Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū


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“Your Majesty, someone cursed the Imperial Concubine to be a demon star.”

“Cut his tongue and feed it to dogs.” A certain King said in a light and gentle manner.

“Your Majesty, someone’s hand accidentally bumped into the Imperial Concubine.”

“Chop his hand and feed it to wolves.” In an indifferent manner, a certain King said possessively.

“Your Majesty, someone said that the Imperial Concubine ran away.”

“Ran away?” A certain King’s sharp eyes narrowed, then said with a sneer: “It’s best if she doesn’t get caught by this King, otherwise this King will let her become aware of what ‘wanting to stop but can’t’ means**.

A modern era crossed over to become a wolf-girl. She originally believed that she could dance around with wolves, and in the end she truly did, but this ‘wolf’ was one of those wolves. He was a perverted wolf!!


* Imperial titles used in the description

Imperial Concubine : Huáng Fēi

Imperial Uncle : Huáng Shū

Your Majesty : Wáng

This King (“I”) : Běn Wáng

Note that king is not like western kings, but more of a prince or son of the Emperor.

** Idiom : yùbàbùnéng = ‘wanting to stop but can’t’

Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū average rating 4.3/5 - 241 user ratings
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Nghịch thiên thú phi: Hoàng thúc đại nhân kiếp cái sắc
Nì tiān shòu fēi: Huáng shū dàrén jié gè sè
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yami no hime
New yami no hime rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c22
Is it just me who thinks this novel doesn't make sense?

How could a mighty assassin of the 21st century act like an uncontrolled child with absolutely no ability to think, and how can a mighty ML just sorta "love at first sight"?! What happend to him being aloof and above other? How can he let an unknown girl he met 2 days ago do as she pleases and even make her a fei? And what about this "peculiar feeling" it is just LUST not love 😑

This novel just sorta jumped... more>> from "introducing the character" into "ML and MC are in deep love 😥" in just 2 days!

Does the author think our minds are just s*it so this fast forwarding has no problem?

I am dropping it 😑 <<less
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New Leilacus
January 25, 2018
Status: c138
This novel is making me feel conflicted. But in a good way, thus the 4* or maybe 3.5*.

The FL was a transmigrated soul of an assassin. So usually, what is an assassin? Or what are the qualities an assassin should possess? Quick-witted, cold if not indifferent, very proficient in fighting, very adept in whatever situation or should we say, has a high coping capacity, to name some. But well, our FL isnt entirely like that. She's like a teenager who's undergoing first time puberty (well, her body... more>> is 14 y. o soooo...) Anyway, she's actually 30-40 something inside so it makes me wonder more why she acts the way she acts. I can forgive her antics though since it makes me laugh. She's a refreshing take towards an assassin, to put it on the bright side.

There hasnt been much progress since the chapters were still few. And there was a time I couldn't open the site but well, to Renren, I am also a techidiot. I thought I wasnt because I thought I knew enough but no. I had to learn the hard way. Lol

Looking forward to how she's going to mature. <<less
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KKristen rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: c20
The premise behind this novel is interesting: On the night she was born, it was foretold that she was a cursed child. Her family was hunted down and the girl was hidden in the forest. Years later, through a series of coincidences, this girl raised by wolves is set to marry a prince and become his Wangfei.

However, the execution is lacking. The chapters are very short, and the translation is in broken English. That would be ok, but...

The main character is supposed to be a super assassin from the modern... more>> age, but the author completely forgets that and so she acts simple and naive. She has no idea how to act in society, doesn't have any of the skills from her past life (other than speech and being able to fight), and she has a barely-mentioned vague power to control all animals. She's supposed to have "demon" eyes, but those aren't noticable and barely mentioned again.

The explanations for plot events (such as why the second most powerful man in the country would choose to marry a wolf girl, and why she would accept) are rushed and shallow.

The moments that are supposed to be heart-pounding (like unexpected kisses and s*xy moments) fail to catch your attention since you don't understand what either of the main characters look like, why they would be interested in each other, or how their feelings could be so easily influenced after only 1 day together...

I'm going to drop this series for now.

