Because I’ve Been Reincarnated As A Girl I Just Want To Do Yuri Things, But Things Aren’t Going Well


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Yamada Haruka (♂), a man who loves anime and manga where girls are hanging out having fun and laughing, dies of overwork and before he knew it, he was reborn as a girl in a different world.

Haruka Yamada finds himself reborn as Flora, the only daughter of the Margrave family, House Carruthers, she was happy that she could be and enjoy time with other girls in this new life, but things aren’t working out too well for her. Will she be able to fully enjoy her life in another world?!

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13 Reviews

New Givikap120
Sep 21, 2023
Status: c452
This is NOT a 5 star novel, but bro, there are too many negative reviews about it.
The actions of the characters looks realistic, MC is not dumb (sometime she is but it's not that annoying), it's funny to see her development. And the problem solving is really satisfying, maybe the most satisfying I've ever read, there are just enough random problems occuring to plot being interested but not enough to became s*upid farce.
There pretty big downsides like Wikipedia info™ and too many unnecessary information in inner thoughts, especially... more>> in MC inner thoughts. <<less
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Nov 04, 2022
Status: c96
Honestly, the translation itself alone is worth 10 stars to me. But the content of the story, just pisses me off sometimes.

The protagonist, Flora, is a noble girl, with Yuri Feelings. But she's not just any noble girl. From a young age she's been trained in everything from politics, and magic, to martial arts and warfare. Practically from birth, She was groomed to be a queen, and she's shown just how powerful and tallented she is throughout the chapters.

Thanks to her training, when she goes out into the world, she... more>> proves time and again, that She's a genious in academics, trade, science, etc. Etc.

She's practically a mary sue character, just based on how overpowered she is by the time the series actually kicks off.

However, Despite how overpowered the protagonist is, the story still remains fun and engaging at least for the most part.

But at the end of the day, the series has a massive problem.

There's a sense of dissonance in the way Flora's written throughout the story, that really bothers me. It first shows up around the first 50 chapters or so.

By this point she's all but proven that she's an absolute unit in terms of strength. Political, financial, military, you name it, she's got it.

But she can't do anything about her feelings because she lacks the confidence in her own strength. She's always constantly at war with herself, and never acts on her own feelings because she's too afraid to try. Too scared of the consequences. At first, it's understandable, maybe even comical, she really has no clue about were she is in the hiearchy.

However, at some point Everyone else looks at her like they're looking at a monster, but somehow against all common sense, she still holds on to the preconceived notion that she's in a weak position.

Because She assumes that she is in a weak position, whenever she's negotiating with people in power she always makes many concessions that she doesn't need to. She's always worried about wether or not she's offended someone. Etc. Etc.

The series carries on like this at least for about the first 100 chapters, and there's still no end in sight for this.

And the longer it carries on like this, the more idiotic the protagonist looks. She just keeps making mistakes, based on her own skewed perception of the world around her, yet she never stops to properly learn from them. She never takes a second to ask other people wether or not they're seeing the same thing she is. So she's simply doomed to repeat failure after failure.

This is the crux of the issue. The Protagonist says she's into Yuri, and in her head, she's always complaining about the world around her. But in the reality she never actually acts on her feelings. She just follows around and submits to her male fiance, because she's afraid of the consequences of breaking up with him, despite how much power she's already built up for herself.

And it gets more and more annoying as the series goes on, because she doesn't need to be so deferential. She's already built up her own base of power, and yet she does nothing for herself.

The more one reads this the less you feel for her and the more you grow frustrated with her. It's the typical 'misunderstandings' plotline, only this misunderstanding carries on practically forever. The joke gets old real fast.

Hell, if this were a straight novel, and I couldn't read her actual thoughts, I'd just assume she was a tsundere.

TL. DR:The protagonist has selective density. And it's super tiresome. Sometimes she's just pure gold and at others she's a black hole. <<less
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Jul 23, 2023
Status: c327
It's a tr*sh, well perhaps I'm a bit too harsh, but this novel is quite bad, at first the author try to make a realistic story setting for this novel, like noble hierarchy, being gay get stoned, etc.

