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Song Jinxi really likes the abstinence overlord villain in a novel about a sadomasochistic president.

The villain is handsome and indifferent, smarter than a demon, coldhearted and less lustful, and his aura is so cool that it makes one’s legs soft!

A system is bound between them. She was told that the villain has blackened and wants to kill the male and female lead and destroy the world?

The two-dimensional world is facing the danger of collapse, and Song Jinxi turns into a righteous fighter and transmigrates into the novel.

The first time she transmigrated, the villain was still a little beanie and in order to save him, she sacrificed her life honorably.

The second time she transmigrated, the villain grew into a young boy and in order to save him, she sacrificed her life again.

The third time she transmigrated…she died again.
The three worst things of the villain’s childhood were avoided by her, but he still blackened and wants to destroy the world again?

Song Jinxi transmigrated for the fourth time, but she did not expect to be caught by the villain as soon as she landed.
The villain that had grown into a tyrannical CEO, pressed the petite girl against the wall and whispered in her ear with a very dangerous voice:

“If you dare to die again, I will let everyone in this world be buried with you.”

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Itssalwa rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay.. Wtf— the ending isab*tch

4/5 actually I love this book. I'm thirsty for male yandere tags so I just found it and it was nice, IMO. (Even if the plot ridiculous and etc I still love it lol)

ML : 4/5
ML basically yandere. Possesive-
obsessive oberbearing male yandere that you can easly found on typicall cliché novel like this. Well IF YOU DON'T LIKE YANDERE, I suggest you to step away from this book (i actually found a lot review in another novel with yandere tags but the reviewers... more>> said that they don't like what ML doing like trapping FL and how he is a Yandere, like—bit*h the novel already tag male yandere and Possesive character but you still read that while you hate the genre 🤓 like wtf if there's a yandere tag you can't expect the story went smoothly fluffy and cute. But for me who's sick in the head, I love something like this (yandere) and will call it fluffy JSJSJSJSKS)

Well if you do search for something like Yandere you should read this (but I did not recommend it to you if you don't like a story with no character development and don't like if the story only resolves around the leads)

Don't expect too much with this novel. I gave it high rating because I love yandere and the time when I found this novel, im so bored and carving for Yandere story with no complicated heavy plot)

FL : 3/5
She's so naïve, bit pushy and basically not really like able. I did not like her but I didn't hate her too. Well, it's just that I don't like how passive she was lol. But she's not that passive, but still I don't really like her. Well it's just my opinion about her, so—

About her death. She Actually died four times xbjzjsjsjs

The first time she died when ML was 7 years old
The second time when ML was 14 years old
Thrid time when ML 17 years old, when it was her thrid death (in the thrid death, she only show up abt 3 chapter then died and there's time skip 10 years lol) okay when it was her thrid death, ML said that he will kill her before she save him and died (because he did not want her to be killed again in front of him and the reason bcs her death always bcs of saving him so his sick head come up. Witj solution 'how about I kill her before she get killed?'

Yep he is sick in the head.

Bcs of this, when FL show up again it was when ML 27 years old. ML know her in a first glance, but when FL realize ML will kill her (bcs it was what the system said) she lied about her identity.
But then they will reconcile and be loving hhusband and wife





the story will become more em what should I said this em— not really that good when ML 27 years old. Basically he's become lunatic paranoid man. And the story will became more and more em confusing maybe in the middle chapter (idk if it's because MTL) because there's a lot thing I dont friging undertand



Plot : 3/5
The plot is not really good, and I MTL it so I don't really understand what the f*ck is going on. The plot is seriously shallow, there's no dramatic event. There's only 2 Dimensional villain that can be swept away by ML breath lol.

There's a lot thing that I don't understand bcs MTL suck. But sure I will tell you guys that the ending is a b*tch. The ending is seriously a b*tch


so em FL will came back to reality, and suddenly ML can contact her thro friging vidio call lol. So then FL wants to get back to novel world bcs in her world everything messed up, there's only her parents who's ridiculous and they're basically a bit*h so FL get fed up and ML come to her (i dont know how he can teleport to her world sjjdjdjkd) but he came to her and then they're going back to novel world and THAT'S IT GUYS THAT'S ITT.. YOU JUST DON'T KNOW HOW I'M FEELING WHEN I READ THE ENDING I GOT SPEECHLESS AND SAID "WHAT THE ACTUAL f*ck"


:) I f*cking don't like the ending. I hope author will write special chapter about their kids or the oriML oriFL BECAUSE I'M NOT SATISFIED AT ALL!!!

