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Song Jinxi really likes the abstinent, overlord villain in a novel about a sadomasochistic president.

The villain is handsome and indifferent, smarter than a demon, coldhearted and less lustful, and his aura is so cool that it makes one’s legs soft!

A system is bound between them. She was told that the villain has blackened and wants to kill the male and female leads and destroy the world.

The two-dimensional world is facing the danger of collapse, and Song Jinxi turns into a righteous fighter and transmigrates into the novel.

The first time she transmigrated, the villain was still a little beanie, and in order to save him, she sacrificed her life honorably.

The second time she transmigrated, the villain grew into a young boy, and in order to save him, she sacrificed her life again.

The third time she transmigrated, she died again.

The three worst things in the villain’s childhood were avoided by her, but he is still blackened and wants to destroy the world again.

Song Jinxi transmigrated for the fourth time, but she did not expect to be caught by the villain as soon as she landed.

The villain, who had grown into a tyrannical CEO, pressed the petite girl against the wall and whispered in her ear in a very dangerous voice:

If you dare die again, I will let everyone in this world be buried with you.

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15 Reviews

Dec 09, 2020
Status: Completed

Okay i've reread the story and SOMEHOW MTL is easy in my language lol (I'm sowwy for 22 people who mislead the story by my review)

So I understand 90% what rly happening and yes my review ofc had to be change bc this is not "that bad" BUT IT WAS GOOD (imo)

my first review..

... more>>

I wrote that this book is pretty much unreasonable but was good bc I love yandere and etc humnn okay

And I also wrote that MC is a bit too annoying (and she is)

And also I wrote that the villain is braindead one (and they are)

p.s don't expect so much from the villain bc they did not have a brain. Can be easly swept bt ML breath lol.


Okay, so my new review gonna be

- ML : 4/5

Good! I really like him a LOT ^_^ nah I love him sm. Anyway, for me ML is good (I'm searching for Yandere and this what I want, in my list of Yandere char, he's not the extreme Yandere one. He's just okay but yes Yandere. I am a lowkey an M so.. Okay)

And he is a GOD. Yes, he's the GoD here..

Major spoiler !


After MC dIeD again, ML capture the system and then he took the lead of the system, and become the god of three thousands world



Bc he is a God, he could change human 'code' so everyone including in MC world

he could change their 'code' I think it was like this

so if this A guy annoy ML, he could change his code like his personality or brain (?) or his body I think..

BC He Is a God THEIR KIDS HAS SUPERHUMAN POWERRR THEY COULD FLYINGGYG OMGG but don't worry they will grow up in normal way bc ML seal their power thro their code..


- MC I will not change my opinion on her


too pushy. And not likeable :) I will say that she didnt deserve ML, I respect anyone opinion on her but for me she's useless. Apart from saving ML in his childhood, and shielding him from danger. She literally didn't do anything else (passive) Crying, act baby, and fussing around. Basically she's your typically chinese Female lead marry sue in shojo manga who have a great halo circle in her head

Srsly kinda make me pissed.

And the most annoying part is where she want a baby.

Dont get me wrong here gurls, I do like something end with baby there, but this lil shIeT really want a baby when ML is a bit uncomfortable. They barely had a moments of breath bc what happend the last time but FL already Act like "nO No nO I wAnT a bAbYyY I wAntT a bAbyYY!! YOu dOn'T wAnt To have a bAbY?? DO YOu HaTe Me??"

Okay she's 2/5


Do I recommend it? Not really bc there's lots of people don't like this one.

If you want to give this a try, then bear with dis

  • Unrealistic. No common sense. Well imo this was acceptable bc this is a fiction anyway.
  • Shitty MTL with shitty MC (personal opinion lol)
  • Over OP ML. Not really having so much drama there bc ML is strong af.
  • It's Boring sometimes but it's okay.
Read this if you want

  • Hmm Yandere?
  • (OP) ML who act cold like ice queen but only soft towards MC X (useless) MC who is beautiful- Marry sue-ish and cute.
  • Quick read. This novel Pretty light tho
  • Anything to kill time
  • Their interaction kinda cute (imo)
Overall I think this Book did not deserve 3, 7 rating. It's supposedly 4 or 4, 1 imo : ( <<less
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Dec 15, 2020
Status: --
I really like yandere male leads, which was why I tried this novel after searching the yandere tag and found that all the novels listed there have already been read by me (only the BxG novels though, I don’t read yaoi.)

Anyway, the beginning was somehow alright. Although the FL’s background wasn’t explained well, the purpose of the system wasn’t explained well, why the ML is so formidable wasn’t explained well, I love the premise that she dies to save the ML and comes back again later in his life... more>> to save him yet again. As I’ve said, I like yandere male leads, and her constant dying will definitely trigger angst in the male lead and lead to his blackening—which is what happened later on.