If you want to read a really good novel about a girl raised by wolves, you should read "Ballad of the Dessert" by Tong Hua instead. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: c100
The first three chapters caught my intention. It's already good with the first three chapters by itself. Makes me wonder what's going to happen from here on out! I look forward to it.

The description above sorta sucks. It don't really tell you what this story is about.



... more>>

Basically the female lead is reincarnated and as soon as she is born people are sent to kill her cause she is cursed or something along that line. And her parents try to protect her but they get caught. Her mom than hides her and is chased and jumps off a cliff while pretending to jump with her and her dad gets caught by the people. (Wonder what happens to the dad.?? Bet ya'll that later in the future she reunite with her dad.) later that night after the mom jumps a wolf picks her up and walks away with her as a baby.

Time skip to 14 year later and this is where the story takes place. And since she is reincarnated she remembers her past lifetime.

My guess is that since the mom to jump off the cliff while pretending she had the MC with her the people chasing them and her dad who got caught probably thinks the MC is dead.

And another guess is that she is born from a rich household cause her mom gave her a necklace before hiding the MC from danger. So the MC will probably find her dad (if he's not dead yet) show the necklace and yay! A family reunion!!

So right now we know
-MC is supposedly cursed
-MC dad is taken away while her mom is presumably dead (I hopes she's not dead)
-MC is from a different world? Timeline?
-MC has memories from past life
-raised by wolfs for the 14 year of her life

This is pretty interesting cause the beginning is not like the other novels where the MC is chased to her death wakes up in a 14-19 year body and have the previous owner's memo who was trash. But this one is where she gets her own new body as a baby and don't know much about the worlds she in. Plus this has wolfs in it and the wolfs are scared of her, lol!!

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Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c80
This CN is another type of reincarnation story where a girl whose exceptionally talented died. But this is a bit different than the others as the main character Yue transmigrated to another body but instead of getting a disfigured and a waste body she possessed a body that was barely able to make her survive since it was just a month year old baby. She was left in the forest where her parents sacrificed their lives to protect her cuz of her unique and mesmerizing green eyes that seems different... more>> (wtf is wrong with different eyes yo? Oh well its in ancient times so they'll never understand tsk tsk) that led them to a helpless situation. (Stupid grandma)

After 14 years, Jing Yue grew up with a pack of wolves and can communicate but the wolves cannot talk so basically just taming? The unique thing is that it doesn't have any powers and magical stuff but just an ordinary type of era where the poor is below and the rich is above.

well except for the part where she can tame and make every animals obey because of her eyes. Thats half magical I guess. But since she herself aint aware of it (?) so its a secret.

It is a hilarious novel where it will make you smile and laugh non stop because of Jing Yue's way of thinking and her clumsy and adorable way of interacting with the male lead who seems to be feared by all. Both characters are well made and are easy to appreciate. Supporting characters and bishes are all good but the servants and especially the guards are so hilarious with their POV when seeing the mc's interact.

This review is my first time so whoever is hesitating to read should just go since I finished it in one night without stopping. Its a must read so hurry and read~~~ <<less
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Kikiji rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c74
The main characters in this story are a refreshing break from the usual in this type of reincarnated/transmigrated to Ancient China type of story. Jing Yue is very bold and daring, never afraid of retaliating when someone goes against her. It's always satisfying when she fights back, but I sometimes feel like a mother, a bit anxious for her and hoping that she won't get into so much trouble that she won't be able to dig herself out of it. That's usually when the male lead comes in. At first... more>> glance, he seems like the typical ML who's possessive and overprotective and though Xiao Chen definitely shows hints of that, 99% of the time Jing Yue already took care of the situation so he has little to no opportunity to show off (lol). The two also have some amusing bickering going on whenever they interact and it really draws me into their romance.

Jing Yue lived in the forest and mountains for all of her second life with nearly no human contact. That, along with the fact that she has experience being a person from modern society is what gives her her bold personality yet it also means that she is unused to ancient time etiquete and way of interacting with others. This part of her (the fact that she doesn't care too much about it doesn't help either) angers some people but she also has a charming side of her that strongly attracts others (like me- the person who generally doesn't like this kind of character).