But after that, when the royal academy started the novel setting turn 180, it becomes kuma kuma kuma bear rip off, the F, where the setting from before go? It's like the author got hit in the head and just suddenly forgot whatever the hell he's writing, seriously I feels weird reading it

And... more>> not just that, there's a few woman in the first arc that MC met and have connection with, but they got separated because the plot, all of those woman have different background and personality, I mean it's great, they're not just cardboard npc, if the author expand their worries and background I'm sure the story will be great and those woman will become a full fledged heroine where the reader going to fight for who they think is the best, but unfortunately....

In the academy arc, the MC met them all, and all of them suddenly became the MC harem, and collectively known as "the wives" The F, all of them become a single entity known as the wives, are you f*cking for real, god.... There's one girl in the MC harem named claudia, because she loves girls since a little kid, she got called abnormal, and try to live her life as a man, and now this setting is being forgotten, and she just becomes "the wives" Seriously the f, also she is working as royal knight, but where ever the MC goes "the wives" Also comes, is that claudia not working, or the author forgot that she is a knight, god....

And next, I thought the author going to touch about being gay in medieval world, where you'll get called heretic because of your preference, and the MC going to tackle that problem, but nope, all of that setting is being tossed aside, the king just give the MC his daughter, for god sake.... It actually feels sick you know, think about it, a 5 years old girl being asked to become gay just to secure the MC to the kingdom, a kids who don't know anything, in a world where being gay is going to get stoned, think about that, I wonder which one is worse, being asked to become a gay by your parents or being forced to have an arranges marriage for political reason, oh wait if that princess married the MC, she'll get both lol

Just forget about this series, but at least the territorial development part in this novel is still interesting <<less
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Jan 16, 2023
Status: c66
Goddamnit I accidentally hit the "Post review" button while trying to edit. This review is a work in progress and my opinions are all over the place. You have been warned.

Edit 1- Well, this is interesting, I keep finding holes in my review and have to constantly go back and forth patching said holes. I'll keep coming back periodically to add or remove things that may or may not make sense.

Sigh... This was giant waste of time. Oh how naïve the me from three days ago was, who wanted... more>> nothing more than an OP protagonist doing yuri stuff while adventuring in the other world. I wouldn't have cared if the novel didn't have any magic, I was just in the mood to read about the main character buldozing through their second shot at life in a fantasy setting. I had expectations about yuri, wherein even if not explicit it'll be alright to have a solid romance subplot. Hell, I didn't even realise that this work was tagged as a harem.

In short... none of my expectations were met.

You might be wondering why I italicized the tags attached to the novel. Well, simply put most of the expectations set by the tags don't get fulfilled in the 66 chapters I've read thus far. Case in point- take the action and adventure** tags for instance. Aside from the harsh training that the MC, Flora, willingly undergoes there is only ONE monster fight. ONE singular monster*. The only "adventure" the protagonist has in these 66 chapters is limited to the forest North of her house, where monsters seldom appear. The trips that she takes to other places outside of her parents' territory is carried out under absolute safety, there's no monster encounters, bandit encounters. None. Nada. Zilch.

*Edit 0- well, not quite. The monster "fights" the MC has partaken in ON SCREEN is one. It is implied that she goes out with some knights periodically to patrol the surroundings and may have had the chance to fight one then.

**Edit 2- Some folks will argue that "traveling" to various places in general can be called an adventure. But c'mon! That's boring af man. Gimme my dungeons! My loot. My slightly erot*c interaction with clothing melting slime! Did I ask for much?

People would be very right to question if I'm alright in the head*** when I bring up these points, especially when the story follows the MC through her infant years. But get this. She starts managing f*cking territory at the age of 10. The author tries, inexplicably hard to shoehorn realism into fantasy but violently shits the bed when there comes the need to balance said realism with fantasy. This ties in pretty deeply with how severely ill equipped the story structure is to handle homosexuality.