AND GUYS I know it's unrelated to the story but I just want to tell u that, uhm I got this ig art acc name SSWEETYUM. Im a small artist and intagram algorithm is suck, so if u could spare a moment of u'r time please visit my page and leaves likes or comment it'll means a lot to me T-T

Overall it's a nice read. Try this IF YOU BORED lol 🤓 <<less
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Anasthesia rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: --
I really like yandere male leads, which was why I tried this novel after searching the yandere tag and found that all the novels listed there have already been read by me (only the BxG novels though, I don’t read yaoi.)

Anyway, the beginning was somehow alright. Although the FL’s background wasn’t explained well, the purpose of the system wasn’t explained well, why the ML is so formidable wasn’t explained well, I love the premise that she dies to save the ML and comes back again later in his life... more>> to save him yet again. As I’ve said, I like yandere male leads, and her constant dying will definitely trigger angst in the male lead and lead to his blackening—which is what happened later on.


However, the plot turned completely crap after the ML turned 27 and FL returned, this time determined to have a life with him, and also save him. After they got married, the whole story turned as stale as an old bread. Author mentioned at the beginning chapters that she likes 1V1, so expect no little three to spoil the couple and create dramatic misunderstandings. I have no beef with that, but... come on! Just because there is no little three doesn’t mean you’ll write dozens of chapters about the game FL is playing right? I even thought that the game might be something important, since SEVERAL CHAPTERS WERE WRITTEN WITH FL AND ML JUST PLAYING A GAME. I kid you not. But then came several chapters about FL filling paragraphs about blackholes, what she thinks about robots, what should the future of VR technology be, and then scenes of various cannon fodders in several paragraphs that have no relevance in the story...


That was when I completely realized, the author didn’t know what she wanted to do with this story. She was just writing random stuff to fill in the word count.

I stopped reading then. I realized that most of what was spouting from FL’s mouth was probably author’s musings about some stuff she was probably thinking about, and though it isn’t bad, it isn’t related to the story at all. There are several chapters filled with the FL’s musings about VR, robots, games, other people’s lives, only broken by the ML stroking her head and telling her not to worry, or being interrupted by some irrelevant action/event.

The plot isn’t progressing at all, and I’m glad I didn’t continue, after I read what kind of ridiculous ending the author had cooked up. Honestly, I regret reading this story. If I wasn’t so bored and wanted a yandere male lead, I probably would stopped reading this a long time ago. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: c50
The first 20-25 chapters were good but from around 27 and forwards, I hardly able to encourage myself to read and give this novel another chances, then I skip a few chapters and give another chance again but at the 50th, I gave up.

I knew that every fictional novel was just fiction, it meant to be unrealistic but we have to include common sense to make it enjoyable and the reader could immerse in it, the author failed to include common sense in this novels and made it unbearable to... more>> read till the end. <<less
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Sharmin rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I will give a honest review as a reader here I am disappointed with this novel. I was seriously expecting more from this novel. The idea was so nice but then the writer seemed to have run out of ideas and ended up writing a novel that anyone can write. It's like she had no idea what to write next and decided to just write whatever came to her mind. The buildup of this novel was nice with a hint of suspense. It is almost like the kdrama W TWO WORLS .

... more>>

the suspense of this story mostly comes from the fact that the ML is a two dimensional novel character and the FML is from the real world. I was honestly expecting a more amazing plotline with this idea. Then the writer spent almost all the chaps by making it a slice of life then in the end all the mystery was solved so easily by making the ML extremely op. Like what the hell. And there were a lot of plot holes that it will give me a headache if I say it. Anyway the ML turned into a god who controls the worlds now and they had a child who can fly since birth. can this get anymore ridiculous. There should be a limit.


So I don't care about anything else but the ending was so f*cking ridiculous that I just got angry cause I had to read MTL by losing my head to get this type of weird ass ending. It's like the writer decided to pull our legs by turning such a good story into sh*t in the last moment. God I give up. The only reason I gave it 4 is because I genuinely came to like the main characters at first and decided to stick with them. The story became shitty is not their fault (God now I sound crazy).

For the later half of the story I will give it 1/10 <<less
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