Xiao Chen is powerful, ruthless, and cold- characteristics commonly found in other MLs in this genre. However his attitude towards the Jing Yue doesn't quite adhere to the pampering type that appears in say... Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss. (On that note, Jing Yue is indeed the retaliating type like Jun Xie from that story but their ways of going about it and personalities are completely different.) On one memorable occasion, (small spoiler)

he threw her out of the carriage when she's was chattering too much while he's trying to rest. Or maybe he was just annoyed about her insulting his favorite carriage. (You can judge their actions once you get to that part.)

But despite all of that, you can tell he's slowly falling in love with her.

This story isn't flawless. The ML's attraction to her started slightly too suddenly in my opinion. And there are some details considering why she was abandoned that I hope will be cleared up later (I think it was heterochromia eyes maybe? But it's strange that no one commented on her eyes yet so I could be wrong). So yeah it's not perfect but I liked the characters and the story so my rating would be a 4.5 out of 5.

(Also, I may have used the main characters of Genius Doctor as a comparison but these two stories are totally different so there's no specific meaning behind my choice in story.) <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c80
Modern girl's soul gets transfered to in infant and raised by wolfs in the forest... when she grows up she meets the hubby and he decides to make her his wang fei on a whim.... add secret identity birthright and mystirious eye powers to the mix and you get an enjoyable read o/
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OrganizationZero rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c18
I quite like this one, the beginning is slightly different from most transmigration stories in that it really is more like reincarnation (not sure whether she was reincarnated as a baby or if she transmigrated into the body of a baby). So there's no unintelligent, crippled previous owner of the body, no family that hates her (kinda), no arranged engagement with some prince, that is in the process of being broken, no mean inlaws, and so on. Basically a lot less drama than usual, at least to begin with ^^... more>> (I don't think of this as spoiler as it's more like the premise of the story and can be found out by reading the first few chapters)

I also really like what I've seen of the characters so far in the story, like the main character, Jing Yue, who is set on living this new life as herself, and also how the characters interact with each other. And Yin Jian is so cute and badass!!~ <<less
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Saiyademon22 rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c128

I give this a 4.5 stars

I really do love this novel, I've been a fan and reader since the beginning.

... more>> I do love the main character specially Jing Yue (JY), female lead, she is innocent while being bold and naive without appearing too excessive or fake.

note: her past life was not a detailed as other LN/WN with a transmigration tag, there wasn't any grievances in her past life (which I think is a good thing) the story directly started on her life in the current world and focuses on her adventures in this world.

her past background is still vague aside from knowing she is an assassin there wasn't any much info about her which lets us readers see her character development in the story.


The male lead, Xiao Chen (XC), as of now is not bad nor good character, he's still a mysterious character as of now. I do like him because he is very neutral to JY.

He does not act too bad/cold or too good to JY, w/c I really like because we can really follow their relationship without being biased because of his actions. (w/c is the best considering there are people like me which hate hypocritical male lead, hahahaha)


The plot is good but will see if it can get better in future chapters, as of now I'm satisfied with how the story flows and that a lot of things/scenarios are resolve faster, unlike other LN/WN which takes a lot of chapters to finish a scene.

Overall all if you want a steady environment without much actions and focuses on relationship and character development with a hint of romcom and this story is for you. <<less
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graphit3 rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c98
So mysterious! Need more!

The MC is very strong and not afraid to stand up for herself. In her past life, she was very strong too! I like how she became a baby and started all over again. But she is also a very funny person.
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lumiere rated it
April 7, 2017
Status: c22
It's a refreshing reincarnation story, especially for a Chinese one. The story so far has a tinge of comedy in it, while being, kind of, fast paced which I love! The ML has a cold personality but he's showing a good amount of warmth toward the FL. And the FL has a cute personality while being serious when it's needed!

I recommend this story for those who loves reincarnation story but have enough of all the same repetitive story/background!

Thank you for translating it!
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Ming Lan
Ming Lan rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c208
This is very good I love this novel. It's interested novel that hooked you up. I like how honest straightforward MC is. I like this kind of MC. She is adorable and cute. I enjoying reading this kind of unique novel.

i strongly recommended everyone to read this.
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hyofan rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c128
FL was abandoned by her parents in her past life and gets transfered to into an infant who abandoned by her parents because her birth secret to save her life, then she grow up with wolf in the forest.