*** Edit 3- I'll answer this for myself and whoever is reading this- no. I'm not. I am unhinged for all intents and purposes LMAO

The author does an okay job at creating this world with a lower technological level, think something along the lines of middle ages where hygiene is shit, mass production is but a pipe dream and h*mophobia is king. But the biggest personal pain point while talking about the world building isn't the world building itself, it's the disgusting amount of word padding done to make the world look "real" in the reader's eyes. The author almost feels compelled to write super long introductory chapters with pointless drivel about how certain government systems came into place and how deeply these systems, no matter how flawed, stuck around because the culture of the country and subsequent interaction with the country's neighbours shaped it to be as such. An example would be how the MC monologues about how a female COULD inherit a noble household, goes off on a tangent to f*cking Narnia about Jokei and Josei empresses and how one type of inheritance is absolutely impossible in imperial Japan (I believe it was about matriarchal inheritances being impossible or some shit, the Josei one I mean) gets interrupted by her maid calling out to her and then finishes the point three whole ass paragraphs later with "Oh, but I don't want this girl to inherit her house because she'll be in danger"! ALL of that explanation about how Japan had two female empresses and how that amounts to jack sh*t in the other world just sets my piss on fire.

Don't get me wrong, I can tolerate infodumps to a certain extent, but God do I feel like this novel would've been so much simpler to read without them.

Now to adress the mammoth in the room. The yuri is nonexistent in 60+ chapters. There are nothing but failed attempts due to miscommunication, status disparity and gender identity confusion over and over again. The MC is shown to be stuck in a perpetual cycle of encountering a girl-> talking and getting along with said girl -> getting ass blasted with a painful parting with no foreseeable reunion in sight. All of the girls shown have issues either of their own or from external sources that can't be solved overnight, they desperately need the guidance of compassionate adults or, heck even friends would do. But they have no way of finding that required support and continue to be in a state of endless agony without being about to come out of their closet (s).

The author very easily could've chosen to make some decisions in the world building to be lax towards homos*xual practices and other aspects. But that won't do! How else would they be able to plant realistic seeds for power struggles? How else would they be able to show how hard it is for pre-teen character to manage their own territory? How else would they make us readers realise that this world is indeed real and realism can't go hand in hand with publicly accepted homosexuality?

I'll be honest, this novel is Yuri bait as of chapter 66. I was here to enjoy some adventure, with maybe some monster hunting and boatloads of sweet moments between the MC and the love interests. I walk away from this novel bitter and resentful of how deeply invested the story was into politics. Maybe I'm seeing things wrong and through a cracked lens. Maybe the story develops into a full on yuri experience in the future. If it does, more power to it but this is where I click off.

Addendum- I read a couple more chapters out of morbid curiosity and realised something really critical that I had ignored before. The MC is truly written in a classic JP Light/Web novel fashion! Yikes man, the indecisive attitude that Flora takes towards interpersonal relationships... Especially with women in her age range is cleverly disguised as "I can't make a move cause I have societal obligations". I would've understood if she was portrayed to have a communication disorder or even anxiety which leads her to inevitably fumbling the ball. But no, she's simply going around in circles when the ball is in her court. <<less
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: c180
I can say I'm really liking the story. It's not perfect by any means, but it's very entertaining, and quite a surprise in many aspects. So let's start with a big warning for those who may not like this surprise: If you are expecting a mellowed or dramatic yuri story with girl times and so on... Nops, this is not for you.

The "But Things Aren't Going Well" of the title is no joke.

First, the chapters are longer than average. about 9 minutes read per chapter. The translator is also really... more>> good, and as he already read the novel fully, he is fast and he knows the context. The only sad thing for me is that it has some localization signs, so no japanese suffixes (san, kun, chan, sama), so they are localized into Mr/Mrs and so on, which is a big sad, but at least, it's overall consistent.

So, as I warned, if you are expecting a light read with girls doing yuri, stay away from here.

This story is essentially a shonen story with a female protagonist...

The story starts a little before the MCs death, and then his reincarnation starts early in life, while being breastfed by his new mother, thus take note of the Age Progression tag here. By chapter 180 she is 15yo, so considering there are over 500 chapters, I do wonder how old she will be by the end of the story.

The MC is a young girl from a simple but powerful family from the frontier, so the family is mostly neutral in political matters, and considered like country bumpkins. The family is that of a Margress, and although above average in the rankings, they are not really well treated by others, although they don't really mind much. (I'm used to the usual Baron < Viscount < Earl < Duke, but this novel adds Margraves and Marquises, and a bunch of extra details like "a family that protects the borders will be relevant even with a lower title", so this point can be a bit confusing.)

