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Jian Rui Xi, who was on an island vacation with little fresh meat (aka toyboy), transmigrated into a book and became a comparison character of a classic rich family spoiling wife novel.

She is married into a rich family like the heroine.

But the heroine has the “rich family spoilt wife” script and has the touching true love story of the rich husband, but she has the standard “the rich daughter-in-law is not easy to do” script.

The parents-in-law urging to have more sons.

After five babies, the wealthy husband is always on the news outside, resulting in a gossipy wealthy ladies ridiculed her and end up crying.

Jian Rui Xi, sitting on the bed in the middle of the night, unable to restrain her laughter said: “wealthy life, here I come ……”

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Meatshield rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Don't let the ratings and difficult to understand summary fool you, this story is great! A super refreshing and hilarious read!

Basically the FL who worked as an actress in her OG world transmigrates into the world of a novel as a rich CEO's wife. In the novel, her character is used as a foil for the heroine. She's not her rival in the usual sense as they never vie for the same man nor do they really actively compete but they're often compared to one another because both are commoners... more>> who married rich husbands. The only difference is the heroine and her husband are known as the perfect couple while the FL's character and her husband are known for having a superficial and distant relationship. This of course, all changes when our FL arrives.

The FL is a riot and it's hard not to like her because she's hilariously vain, narcissistic but also secretly really sharp. All she ever wanted to be was rich so when she enters the novel she's determined to repair her relationships with her son, husband, and in laws in order to maintain her cushy lifestyle. That being said, she doesn't bend over backwards to please anyone, rather she uses her great people skills and observational abilities to find ways to get along with everyone she meets best and accomplish her own goals. If you liked the female lead from Transmigration: Raising the Child of the Male Lead, you'll like this FL because they're pretty similar. Probably the biggest difference is, while this FL likes being in the spotlight, she doesn't enter the entertainment industry because she'd rather spend her days as a lazy, rich, and idle housewife.

The ML, her husband, is a breath of fresh air for the rich CEO character too because he's shockingly not a cold iceberg with extremely high IQ but low EQ! Instead, he's super good at reading people, considerate, and very very patient. I really love the fact that because he's genuinely a good guy and dutiful spouse and father, even before he really falls for the FL, he still treated her with all the respect she deserves as his wife and offered her support whenever he could. He doesn't question her changes in personality much because rather than doubt her and her motives, he'd rather work on bringing their family closer together. Later, when he does fall for the FL, his pampering goes up several notches and he ends up treating the FL even better.

At one point he buys her a whole ass castle in France

Lol it's just funny though that because the FL can be quite childish at times, he sometimes helplessly states that he feels like he's raising two kids and that she's the younger of the two.

Their son is soooo adorable. Despite being 6/7 he likes to act like a responsible little adult which makes the FL eager to tease him and watch him act like an actual kid. One of her hobbies is dressing him up in cute animal onesies and taking a bunch of pictures which embarrasses him to no end. One of my favourite scenes is when

she threw him a Harry Potter themed birthday party at his request. While the ML dressed as a Hogwarts professor, the FL insisted on dressing like a student to match with her son (because she'll always be young at heart she claims) and then spent the rest of the day making her tiny son call her "fellow classmate" in front of his friends LOL. The poor child was so embarrassed.


All in all this a story that's very funny and lighthearted. There are few complications and the original novel leads don't affect the lives of our MCs that much at all. <<less
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July 6, 2020
Status: --
I honestly don't understand why this story got such a low rating, was expecting at least 3.8 stars as the lowest rating. I rated this 5 stars just cause I enjoyed it so much. The story might not be the most original but the MC is hilarious <3<3<3 The MC is not the typical white lotus, she's greedy, loves money and is shameless, but despite all her flaws or maybe because of it, her flaws are the things that makes her all the more relatable, she might be money hungry... more>> but she's super upfront about it, and never to the point of degrading herself (or faking to love her kid just for money), she's not ashamed for being "superficial" and her honesty and love for having fun really makes her "superficial" characteristic so likable. The ML is also enjoyable, and their kid is the CUTEST. <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the kind of slice of life I can thoroughly enjoy - because that’s exactly what it is. Just the daily life of a money grubbing woman who married into a rich family. It’s fun and I totally enjoy that she really stayed true to herself. She didn’t have to dampen her sparkle to have a shiny ML.