The story (if you forget her recklessness and naivety not showing you that she's secret service agent in her past life, it's not like she got an amnesia and forget about her past life) good and funny, an enjoyable read.
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FattyTabby rated it
August 31, 2017
Status: c44
The synopsis really captured me. It really have a different background as the FL is described as living in the forest with a pack of wolf, not knowing anything and continue to survive on her own (which is admirable). She is witty, sassy and quite funny with her attitude. However, the story went downhill as the chapter progressed, especially after she met the ML. I appreciate the author input to make a fourteen year old FL act like a fourteen year old, but her recklessness is overbearing and I couldn't... more>> help but cringe.

Also, there's not much highlight on her ability (animal taming) and it seems to fill with filler chapter. <<less
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Jezvee rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: c19
I like the story so far. I have mixed feelings about the MC. She is suppose to have been a badass in her past life, but from her interactions with the main male MC so far she doesn't seem like it... I do like the fact that she was reincarnated as a baby and her animal powers. Right now I'm more interested in the MC's current body's background than her romance with the male lead.
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New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c134
Great novel that hooked you in. I like how honest straight MC is. I like how she love money and obessive with it. She is cute adorable girl that make you cant help but loving her.

Good story well translate I love this kind of novel. Worth to read this unique novel.
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Otwentyfirst rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: --
I couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the story.

The supporting characters are only there to make the leads look good. Instead of adding to the story this only makes it tedious to read through.

the guards for the prince are constantly shaking and trembling in fear or awe over minor things. They really should have more composure for trained soldiers. They act as though they're sheltered children who were just given a sword the day before.

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sharl rated it
November 7, 2017
Status: c20
I tried to give this a go, but in the end I gave up. The FL acts recklessly and like one other review mentioned, acts like she'a teenager with no regards for possible consequences or repercussions... what's the point of having a transmigrated FL who doesn't retain any of her wisdom or experience from her previous life?

If she wasn't a transmigrated soul and she grew up with wolves, her recklessness and naivety can be justified. A transmigrated soul, though...? The story mentioned that she was an assassin in her previous... more>> life - it looked like the only thing that got transferred was her killing skill... she certainly didn't carry over any of the instinct or wisdom necessary for self-preservation. <<less
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MiharuKasumi rated it
October 18, 2017
Status: c107
The premise seemed promising (I was really looking forward it and the spoilers about the bigger events seemed to be interesting), but I got so disappointed with the MC, who was supposed to be a super assasin in her former life...

This is probably a small rant about the MC, because she utterly disappointed me:

... more>>

I don't really expect her to be one of the super MCs who would have the hang out of it right away, but I did expect that she would not jump into so many stupid (and sometimes also dangerous) situation just because of her reckless behaviour!

There were also some times where she was in a dangerous situation and was reflecting on it just while the situation looked bad for her, but as soon as everything turned better, she starts to blame and curse others for how they treated her (after her reckless behaviour) ?!?

Yes, I know, she is a modern person (beind blunt, straightforward, etc) & doesn't was reborn into a newborn (no former knowledge about the era and maye the ettiquette?) but considering her former profession (and the fact that she should be an adult in ehr former life), shouldn't she be a little bit more level-headed instead of acting like an actual 14 years old teenager who really just does whatever it wants and doesn't put anyone else into its eyes (differently than with other cold MCs, this one does regret it as soon as she notices that the other person is an important person)... (okay... enough rant from me


As for the translations: a few sentence are a little bit strange, but the translator really does try her/his best, so thank you so much for translating it <3

I would love to just give this series a 2-stars rank, because there is a too huge a gap between the MCs former lifes' character and the current MC, but considering the fact that this one was labeled as a comedy, it might just not be the kind of comedy that I enjoy (I like comedy, but not at the cost of the MCs' character), so I give it 3-stars, just to be fair, but I am dropping this.

Yes, there are worse stories than this, but I'm quite busy, so I will spend my little free time with other stories, but maybe I'll come back to this at a later time to quickly binge read everything <<less
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