioky’s translation which was a little better than MTL, so this might have taken away from my reading experience. Beware of that.

I really like the premise of the story, and think the connection between the 2 lives that the MC lives through is quite crucial for the story (though the author wasn’t able to write it well). I also don’t mind the love interest at all, because their love is what actually pushes the plot and is the driving force of the novel, and I wasn’t mad at that. Actually, thought that their love was quite natural and was bound to happen one way or other.

Author had great ideas and premises, but not so great writing. Recommended if you would like a nice, drama-less, slice-of-life story. <<less
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rndmsmmrflng rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm glad it's not another revenge story after rebirth. Now that I have finished reading the whole story I think I misunderstood Hari and her brothers' relationship in her first life. The way the earlier chapters were worded, it kind of appeared to me that they didn't really get along well or that they didn't have a good relationship with each other. But based on the side stories and few glimpses of Hari's prev life, you can see that the brothers were over protective even then but they made it... more>> appear as a secret especially Cabel (which is futile btw lol).

I've read prev reviews about the issue of 'incest' but I don't think so. If it was Cabel I'd think it's incest HAHAHAHA but fortunately it's Eugene (it's not really a spoiler at this point). And Hari is an adopted daughter. In that kind of era and culture it is not really weird or disgusting to have your adopted daughter marry your own sibling. It sounds bad but some noble families adopt someone for that same reason. (Example of this is Rozemyne from Ascendance of a bookworm, other than her huge mana she's also adopted to be Wilfred's wife).

My favorite character is of course Cabel. His kiddie era was annoying but his character development and how he turned out to be a siscon was hilarious. He always brightens up the mood and flow of the story even though he's also the cause of interruptions.

For some reason I can't seem to forget this part ⬇️ even though they're all depressed and messed up


that time when their parents died broke my heart especially for Eugene. How Hari handled that time really moved me. She might not have done major things in other people's perspective but really, she's one of the major reason why they didn't collapse entirely. She held everyone there and continued to support the brothers in her own way even if she have to do it secretly and the constant beatings of that b*tch.


Anyway, overall it was a satisfying read. It's funny and heartwarming. It's not disgusting, believe me. <<less
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