Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus (WN)


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Nagi who was summoned to another world acquired the「Skill Structure」skill.

Nagi felt the hints of black job from the king’s request 「To defeat the devil king」. He leaves the castle and starts his journey with a s*ave girl.

The small demon girl Cecyl, the melee-fighter beast girl Rita , Aine the onee-chan maid, Regii the cursed sword.

Rafiria the warm and fluffy elf and Iris the sea dragon shrine maiden.

Nagi rewrites the girls’ skills and made them into 「cheat characters」one after another.

Associated Names
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Isekai de Skill wo Kaitai shitara Cheat na Yome ga Zoushoku Shimashita: Gainen Kousa no Structure
異世界でスキルを解体したらチートな嫁が増殖しました 概念交差のストラクチャー
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Avil rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c155
The MC is likeable, he's an abandoned child that has grown working for black companies, as a result he is mature for his age, very knowledgeable about working conditions, scams and a bit rebellious towards upper class people.

The cheat concept is specially funny since it almost never ends up producing orthodox cheat skills as we know them, rather almost all skills showed are bizarre (erase recent memories using a cleaning rag, destroy buildings made of bricks and wood).

The relationship between characters is also well done, the first time I've seen... more>> an MC refusing to "do it" with a proper reason,

he wants a house, connections and money because a child needs money and a stable house to grow safely (logic 101). We learn this isn't a cheap excuse like most hetare MC use around chapter 15x when he finally crosses the line with the first girl.

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Fluffums rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c154
It's good enough of a story if you don't mind the following:

s*ave harem. The kind where the s*aves fall in love with him just because he doesn't treat them like sh*t in the first five minutes after meeting them. And of course they want to remain as his s*aves forever. While he's the kind of virg*n protagonist who won't even touch his s*aves who very clearly want him to (at least not for over a hundred chapters). The novel also gets extremely defensive about the s*avery at times.

Then there's how... more>> the villains are always just some kind of predatory businessmen, even the bad nobles and adventurers. The kind of schemes the bad guys come up with are also mostly things you wouldn't see outside of Japan in the real world. So there's a real sense of incongruity in a western medieval fantasy world. One would think in a world like this that power or noble birth would be enough to get people to obey you, but nope! There's always some kind of underhanded business tactic at play.

Oh, and about the skill editing. Somehow it causes pleasure in the person whose skills are being edited. So skill editing scenes are like softcore smut, and happen several times per arc. In fact, I'd like it a lot better if it went full smut because the current method of skill editing is too much when I don't feel like smut, and not enough when I do feel like it.

So it's a bit unique, for better or worse. The characters are likable and interesting when the topic of s*avery doesn't come up - but it comes up extremely often. The setting has some unique aspects, but the unique bits seem out of place with the basic setting. The plot is interesting, though it often seems skewed towards turning the next cute girl our protagonist meets into a s*ave. Willingly, of course, and then there's the obligatory skill editing scene when she's "conquered". <<less
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ssj4maiko rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c205
This is almost an slice of life story in a "problematic" world.

First let's go with who is MC, he is a japanese highschooler who likes making content (doujinshi stuff), and seems to have some bad history with black employers during part-time jobs. Upon being summoned, the King asks for a contract that they will fight against the demon lord in return for support, but upon reading the conditions, MC is pissed by the unilateral conditions from his kidnappers, and refuses, eventually being kicked off the castle.

This was actually a good... more>> thing, because upon arriving on this world, the God of Contracts, which is the main god in the story, does not allow for any sort of contract pledged through him to not be fulfilled, otherwise, a "curse" will be given until the contract remains fulfilled, that includes cases, for example, when the fulfilling condition turns impossible to accomplish, for example, if the condition was to give something to X, and X died, then it would be impossible. Hence, the King tricked them on their ignorance of the rules in this world to get "powerful s*aves".