However, the plot turned completely crap after the ML turned 27 and FL returned, this time determined to have a life with him, and also save him. After they got married, the whole story turned as stale as an old bread. Author mentioned at the beginning chapters that she likes 1V1, so expect no little three to spoil the couple and create dramatic misunderstandings. I have no beef with that, but... come on! Just because there is no little three doesn’t mean you’ll write dozens of chapters about the game FL is playing right? I even thought that the game might be something important, since SEVERAL CHAPTERS WERE WRITTEN WITH FL AND ML JUST PLAYING A GAME. I kid you not. But then came several chapters about FL filling paragraphs about blackholes, what she thinks about robots, what should the future of VR technology be, and then scenes of various cannon fodders in several paragraphs that have no relevance in the story...


That was when I completely realized, the author didn’t know what she wanted to do with this story. She was just writing random stuff to fill in the word count.

I stopped reading then. I realized that most of what was spouting from FL’s mouth was probably author’s musings about some stuff she was probably thinking about, and though it isn’t bad, it isn’t related to the story at all. There are several chapters filled with the FL’s musings about VR, robots, games, other people’s lives, only broken by the ML stroking her head and telling her not to worry, or being interrupted by some irrelevant action/event.

The plot isn’t progressing at all, and I’m glad I didn’t continue, after I read what kind of ridiculous ending the author had cooked up. Honestly, I regret reading this story. If I wasn’t so bored and wanted a yandere male lead, I probably would stopped reading this a long time ago. <<less
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Dec 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I will give a honest review as a reader here I am disappointed with this novel. I was seriously expecting more from this novel. The idea was so nice but then the writer seemed to have run out of ideas and ended up writing a novel that anyone can write. It's like she had no idea what to write next and decided to just write whatever came to her mind. The buildup of this novel was nice with a hint of suspense. It is almost like the kdrama W TWO WORLS .

... more>>

the suspense of this story mostly comes from the fact that the ML is a two dimensional novel character and the FML is from the real world. I was honestly expecting a more amazing plotline with this idea. Then the writer spent almost all the chaps by making it a slice of life then in the end all the mystery was solved so easily by making the ML extremely op. Like what the hell. And there were a lot of plot holes that it will give me a headache if I say it. Anyway the ML turned into a god who controls the worlds now and they had a child who can fly since birth. can this get anymore ridiculous. There should be a limit.


So I don't care about anything else but the ending was so f*cking ridiculous that I just got angry cause I had to read MTL by losing my head to get this type of weird ass ending. It's like the writer decided to pull our legs by turning such a good story into sh*t in the last moment. God I give up. The only reason I gave it 4 is because I genuinely came to like the main characters at first and decided to stick with them. The story became shitty is not their fault (God now I sound crazy).

For the later half of the story I will give it 1/10 <<less
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Jul 03, 2021
Status: c38
3 ⭐

Was the storyline good - no

Was the plot exciting - no

... more>> Was the story compelling enough that I'll keep reading - no

What's the best aspect of the novel - the yandere male lead

I seriously don't know how to write this review, the novel wasn't fresh and spicy, nor was it exciting.

I felt the ML was the one who held the story up... I wanted to keep reading just for the ML but fML it's so boring!

I read this on 1stkissnovel and pretty sure it might be MTL on there soooooo I'm hoping maybe I missed out on some interesting story plot...

Sigh... Praying I'll have this type of ML in my life.

But I don't really recommend this novel... You'll probably find better ones out there. <<less
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May 14, 2021
Status: --
by chapter 39 I lost interest. I think many would actually like this its just currently the way things are is too messy. I'm sure if I hold on I might enjoy the story later but I don't have the motivation rn.

for me, the most horrible thing is not a messy plot but a dense protagonist. IMO she does things quite in a s*upid way. I'd have preferred it had she been more smart and cool-headed.

it's not bad I just feel she can be very selfish. Also instead of healing... more>> him she just makes things worse and doesn't even consider the repercussions of her previous actions. The original plot of the novel she transmigrates to wasn't even clear like wtf.

an okay read.

edit; I tried to keep reading after reading a comment and actually it does get better! The story flow is a lot more stable and takes an interesting turn. I really can't tell what to expect.

after reading a bit further I feel a bit frustrated with the MC. Her deaths have brought him so much pain and cause him insecurities and fear that she'd disappear again. Because she never told him the whole truth about the system and why she appeared and died suddenly the ML knew she was hiding things from him and believed that like all the other times she's here cuz of some crisis in his life and will die in his arms again and disappear. I feel his fears and paranoia very valid. She has failed very much as a lover in that aspect and disappoints me yet again. i still don't deny that its a fun read but beware feeling disappointed and frustrated cuz of the MC which I hate. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby
Dec 15, 2020
Status: c50
The first 20-25 chapters were good but from around 27 and forwards, I hardly able to encourage myself to read and give this novel another chances, then I skip a few chapters and give another chance again but at the 50th, I gave up.

