Became The Tyrant’s Companion Rabbit


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I was possessed. As an extravagant mountain beast killed by an arrow shot by the tyrant emperor.

As a reader of old romance novels, I was confident that I would not go through an irregular period of possession.

‘No, it’s not a rabbit!’

In the yard that others possessed as a noble princess or empress, or at least a duchess. What is a rabbit that doesn’t even play the role of a passer-by 1!

Anyway, why am I not dead?


“Are you crying in pain?”

‘Wouldn’t that hurt!’

Jenny stretched out her front paw. If you get a little closer, you should be able to punch that guy in the face It was just one inch short. shit.


‘… … really.’

Jenny put her hand up and rubbed her nose. The dainty nose that touched her paws twitched involuntarily.

‘He’s so damn handsome.’

It was a dangerous face for the heart. The writer who set up the main character like this is really good.

‘Please take me. I don’t know which direction, so I go in all directions.’

Far from finding a way to get her back, she follows him around, and it’s not just because she’s a ‘oldie’.

‘Eat, sleep, eat, sleep. It’s sweet honey.’

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폭군의 반려 토끼가 되었다
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Transmigrated as the Domesticated Rabbit of the Sick and Frail Villain in the Apocalypse (1)
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hastingsj rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: c9
Very typical of the current animal-heroine trend. It doesn't seem to have anything special that would set it apart from more popular novels in this genre like "the tyrants tranquilizer, " "of all things I became a crow, " or "symbiotic relationship between a rabbit ad black panther"

Interactions between the MC and ML seem rather boring. The translation is also a bit difficult to understand at times (I am certain ejaculated is the wrong translation for whatever the ML was trying to say about his hunting shotgun). Honestly, if you... more>> like the idea of this one ^^ go read one of the other titles I mentioned. <<less
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