To those who reviewed about the puppy love: there was no puppy love. It’s been the MC all along.

... more>>

MC and ori!MC swapped during key moments, so ori!MC with the strict upbringing suddenly became fun. MC thought she was dreaming during this time and flirted so much with ML, that when ML finally met “sober” (ori!MC), he decided to get married. He got disappointed later on when he realized that “she” wasn’t who he thought “she” was until they swapped for good. So it was really MC who he was smitten with.


Also enjoy the fact that there was also a lot of screen time for the kid! It always always always happens that children in this kind of novels tend to become plot tools and we lose their presence as the romance part progresses. So it was nice that that didn’t happen.

I also enjoy how realistic the ori!FL is. Yes, she has those bad thoughts. But honestly, who doesn’t? As long as she never acts on it, then it’s human nature to feel things. It was nice that she had the realization at the end that people who are truly happy with their lives would not think about how other people are living theirs. <<less
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MiyaMira rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: Completed
It's like an aimless slice-of-life story, but fun.

... more>>

There's no big climax, or dramatic plot points that made you think: "Ooooh, this really feels like a soap drama!", "I can't wait for a face-slapping scene!", or "Urgh, not this misunderstanding trope again..." but just comical slice-of-life. Heck, you won't even realize the ending and just read through to the extra side story without realizing it has ended!

I like that throughout the novel, the children stay relevant from start to the end. MC has grown from someone who think she wouldn't be able to take care of a child into a mother who truly cares for her child even with her own childishness.

Also, no direct conflict between MC and ori!FL is a nice breath of change despite ori!FL slightly bad nature (relishing in being the winner in the comparison between her and MC in the past). She even accept and understood differences in views between her and MC which is very mature imo.

As for the romance side, it's very subtle. We have MC who is the definition of fun and lovable drama, while on the other side, a black-bellied gentlemanly ML. You'd think it's the black-bellied ML who would control the relationship, but MC's quirky outgoing nature would make you think otherwise, so both of them are actually equal in the relationship.


tldr: I'm reading it for the comedy and baby Jayce. The cutie-pie is worth the read <3 <<less
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Gushishi rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Have a very mixed feelings for this.

FMC is a transmigrated girl into a novel, and she was the one who enticed the ML to marry the original body. Until FMC transmigrated again to the original body, ML fallen in love again with her (8 years later).

FMC is a celebrity in the last life and she is kinda playful. Had a boyfriend before transmigrated.

... more>> ML is not pure either, from description, ML had his own puppy love and etc.

So, we can say that they are mature lovers. But occasionally in the novel stated that ML has a fling with another woman later on which made FMC didnt want to dedicate herself to him wholeheatedly (just bodily) cuz she was afraid ML will cheat her later. You know, she was a celebrity, and she had seen the life of the rich and wealthy are messed up in a marriage.

Not really known either if ML will cheat or not, but this part is just so annoying to hear.

And what happened to the original body of FMC? So sorry for her, I kinda hate the protagonist of the novel, Song Yaya/ Yunyun for this. I think ori FMC is kinda innocent, trapped in the new life of the wealthy.

Overall, until the end I am hooked.


HE with one baby boy, Jayce and one baby girl later on.

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PaigeTheParrot rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a perfect example why villains are not required to be face slapped in order to show love between the leads. Also, efforts are required from both sides to repair a relationship. I usually don't read novels where the FL financially relies on the ML, because those novels in one way or the other have FL as a weak character who hesitates to show her desires or gets humilated by love rivals every 5 minutes. But this one refreshed my views instantly. There weren't many unrealistic events except... more>>

when ML made the FL the chairperson of the company after passing all his shares, the child having no grudges against the mother, and the role reversal of the mother-in-law.


