Be The Sixth Anchor In The Escape Game


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People all over the world were put in an infinite escape game where each escapee was given a live broadcast channel, and those that failed to escape could watch in the real world.

As the game progressed and became more intense, it became apparent that one of the broadcasters had a very clean style.

Someone else’s game was: “Ahhhh help!”

Xia Yihui’s game was: “High energy coming ahead, pop-up cutie hurry up and wrap up your little blanket, this door opening is sure to scare us a bit. Let’s set a grenade to blow the door and scare it back!”

The door blew open.

The NPC’s horrified face: “Ah, ah, everyone, run away, the anchor Xia Yihui is in our dungeon, we’ll be annihilated!!!”

Barrage: Rich character knight, bigshot 66666666 [cool]

N put a copy game of Survival of the Fittest, with only two live channels left on the entire platform. The two were put inside the double copy for the final battle.

Just when people around the world thought the two would fight to the death.

Xia Yihui: send you a handful of r*pe flowers, let’s live in peace and stability, okay?

Barrage: Hahahahahaha sl*utty anchor again, this isn’t NPC, this is a big brother player who’s ten times more awesome than you! Big Brother, get rid of this anchor who’s all about the popularity. We’ve been watching him for a long time!

Big Guy: Give me the flowers, turn off the live feed, and we’ll get on with our lives now.

Xia Yihui/barrage:?

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HaiRyuuKi rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtl-ed after the last eng trans chap. So far the mtl is still readable.

The novel is about a scientist who has amnesia and was pulled into a horror escape game. He is very smart, and has good mental aptitude considering his profession. In the early games, it is known that MC is one of the best scientists and that he was asleep for ten years.

... more>>

From here, the games are actually all about returning MC's memories. The people of his past appear around him to help him regain his memories, and each one has a deep entanglement.


Yep, ML is Zhang Qingyu hahahahaha he is your typical strong ML but surprisingly pure too lol


From the games and flashbacks, MC was frozen and there were some conflicts in the research instute he is working on. A whole city was infected was related to him (considering that the virus was from his research) and the whole city was bombed to prevent the virus from spreading. MC forgot this, but obviously he will blame himself later.


Most games are really cruel and the fatality rate... ugh.


As I read, I feel really angry since the games are obviously related to MC, especially the last ones, so I feel it is unfair to the other players. But, it turned out that the entire game is actually a program to wake up MC from slumber. It was foreshadowed already from the moment that it was revealed that MC was frozen and he has to work hard in the game to survive since he won't be able to go back for he is already dead (he considered freezing himself as his death... well, true?)



there is a second CP, and I am happy that it is heteros*xual CP which I find rare in danmei novels


P.P.S.: I still don't know why the title is like that? Please enlighten me. Hahahahaha <<less
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Salted Eggie
Salted Eggie rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: c17
Not much chap translated so I tried mtl one. MC joined survival game, actually its forced lol. He is a researcher but the institute was blown by nuclear bomb. But I think MC got amnesia so he didn't know that it has been 10 yrs since then. Calm, smart but kind sometimes cute. ML must be that Zhang with suspicious identity. Its good but I'll wait till it fully translated ヾ (͝° ͜ʖ͡°) ノ♪
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