I knew that every fictional novel was just fiction, it meant to be unrealistic but we have to include common sense to make it enjoyable and the reader could immerse in it, the author failed to include common sense in this novels and made it unbearable to... more>> read till the end. <<less
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Feb 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Personal opinion of a romance veteran reader:

Much thanks to the translator-san for their time and effort. Would I recommend this? No. Unless you’re a fan of yandere and with nothing else to read.

Short version: the ML is the one carrying the novel while the FL is an annoying with inconsistent character portrait. Good story concept but poor execution. It started out quite nice but then by 1/3 way in, most of the content were filled with unnecessary content, like the author was just trying to write for word counts. I... more>> ended up skipping through chapters to the end (since I was already mainly invested in the ML).

Longer version: mostly venting about the FL. She is suppose to be a beautiful intelligent coder but the way she thinks and processes info is like an immature 7 years old but believes that she’s so smart... For someone who is suppose to be an independent woman, all problems are solved by the ML. While in their relationship, the FL is selfish and lacks mutual consideration and consent (Slight spoiler: she tampered with the *protection in order to get pregnant —> Major turn off! This kind of a big decision needed to be discussed, please!). Half way through the novel I was just picking out quick content since there were way too many unneeded fillers. I held on until the end just for the sakes of wrapping things up.

Final verdict: skip! <<less
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Dec 04, 2021
Status: c73
I was bored so this story is pretty entertaining to me. Though there was a part that boring so I kinda just skim reading it. The main points included in the story is:

    • OP ML, who is cold to other but soft to FML and he loves pampering FML so, so, so much. Not only that, he is so rich and so smart (or maybe Genius) to the point become Gary Sue. All problems are solved by him mostly.
    • OP FML. Actually, she's not that OP but because she was loved by ML. Nobody escaped from his punishment when they did something bad (for example: make FML upset or sad). And well, FML here loves to be pampered by ML so she always acts very spoiled and childish towards him. And finally, she became too dependant on ML.
    • Somehow to me, All of the side characters are just so-so. Since the story only focuses on FML and ML. Maybe they will be covered in the extra chapters, Idk.
Okay, that's the point. So if you want to read the story of lovey-dovey ML and FML and not really care about the background stories or you can say the world-building. Then I recommend you. If you search the story of strong, badass, independent FML, avoid this story at all.

ML is so OP to the point, the story will not make any sense if you think too seriously LOL. Throw your logic out and enjoy the love story between them. Seriously, their interaction is so cute. Maybe you'll be annoyed by FML's constant childish act to ML. But ML loves her childish side so I can't complain much about that. As long as they love each other and are happy together.

Okay, I already read the extra chapters, and I'm disappointed...


The first part is about their children. One son and one daughter. The worst part is the son loves FML while the daughter love ML. When they asked who they loved the most, thankfully ML still said he love FML the most. Although FML said the same too when their daughter hasn't been born yet, their son has asked the same question too to FML, and guess what? Because she can't resist the cuteness of her son, she finally said she love him the most, making ML is jealous.

Now, I know loving your children is a good thing. But not to the extreme. I feel a little uncomfortable when the son has a thought of 'marrying' FML when he grew up. What I want is family bonding... Not this vague in*est feeling. Maybe I took this too seriously. Anyway, I was a bit relieved when ML and FML finally explain to the son that he can't marry FML and he will find his own partner later in the future.

And after the children's act, FML and ML began hopping to other worlds, the purpose? Just to have fun. And this is why I'm so disappointed. Because I feel these extra chapters are so unnecessary. The author probably doesn't know what to write after the main story so they decided to "Why not travel together in other worlds just to mess them?". It's not interesting as the main chapter.

I gave up reading the extra chapters since from the title, it would only be the story of their traveling to other worlds which is, again, so unnecessary. It's like they have a kinky to roleplaying, lmao.


The main point is I only recommend you to read the main story which is from chapter 1-73. For the rest chapters... No.
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Sep 15, 2021
Status: c39
I really love the premise of this story, esp since I like yandere MLs. I read some reviews that said they were disappointed as a story develops and I get why. After they get together (about chapter 30) the plot kinda mellows out into slice of life. I MTLed from chapter 26 to 39 because I couldn't wait to find out what happened, but at some point it got kinda boring so I'll wait for the translated chapters to read the rest.

I really want to give a shoutout to the... more>> translator who is doing an awesome job, btw. Her translations are really good and flow well, it made the novel a joy to read.

As for the story, I feel like the FL is kinda s*upid which got a bit annoying. It's good in the sense she isn't a Mary Sue, but... yeah. I would rate the novel a 3.5 - 4 star, but I made it a 5 thanks to the translator :) <<less
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Apr 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Actually, I think sci-fic should be added in this novel's genre.