In regards to surrounding characters, at the start we get basically no heroines... Even when MC is to get a personal attendant and expects to get a young pretty maid around her age become friends she finds out that her older siblings already got the good stuff, so she, the third daughter only got to chose from the remainders (a good looking efficient young butler, an old and strict maid, and a shady one (who was not chosen)).

Her strict father gets her a tutor to teach her magic after finding her reading books on it, and as she made progress with some good male old tutors, she even got taught the sword while still a small child, and even the MC finds that weird weird at first... So she is a bit OP, but far from being the most OP in the story (Her father is very strong, so he holds back for training).

I do think, however, that the magic element here, although nice and somewhat balanced for the most part became completely broken when in regards to her family (And I'm not talking about MC here).


MC creates cannons, showing strong firepower for distance, and even her father is astonished at how much things will change with such a weapon. Her bloody crazy mother? She picks up her Halberd out of nowhere, semi teleports to the target, and asks to shoot at her, because she wants to "fight" it... And she does fight a whole barrage of cannonballs with a Halberd. Yes, the mother is the most feared opponent.

Demons are supposed to exist, but how powerful is the Demon King, who may be the, or one of the, most powerful of the Demons, supposed to be? Because compared to normal people, MC's family are monsters way above the average, although in regards to Magic in itself, MC is the strongest, if it's about buff/strengthening magic, her parents are much crazier (and unrelated to the Demon War).

So what sort of human could have stopped the Demon King who should be even stronger?


She is told that she will meet the 3rd prince for marriage and he is visiting, the prince has received many candidates but he, who is good at everything (for a child), has already refused every candidate prior to MC, and as she doesn't want to marry a man (she wants Yuri), she tries to humiliate him to get it cancelled too. It backfires, and the prince becomes crazy about her.

And finally the heroine candidates start to appear, but events and misunderstandings happen, and they are separated.

So yeah, the Title is not joking around.

If you think this is a trope on the otome game villainess going good genre, I would say it's the opposite. The isekai here is not that of a game, nor does it game a game system, so there is no MC predicting future of events, nor are there levels and numerical values.

So if I were to describe, as much as she may look and act as a villainess, if this story were to be an otome game, she would undoubtedly be in the heroine role (she is the bullied one).

Now, as I described, this is more of a shonen story, with much of its problems: MC gets strong, MC falls in love with heroine, and when MC finally is able to become close with heroine... Nothing happens. Yup, she may want something to happen, the heroine also wants it, but something will intrude in the way, or nothing will happen in the end.

So very, very shonen.

This also has all the "modern knowledge" tropes imaginable: MC makes new inventions, revolutionizes the Kingdom, get money, gets territory, becomes rich, has subordinates and all the stuff... And she hides it all under another persona. The MC, named Flora, gets another identity as Floto, who usually appears as a male.

So when I say the MC is OP for a high school girl, it's not just her super magic or her super physical prowess, it's also her own resources unrelated to her family, and the fact that everything is hidden, so she can go to school... To be bullied for being the 3rd Prince's fiancee even though she is a "country girl".

But nonetheless, it's an enjoyable read, the characters and jokes are nice, so if you are in for the plot rather than for pure yuri, you may have fun even with the male characters.

At first I wondered about the politics, the author seems well educated, explaining quite a bit too much about the settings, ideas and possibilities, comparing them with IRL quite well, so even if you don't know much on these matters, you may learn quite a bit from here.

I did had some worries at first, specially considering that the King appears quite a lot, and he is the one pushing for the marriage, meanwhile the Queens do not, so it felt like political marriage for plot convenience, so even with the 2 Queens having their bickering which does have effect on the plot later on, I was wondering what was one main queen doing when the 2nd queen was doing something so drastic against her son, but as the plot progressed, things made quite a bit of sense, and I felt that the author did had a grasp on the world rather than just writing and making characters on the fly.

