Being Swayed by the Deluded Shacho


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‘Are you frustrated?’ he asked…

Sakamoto was in love with her boss, but he only treats her like his little sister. What is Sakamoto to do?

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Kizna100 rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: Completed
I love the traductor, she have done a very good job. The characters are so-so but its funny because of that, the plot turns repetitive but if you are here for the smut it totally suits XD
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mielru rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Don't bother with the plot. It's all about the smut.
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Kalliope rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: Completed
This is another one of those 'read it for the smut' story. Plot-wise, there's none but the smut is quite good. Translations are also done nicely but the translator's comments kinda kills the mood sometimes.

P.S. I would've liked to see Sakurai and Yuri's story. I feel like that would be more interesting.
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Sinistertwist rated it
November 21, 2019
Status: Completed
This is just goofy fun, although I will say that as always the translator's commentary is what really makes this fun.
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Smtha rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: --
It's a cute short sexy read. I you want some smuty moments and quick short read, I recommend this ^^. Tq
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Fathom rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: Completed
More smut than romance. The plot is a bit non-sensical, it's just a backdrop of how the boss and secretary get together. There's a 10 year age gap between them, and they've been working together platonically for 2 years. So it's a bit strange how suddenly the smex gets jump started so quick. The rest of the plot really doesn't matter. The FL is annoying and is similar to most stereotypical passive girls in hentais.
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adrea3311 rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c11
Surprisingly good short story smut. Characters themselves are a bit so-so, though the emotional aspect of the plot actually had a bit more depth than I expected. Smut was quite good. Definitely worth checking out.
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