His cheat skill is the ability to edit skills, to explain it, imagine the following (I'm making these skills up) :

Prediction: Skill to "guess" "things" in the "future" / Slash: Skill to "give" "low damage" to "enemies"

Now let's exchange one particle, so you get, for example, Skill to "guess low damage to enemies", which would allow one to merely guess something and low damage would be inflicted on enemy, while the other would be "give things in the future", which could, let's say, be able to give unusual abilities in the future. The more powerful the skill, the more MP it may consume, so there is some level of balance. Another way would be "Guess 'enemies' in the future / Give low damage to 'things'", you can imagine their use. So from 2 "useless" skills 2 cheat skills were made with weird but usable abilities. And MC makes a lot of weird but effective skills.

So, MC is paranoic against black employers, but knowing he can't return home, he decides that first he needs to stabilize his situation here, his objective is to live well without working, and if he can make a skill to achieve that, even better.

The Waifus are all s*aves, why must they be s*aves? Basically, his skill only works on himself and on things associated with him, so his s*aves are ok too, not only that, making a skill between himself and a s*ave makes it's into a somewhat custom and more powerful version of a skill, the problem is that it gets tied to the person.

The concept of s*ave in this story is also quite unique compared to other stories, the s*ave collar is not an item bought, but something related to contracts, in which case, you accept being in the care of someone else until a certain objective is accomplished, then the person is automatically released, so to be a s*ave there must be consent, however, as seen from the king, tricking and threatening are ok too, so pretty much, the tying one person to another is like touching the soul, but the used concept of s*aves is pretty much one sided, where one serves and the other receives. Why this god made such a ridiculous situation. Well, things get more clear later on.

Another exclusive concept is the idea of skills, basically, every human has something like a crystal collar in themselves, this collar is used to make contracts, one more thing though, is that they can also take their own skills out through that, and install new ones. This means there is a "Skill" market that anyone can buy, so if someone learned singing, and doesn't need this ability anymore for whatever reason, the person can take the skill out and sell, if it's high level, even better.

So MC gets a s*ave harem like that, buys skills, makes cheat abilities for the waifus, tries to find a stable home and a source of income to only then settle down. That would be all, if not for problems starting every time he settles in a new place.

As mentioned in another review, while MC is the typical virg*n that avoids any talk about the thing, later on, when he already has some small level of stability, he does it (fortifying s*aves is always welcome). <<less
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June 13, 2020
Status: c40
This story is the perfect combination of "too suggestive for readers who don't want s*xual innuendo in the story" and "no actual s*xual content for the readers who are looking for that" such everyone will be equally dissatisfied.

Normally I'd criticize an author for doing that but in this case it's done so well it's probably worth praising as a success.

Some failures are so perfectly executed you can only call them brilliant.
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Krazyguy75 rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c58
Really enjoying this so far. It's pretty generic Japanese fair, but unique enough to keep me reading and his skill is a pretty cool take, which I wasn't expecting. It's kinda like he makes mad libs out of existing skills and swaps the words around. It's creative and fun, and doesn't really do anything badly.

That said, I'm choosing to read it on a different website for the middle chapters, because I cannot stand AsianHobbyist. First of all, their translations aren't very consistent. They changed several names in bizarre ways; Cecyl>Cecil... more>> is fine, but Leydi>Reggie?! In what world is Reggie a girl's name? Then, they said a monster spoke with a hoarse female voice, but proceeded to use he/him pronouns for the next chapters. There are tons of things like that. In fact, you know it is bad because their website literally says they aren't responsible for accurate translation. That's a pretty bad sign.

On top of that, the website is run by a really awful person. I am banned from commenting there because he banned me for speaking up for someone. That person had commented "You should take down donate links for novels you no longer update when the donations promise X chapters per week" for which the website owner outright threatened them. Heck, he's not even the translator; he's just some guy who hosts translations and takes a cut of their money despite literally not doing anything but owning a website. I cannot and will not support his actions. <<less
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becool rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: 64