Thus, although there is very little yuri time, seen as our female MC is well desired by a handsome prince blindly in love, a super butler who is very loyal, and other much older figures of both sexes in her life that are clearly out of romance range, she does get a "stable harem" of 5 girls who want to monopolize her (although one of them is a lesbian, so she also fine with having everyone)

But the political plot, as in, relationships with other nobles, for good and bad, or with other nations, besides MC's own territory building and stuff, seems to be the main point after some point.

I take this as a positive, but others may not. Hence, this was a good surprise for me. <<less
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Jun 08, 2023
Status: c60
I'll start this review by stating this I read this awhile back when the translation was first started, I can't remember where I left off but am simultaneously applauding the translator sticking with this and wishing they'd stop and translate a better work. Keep up the good translations.

This novel is TLDR word padding with irrelevant historical facts the author only gets right half the time mixed with an entire cast of people with terrible communication skills and shoehorned misunderstandings along with child torture in the name of training and bad... more>> parents everywhere. The "Yuri" in the novel is MC trying to make friends with girls and the friends reciprocating but having to leave due to complex reasons which the MC misunderstands as then hating her and getting depressed... Put this on repeat and you get this novel.

Honestly, I'm usually of the opinion no novel deserves a 1* but I had to come back to write this review (First I ever wrote) because it gets updated every day (Yet again, kudos to the translator, they're a beast) and every time I just feel like my heart got punched. I'd like to write a better review but don't have the experience or emotional leeway to do so.

TLDR I would recommend this to nobody <<less
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Jun 30, 2023
Status: c254
I am an avid reader and consumer of yuri material, and I've watched plenty of isekai fare, so when I started this light novel I have had several chances to criticize its shortcomings, and it has many. There is much time spent on explaining war tactics, science, and engineering, which is not inherently bad for a light novel. We are able to take our own time and set our own pace when reading, and I had to for a lot of the light novel's run, but what I dislike the... more>> most is its tendency to reexplain concepts several times, pretending as if they hadn't been discussed in the previous paragraph.

I am inclined to believe that much of this may be lost in translation, but that's not to disparage the work of the translator. I've read foxaholic novels before and they do a working job, and furthermore, it's clear that whoever translated this specific novel did it with much heart and passion. This is exemplified by the novel's terrifyingly fast upload speed of nearly a chapter a day, as well as the consistent notes about its historical accuracies or, as it sometimes is, inaccuracies.

These reexplanations and translation for the novel are emblematic of the novel as a whole: there are MANY flaws to be found throughout. By no means is this a perfect book. However, I have a tendency to rate things by my enjoyment, and not much gives me joy like bloated gay power fantasies about beautiful women absolutely destroying the common sense of a fantasy world piece by piece. Just like its reexplanations and translation, its mistakes seem to be born out of love, not laziness, and this novel has a whole lot of heart to back it up.

I am particularly fond of the novel's take on a transgender character, where it seems that not even the author themself knows whether Flora is a girl or a guy anymore. I crack a little smile every time Flora makes a second guess, or questions their decisions and their name and their entire situation, and this dilemma adds some much needed believability to her slowly progressing romances.

The power fantasy is a slow burn, Flora's romances are slow burns, her revolution of technology is a slow burn, and I am here for it. This novel is what I read every night before bed, and its one chapter a night is perfect for that.

I can't justify the 5 star rating I've given to this novel, and I will never be able to by speaking from logic, so let me say it with emotion instead: I wanted to read a dumb power fantasy with a protagonist that I relate to and by god I got that, so I'm a happy reader.

TL;DR: I put a 5, but ONLY because it was the EXACT kind of bad that I wanted to read. Have a great day! <<less
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Feb 08, 2023
Status: Completed
P.S. (Translation is good but then I finished up by reading the raws via terrible machine translate during a long holiday so my impression of the later part of the story may be affected.)

It is a decent series but ultimately drags out and heads to nowhere. She forms a harem of romantic interests but aside from maybe one or two of them for short moments, the rest become... static characters that do nothing.

Similarly, anything that could have been a plot point also gets sidelined in favor of something else.... more>> And ultimately,

the series ends semi-abruptly. The kind of "And the journey continues" discontinued ending you get after cleaning up an arc.

