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Partisan disputes in the empire made the ever-neutral Shen family a victim of internal conflict. They were accused of unwarranted crimes. Overnight, families that had been well-connected with each other had drawn their boundaries.

The Shen family was ransacked, and only the two remaining children were thrown into prison and became inmates.

Shen Moyan at that time had two wishes.

One is to protect his sister, and the other is to find evidence that can prove the family’s innocence.

After losing the remaining family member, the second wish does not seem to be so important.

What about proven innocence?

He wanted the entire empire to be buried with them.

[So, do you want to become stronger ? ]
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5 Reviews

Jun 04, 2021
Status: Completed
Book is about the MC wanting to get revenge for his family and the system offers him power in exchange for him completing the tasks in other worlds. He will eventually meet the ML who just so happens to be going to the same worlds as the MC (the reason is an end game spoiler).

One thing to note is that the protagonist is the gong and his rough period from when his family being a scapegoat + his time in prison made him cut off unnecessary emotions. He’ll have lots... more>> of peach blossoms, but he rejects everyone harshly (except the shou, and even then, it took many arcs before the ML was willing to open up). His attitude is cold, but he starts to be kinder and more appreciative of life as the book carries on. <<less
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Oct 01, 2021
Status: Completed
Very enjoyable read.

I came with high expectations and wasn't disappointed. Although throughout the read I calmed down a lot from my initial excitement and just purely enjoyed the story and the character interactions.

After the first few arcs I was sad. It wasn't the heartbreaking kind of sadness where you want to cry, but rather just a feeling of "this kind of resolution to the world is sad". But because the author chose the mode of 'once you complete the task you automatically leave the world', as well as the later... more>> explanation as to what happens after the main characters leave the world made me less sad about it because I didn't feel like those were truly their lives, but they were more like guests. Although their experiences were real.

I like how the main plot was consistently there throughout the story instead of it feeling like separate stories connected by the repeated appearance of the main characters.

The most unfortunate thing was probably the fact that I dislike western fantasy and ghost themes and those were the longest arcs. I fought through the fantasy one (I actually enjoyed it a lot), but skipped through the ghost one (I couldn't bring myself to read it, though I probably would've enjoyed it too. And it had some pretty important development regarding MC's and ML's relationship - I know cause their interaction at the very end of the arc that I glimpsed at clearly shows how much progress they've made).

It felt to me like a lot has happened throughout the story so I really liked the simple style of the ending (that stated things very concisely and clearly). Though I feel like I haven't fully understood ML's story due to the MTL.

Also, it's important to note that this story is a slow, SLOOOW burn. Though it's hard to say when exactly they started to like each other, it is true that they confirmed their relationship pretty late. Still, you can feel that they like each other, though they express it differently.

I'm very satisfied with this read and I feel like it let me slow down a lot from my previous craze of quickly reading and changing novels I read. 5/5 for me <3 <<less
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Jun 01, 2022
Status: c10
So far I love this novel! But I can't find chapter 10 anywhere! I can't find the raws either! Does this have an alternative name? Also the previous reviewers who mtled chapter 10+, did you post your mtl anywhere? And if not where can I find the raws??? Really frustrating not being able to continue reading right when I was getting into the novel 😕
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Sep 11, 2021
Status: c424
(MTLed most of this, so take the review with a grain of salt.)

Summary for this is somewhat misleading, IMO, promising you more of a straightforward story of the rise of an avenger through world-hopping. Instead, the story is much more about the slow healing of the MC from the tragedy he experienced (good! At least in theory, IMO the actual resolution of this was kind of abrupt in hindsight), a slow build love story between the MC and ML (okay), and the overarching mystery of the way the... more>> ML's storyline interacts with that of the MC (bleh).

I especially found that mystery plot a drag partly because nothing about the eventual truth or resolution for the ML's situation was surprising, and partly because I went from charmed by the ML to super-seriously bored slash annoyed with how much less competent he was in comparison to the MC. It felt like the more the ML fell for the MC, the more brain cells and personal motivation he lost. I understood his increasing dependence on the MC, but at the same time it was a huge turn-off because the author seemed to feel that meant the ML had to change from an active player in individual arcs to a bystander there to cheer on the MC and eat popcorn, while occasionally (or in certain acts, infuriatingly often) whingeing about how difficult his own tasks were.

To a great extent, I really wish

the author had stuck with the initial, much more adult take on the ML that we first met in the modern actor arc (the second one, if I remember correctly). The more childish version of him that the MC had to deal with throughout the later half of the story was immensely annoying; once the joke of him being a teen stuck in the body of some hotshot, supposedly villainous character got old, I basically just wanted scenes focusing on him to be over as quickly as possible, so we could get back to the MC's ownage reel.


Overall, I'd still say this was worth reading if you want an interesting, plotty take on QT. But I'd also say that most of the freshness here is in the individual arcs rather than the overarching plot. I was left feeling wistful that I would never get to see the MC returning to his old world wreathed in hellfire and ready to pierce the sky with his brutal revenge. And I especially feel like it'd have been nice if there'd been a cultivation world arc, even though it probably wouldn't have fit well with the overarching plot.

Things I liked:
- truly enjoyable depiction of what it'd look like with an MC butchering their way through romantic-leaning QT worlds with a strict focus on points
- maybe my favorite western fantasy themed arc in any QT story. The world was really richly drawn and interesting to read through despite using bog-standard elements and themes

Things I didn't like:
- ML becoming an incapable babby type character while also hogging screen time
- the modern spirits arc. So interminable that even when important plot started happening, I couldn't get back out of skim mode 😭
- zero tension towards the end because the author fell into the trap of both a simple, been-there-done-that kind of resolution AND the MC being so hilariously OP that he could just handwave away any issues by then <<less
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Nov 01, 2022
Status: Completed
This is the novel that got me into quick transmigration genre. Although it's very long, it's never boring to read. The character development is very well done, and it's great to see just how far the protagonist has come along the journey. 10/10
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