ok its at best 3.5 b But I'm giving it 4, its a fluffy story which could be why it is interesting for you, and also why it could be boring the other way around, its like death march with not tons of lolis, and the author always trying to give the power of attacking to the s*aves while the support skills to the MC, it would be obvious by the title, but the way he goes about it makes it annoying since every time he dismantles skills and combines them the s*ave gets attack ones and he gets support, but the problem is you know the author is doing it on purpose instead of him finding a way to make it believable, well it's not that annoying, its just how he goes about it makes u see how limited the MC imagination is in using his reconstruction skills (and the author by extension) , also this novel is aimless so don't go in expecting plot cause there is none, all you get is (like death march) small arcs to get new s*aves (harem) , granted if you're in it for harem and fluffiness then I think you wont hate it at all it's decent pass time but I'm stopping here even though there is more than 80 CH ahead cause I'm done with it like I was done with death march, its not for binge reading more like a novel to read inbetween serious novels to get a dose of cuteness (cute is justice) and laugh a little, hence like I said if you go in expecting plot you'll be disappointed, if you know what you're getting into you'll like it, also the harem is fine you have the demon s*ave, the sister turning out to be demihuman and the onee san guild master, then you get the elf plagued by a curse that only the MC can solve of course and last is the 12 year old that is way beyond her age in intelligencebecause of burdens thrown on her and that will only be saved by the MC, also a legendar sword that is, get this, a pe*vert xd, also no Hardcore tsundere which is a plus for me, and all heroines have their kawaii side so thats welcome, the villains are still weak but you get some otherworlders that were summoned and used by nobles and king, against the MC so that's a plus, though fights arent that great or interesting, and there is no tension, you know the winner beforehand so its pointless to expect mysteries and twists in this novel

so I would only recommend this for slice of life feeling and some cuteness and harem shenanigans

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sgrey rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c140
It is exactly what you expect from the title. It's fun novel with a little different spin on the old theme. I like how MC is mature and properly thinks of relationships with his waifus and he does get a pretty big harem there. There is no ecci, but they do build relationships, so there is progress in a romance as well. MC is basically working towards acquiring the means to provide for all of his wives so they can settle down and have a good family without worries. It... more>> is quite rare for these types of a novel to actually set up a clear end goal (unlike "explore the world", or when MC doesn't know himself what he wants to do).

I don't think this novel has tension in the sense of crysis, it's more harem comedy that has action in it. However the action parts are pretty decent as well. I don't think I was ever bored with the novel. <<less
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pIRaTZE rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: --
While I do like the story are going so far, I can't help but to think that Japanese people are quite messed up eyh? While the stories I've read so far in light novels where all of them are Japanese author, they share a same sentiment, and that is about s*avery. They sure like s*avery, but they are in conflict with their own ethics where s*avery is wrong and what's not that makes their protagonist character are all messed like them. If it's against your ethics, why in the hell... more>> you write up about this kind of shitz in every if your stories you wrote so far? And what I really don't understand another think about Japanese jizz is the fact they sure love lolli's. Nothing in a right mind will fantasize a petit girl to be a s*xual target which is really sickening. I really wish, the new generation of Japanese author will put this 2 elements out from their light novels and concentrate on the main stories rather than ecchii stories which I can just watch hentai's and be done with it. <<less
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MarutaDean rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: --
The story is interesting when you know that skill is not just a name but it has a concept like what the target, what the effect, and what condition. So it make us feel like what if this and that can get joined.

Character building is good and the MC is growing. The world is clear and easy to understand and imagine.

Waifus? Nah it a s*ave, but he thinking how he can manage them and make life with no work (the hell its so dumb dream). The romance is growing (?)... more>>

what I pitied is MC dont want to buy a skill so he can get more cheat abilities. Author seems like want to drag this story till the far end there still is secret that so big to reveal when you are a pacifist <<less
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Xordaii rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c17
Fun and funny story. Reluctant hero summoned to another world, refused the bad offer. Reluctant s*ave owner rescues the girls from worse.

Warning: chapters 18 and 19 no longer there. Domain owned by 3rd party and empty.

Add: WHY is a translator posting his Light Novel translations under the WEB Novel version? Stop being lazy and start your own entry so you don't make it hard for readers to follow new updates.
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