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Oct 05, 2022
Status: c66
this is just suffering of lonely little girls due to bullying, neglect, or whatever circumstances.. Most/all the female characters introduced are pitiful including MC too sometimes. Before the yuri/s*xual preference stuff, mostly she just wants to make friends with girls her age, but each time they all had to leave for one reason or another. Then she easily gets depressed, I think MC became a young girl mentally as well.

Other than that, the other theme of this novel is your typical reincarnation modern cheat knowledge business/land development.
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Oct 16, 2022
Status: c77
I have loved reading this story. There are some repeating phrases, but it rarely happens that it doesn't matter. Three things make this story so great. First, the main character likes girls (obviously) but he doesn't force himself on any of them. Second, the main character is a very determined character that faces a variety of adversities. Third, She/He (the main character) understands his position, and is willing to marry a man if need be, but still desires to be with women.

There are ____ things that I wish this story... more>> would do better. I don't enjoy that the parents aren't very loving. While they portrayed what it would be like to have an eerily capable daughter, I still would have preferred the main character's efforts to be rewarded. Next, I don't like the scenes to be too erotic, but I wish the main character could interact with the females in a more suggestive setting.

Basically, it is a lovely story worth the time to invest in if you enjoy a hardworking, kind, slightly pe*verted, capable protagonist. <<less
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Oct 05, 2022
Status: c53
This is a fun series with a few annoying problems. The MC is made out to be a genius, learning so quickly and completely from her military affairs, politics, magic, swordsmanship, and etiquette teachers, each of which are supposedly renowned, if not the absolute best in their field, that they run out of things to teach her by like the age of 8, yet she is still somehow completely oblivious. She has no knowledge of the relationships or power dynamics between the aristocrats of her own country, despite the fact... more>> that that would DEFINITELY come up in the politics course, and she's got that stereotype "overpowered but they think that their power is nothing special" thing going on, despite the fact that as a child two adult swordsman and a mage, all at the top of their field, have to team up to beat her when she's only using a sword and I think maybe body strengthening magic. She doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of her magical ability in particular, despite the fact that she managed to one-shot a really nasty demon with it.

Then there's her social ineptitude. It's for the sake of comedy and plot development, but she's constantly making assumptions about people's attitudes towards her and their behaviors that are completely off the mark and then acting in accordance with those assumptions, to usually comedic results. Half of her 4 crushes so far were ended due to a misunderstanding on her part (the other 2 were a misunderstanding on the other party's side and unavoidable circumstances).

What really bother me though, is this novel's tendency to overexplain the hell out of the most bland, inconsequential crap. In chapter 53, there are 25 full paragraphs dedicated to describing how matrilineal and patrilineal inheritance work and their real-world use in Japan and Europe. The rest of the chapter is about the MC visiting the sea... The reason for those chapters is

the MC's 4th and latest crush's father had just been assassinated and the crush was next in line to take over as head of the family but they didn't know if it was a personal grudge or an attempt to exterminate their lineage so she had to move away for her own safety. They could have just said "she would inherit the noble title so it wasn't safe", but instead they felt they had to describe exactly why she would be able to inherit the title first...

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Aug 07, 2023
Status: c161
Edit : read "Mob Protagonist ~ Mob in the Novel But There Is A Problem" instead, you are welcomed

I was patient since the TL told in 50~60ish the yuri thing would happen

... more>> And now 161 chapter in, sure the is yuri but really? Too much disappoinment for a very little reward. Even the face slapping felt not quite good if we compare it to how BIG I PATIENTLY READ the boring part.

Sure the city builder part is interesting but dang, this MC really not likeable. Even the heroines who kinda s*upid but maybe later will have personality turned out to be passerby in most part of the story.

Hell I think this novel could do better if its a chaos harem of both straight and yuri alike rather than a pure yuri like what it tagged to.

TLDR : too much boring and going to nowhere part, too little reward for persevering <<less
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Jun 09, 2023
Status: c345
The story is actually good but start is too slow.

At one point in the beginning I have dropped this novel but then got back to it about 6mo later and start to read it again, just skipped about 30 chapters from the point I left it.

Overall this is fun read. If you have trouble in trading first chapters - just skip them... You will loose nothing...
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