I liked the FL (Song Jinxi), she's bubbly and straightforward who willing to do everything to save ML from blackening. While the ML (Shen Liuchen) is too much OP in here. He is crazy yandere in a good way. He pampered and doted the FL too much LMAO... Anyway, I'm glad they got their own happy ending bc they were both lonely people and found happiness in each other.

I enjoyed this too much that I'm willing to ignore some plot... more>> holes and FL's anti-climatic deaths. Plus, despite not being well-executed... I liked that they tackled the virtual reality making the real world connected to the novel world.

The extra chapters were also fun to read about travelling novel worlds. <<less
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May 18, 2021
Status: Completed
It was cool. He's the very definition of paranoid.

A mere novel villain who destroyed the system just to be with her. Perfect.

FL is fine, it's just that I don't like how she's so adamant of having a kid. Like the ML barely had a few moments with you and you want a baby. Anyway, they'll live forever now so I guess it's okay?

Those fanwais are good too.
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Nov 19, 2022
Status: c22 part8
For real, I didn't expect much from this. I've only ever read one translated Chinese webnovel before; I think the title was "Turned Wild After Being Doted on by the Big Bosses." It was too long and there was too much drama that I got frustrated and didn't gamble on reading another CN webnovel (though I'm thinking of picking this up again). I'm glad I took a chance with this, and I'd say that I love the main characters, especially the male lead. I like that he has a one-track... more>> mind and only ever loves the female lead. Even though circumstances always push him down the wrong path, he always cares for the female lead in his own way and isn't afraid to tell others that he plans to marry the FL in the future. That in itself is refreshing and so much different from the other fickle-minded male characters out there.

Well, I highly recommend this to anyone who likes characters that are mostly stoic and treat everyone but the female lead coldly. This is a good book to pass the time as well.


Chapter 22.8

It’s just that the anger has not been let go, she heard Shen Liuchen said again: “But we will definitely be together in the future.”

“What did you say?” Zhang Meigui frowned and looked at him.

“I will chase her when I get into University, and we’ll get married when we graduate from University.” He didn’t hesitate at all. He seemed to have made up his mind.

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Oct 05, 2022
Status: Completed
Quite an enjoyable read with a bit of a different Novel Transmigration twist that is unique to many other novels of the same genre.

A system transmigrates the FL into a novel to prevent the villain from blackening and ending that world. Unlike other novel transmigration novels, in this story, she is transmigrated into a replica of her own body, and her own unique character that does not exist in the original novel. After her task, her character and any memories of her will be removed from that world.

However, because of... more>> her multiple deaths in front of the villain who still retains memories of her, she ends up causing the villain to blacken even more traumatically. So much so that he wants to end the world by by causing a Zombie Apocalypse.

A majority of the story is about the ML trying waiting or trying to find the FL, and then figuring out how to keep her tethered to him and his world. The typical misunderstandings, miscommunications, or even third party interruptions in the regular dog dramas of most CEO novels isn't in this novel, which makes this an enjoyable read.

The ending is a bit rushed. I would have liked to see the couple travel the 3000 worlds or be more hands on in her original world taking revenge for the the FL. Otherwise, it was a nice happily ever after ending with the villain winning in both love and taking over the worlds. <<less
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia
Apr 24, 2021
Status: c63
4.25 stars.

The ML is very smart. Kinda wish the plot's execution/transition was smoother (?). Somehow the Sci-fi part of the story kind of stood out when introduced but a bit hard to process/fit in in the story (?) in my opinion. Overall, the story still has its own fun parts though.
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Apr 21, 2021
Status: c62
First, I really like the premise of this story. I have waited for Translator-nim to publish at least one thirty of chapters, and will start to read for good. That was the plan, and suddenly, I cannot wait anymore and decided to read the MTL-ed version. Forgive me, my brain.

Second, I really like how Author-nim potrait their relationship. It was not all dog food (basically still contain lot of dog food) but there was arguments about something, from the trivial matter to the big one. It give sense of reality,... more>> almot 3D personality. At least for me, and I like that. Because I believe, everyone have their own thought and desire, there is no relationship without arguments. That is how the word compromise exist.

Lastly, I put this novel on hold and didn't finished reading it now. I'm on chapter 62, 10 or something chapters to the end. But I cannot bring myself to read till the end. I find too many things I don't like. This is the matter of preference. At first I thought this is a simple fluffy dog food novel, but.... near the end it became so complicated. And I find myself wondering how many more chapters till this finished, which is not a good sign. I feel tired reading this.

But overall, that was an enjoyable ride. I really like the main character!! It just a matter of preference because I'm not in the mood to read complicated plot. If you want to read this, give it a try and judge it yourself. Thank you!! <<less
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