The interactions between the leads and their son was hilarious. I was suprised that author didn't took the route of cold overbearing CEO instead opted for nice family man and it wasn't a bad decision at all. Infact, it became the main selling point for the novel. I cannot imagine how the novel would proceed if any of the characters were even slightly different. This novel has raised my standards for the ML so it will be difficult for me to read another one (Take the blame of your crime).

Another minor flaw will be that

it was never clearly explained how Annie the actress transmigrated twice before, and when was the relationship between oriML and current FL. Also it was frequently mentioned by her best friend that Annie was like the FL before but in the end no explanation was given for it.

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Suyo rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: --
Finally a CEO with a high eq. Actually, no businessman can be successful without a high eq. I'm happy to see this ML. He respects his wife even though he didn't love her. He has never cheated on her even though he is rich and doesn't see her for months. He knows his mistakes so well. When his wife took an inch he took a mile. He didn't question her change at all. For him, his wife is trying to be closer to him and their son so he will... more>> help her. Even if he wasn't the ML l will like him. He is truly a character that deserves my love and respect. I want him in my life xd

>I just read he had a puppy love in the one of the reviews. I didn't read that part if it was really true then I wish he will just die. <<less
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: c23
I think I'm probably missing something because this book bored me and frustrated me in equal measure. I was promised fluff, so I held on as long as I could.

... more>>

The MC is a child of gold diggers - parents who decided to send their daughter on the 'aristocratic' education path so that she can marry well. It succeeds, she does, and the parents investment takes off. The f*ck is that bullshit? It happens for sure, and these novels are all about the wealthy from nada fantasy, but it's laid out in such bare materialistic terms that my brain just felt a lot of disgust. Then the original FL has a son, and according to Chinese tradition (haha) she basically abandons (the word used is neglects) the child because the Mother-in-law takes him and pushes her away. What alien civilization is this? With such selfish grandparents? There's nothing wrong with the ori! FL at this point except marrying above her class has given her zero self-esteem and too much self-awareness. They just take the child for years, and the ML nor the FL make a peep. Of course the poor child is sent on a high-intensity, Chinese education bender. But he likes it, so it's okay, no worries about his mental well being and being raised as a prized pig instead of a human always ends up well. (That's sarcasm)

There is also this gross (but understandable) response when the FL brings her new (post-trasmigration) kid home (he's never been to his maternal's grandparents home, because he was being held captive by his paternal grandparents) where everyone (including the FL) wants to treat the kid nice because he's who she is going to depend on in the future. Mind you the FL already has a lot of financial assets gifted to her for popping out a son - but she think this as well. An old Chinese concept that sons are who the future relies on.


Wealth-p*rn is all well and good, but children aren't pets or prizes. <<less
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Nyaa.23 rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

A female MC who got transmigarted to a rich wife and she decided to just laze around!? #Goals. But that doesn't mean she doesn't do anything, she tried to mend her realtionship with her son and husband.

The ML is soooo nice. Right from the start, he treats MC well and he surprisingly isn't the cold with only one expression type of rich ceo husband. He's relationship with also git better by each chapter.

... more>> The son is mature but there's still a sense of childishness to him.

Cons :

Mtl-ed this one so I can't fully enjoy the reading experience. The only obstacle is the mother in law tbh. Don't read this for the plot but read this if you want a fresh take on a ML. <<less
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February 5, 2021
Status: c118
I'm not gonna rate this yet, because I believe it deserves a review based on the properly translated novel, instead of the mtl. I read this on mtl and while manageable, the story-telling was not satisfactory enough. There were confusing parts in the mtl and I'm not even sure if it's completed at 118 chapters. On the mtl site, it says it is completed, but I don't feel that what I read was the ending chapter.

All in all, I like the story. It's entertaining and the MC and ML have... more>> their heartwarming moments. However, I would not recommend that you mtl this. You should patiently wait for the properly translated chapters instead to fully appreciate the story.

I am hoping to read this again once the translators have fully translated this novel. Good luck to the translators and editors! <<less
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