Beneath the Savior’s Feet


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Liese has settled in a strange city with the stigma of being a fallen noble.
Desperate to make ends meet, she visits a duke’s estate to find work as a maid.
The man she encounters is none other than the blonde officer she spotted by the lake.

“Lift up your skirt. Don’t make me tell you twice.”

The relationship that began as a misunderstanding was terrible. Marcus starts groping Liese and humiliating her.

“I thought you’d run away, but you crawled back. You’re made for servitude, aren’t you?”
“I’d do anything for my family.”
“Does this mean I can test you to see how far you can go with that body?”

Liese is determined to make it until summer, but one day, an unexpected crisis strikes.
Marcus, who has extended a helping hand as if he had been waiting, offers a deal.
She’ll pose as his lover this social season.

“I need a woman, a woman who is nothing more than a facade.”

The two embark on a flirtatious relationship, but as the days go by, they can’t tell if their desire to kiss each other is an act or the truth.
Unlike Liese, who can’t seem to get her act together, Marcus harbors a desire so twisted it’s almost unbearable…

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구원자의 발밑에서
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April 25, 2023
Status: --
Read around 70-80 chapters using MTL and let me tell you, there are quite some disturbing scenes which include s*xual assault and the way it is romanticised will annoy you very much. The FL although has her own circumstances I wish she didn't have the personality of a dormat. One of the tr*shiest ML out there.

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So the ML is actually a war hero (kinda ironic given how his actions towards women are no less than that of a criminal). However he misunderstands our FL during their first encounter which leads to her being at a very disadvantageous position. He makes use of her vulnerabilities whenever he gets a chance to harass her and basically seem to not understand the meaning of consent. He is also a big bully who threatens her and humiliates her regularly just because he finds her amusing and he normally gets bored pretty quickly. FL is powerless and her situatio will make you pity her. Infront of the Duke she cannot do much. But I hate it when on one hand she says she dislikes him because of his habits of picking on her but next moment her heart would go "badump" and she will blush when he touches her cheeks. Idk how she can be attracted to such a terrible person who always disrespected her. Apart from his usual mol*station, he even offered her money to sleep with him. He is that disgusting.

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