Beacon of Light in the Dark Sea


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Inside the 3000m underwater station, an international group of scientists and engineers live and research for possible settlement of entire human race. Park Mu-hyun, a reserved dentist joins the station in hopes for a quaint life in the deep sea. However, things quickly go south when the station gets attacked by a mysterious group of people.

As the water starts to fill in the living quarters, Park Mu-hyun grabs his backpack and immediately runs for his life, but where to? Now, the peaceful station becomes the ultimate survival stage of cult madness and chaos.

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Be A Light in the Dark Sea (Official Name)
어두운 바다의 등불이 되어
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5 Reviews

May 29, 2023
Status: --
I remember seeing fanarts of this novel, they looked cute and happy so I thought the genre was slice of life or something. When I read the summary with mtl, I was confused as hell like this novel includes cultists and cult but the fanarts I saw made it look like it's fluff and cute TT

Still, I gave it a try and I was hooked, I remember reading up to 200+ chapters with mtl (special thanks to my reading comprehension skills💀). And whew it was a rollercoaster ride. I felt... more>> so SO SO bad for Moohyun. I just wanted to hug him, I wanted to break into the chapter 1 of the novel, shake his shoulders and scream at him to leave quickly. My poor guy, he needs a break and he will definitely need a therapist after all this mess. I stopped reading this due to lack of time and stacking the chapters. But I'll be reading this again soon.

one of my fav line from Moohyun (mtl) :


'I don't like shooting. I hate to shoot! Why me. Why me. Why me! Why should I shoot people! I'm a bastard who's content with living a life fixing people's teeth! I'm a guy who's happy getting rid of cavities, not a guy who kills people!'

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Oct 09, 2023
Status: c48
I was looking for novel to read after trying so many and quitting them because I was simply unintrested, then I stumbled upon this novel while on this site. The beautiful cover of the novel made me click it, and so I decided to try it. I had nothing better to do anyways,

I'm only on chapter 48 as of now, but man I am glad I decided to read this masterpiece. I honestly thought that every chapter after chapter 1 was great. I am a person who enjoys slow... more>> openings though so maybe that could be why. Main character is an intresting character, and so is the group he is with. Characters are so fun to read about and even just the chapters where they are just simply walking and talking are intresting.

If you are like me and have a hard time reading novels because you get unintrested easily I recommend this.

It has around 350 raw chapters (translated till chapter 38, but I'm just mtl it for now, and editing the mistakes.) <<less
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May 18, 2023
Status: c21
I actually started reading this novel cause of the fanart in Twitter I give this a 5 stars :D,

I like the build up, the MC moving in isn't boring at all with his personality like he isnt cold and unemotional he just seems like a cool dude to hang with but not too cool just the group mom kinda friend hes kind but also sometimes serious when its time to be I also like that hes kinda a scaredy cat but not easily that scared like he can hold... more>> snakes and stuff I also like the height differences between him and the engineers like when the water is high to his chin the water only reaches their chests lol its interesting to meet the characters and I also like how the author makes the women buff and strong cause their in engineering, I also like the reasons there is an underwater station like the pollution extinction of alot of species and abandoning the plan to go outerspace because the ocean is getting worse faster than them moving into mars

I also like when the flood happens the MC immediately alerts everyone and rings the alarm even saving a cat snake and a random child that people are not allowed to bring, even a dude he saved said he would've left him and the others for his and friends survival , I also like the desperation and the freaking gore omg the f*cking hair 💀


the reveal that the escape pods that everyone was looking for are broken and they see the tracker on the pods slowly going deeper underwater jesus and the MC just says what about the people inside? And that was dark I personally like swimming but slowly going deeper than 3000m is insane in a small ass pod omg


I hope more people read this I like the thriller of being 3000 f*cking meters underwater with 200 something People and most of them are probably insane even though they only get hired if their mentality passes 100 but being underwater for that long must have some affects with how there's a physiologist there for free actually this place don't sound that bad when not flooded they have a free Healthcare dental care and food that's absolutely delicious with those descriptions <<less
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Apr 24, 2023
Status: c17
I'm here after seeing a lot of fanart on twitter :')

It started out okayish but it quickly picked up with the actual plot now unfolding (~ch11/12) and I'm really looking forward to more!

thank you for the translations!
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Dec 30, 2023
Status: c58
highly recommended. All of the characters are interesting and have personalities. The world-building is top-notch. It makes you attached to all of the characters. Definitely One of my favorite novel
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