Be Strict on Honesty


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Yang Juan, an honest man, was entrusted by his current roommate to play a female account in the game and engage in online dating.

During the day, he focused on his lab work, during the night, he assiduously played as a soft and gentle girl.

He kept his fake persona in mind the whole time.

His online partner wanted to see his photos. He asked his former roommate to ask his girlfriend about the name of the store she frequents. He bought a dress and a wig online to ship overnight and took photos to send to the partner.

Then the photo was accidentally leaked on the internet, a well-known beautiful player in the same server posted on the forum that what he wore was a knockoff and showed the price on her authentic lolita dress in her large wardrobe.

Not knowing that there was a difference between knockoff and generic, Yan Juan, the honest man, blushed with shame.

The next day, he received a large express delivery from his online partner. The box was filled with new Japanese brands dresses.

Most of them were cute styles like the ones shared by that female player.

After checking the clothes’ price, the honest Yang Juan. who only intended to deceive the other’s feelings and not his money, was stunned.

Gong who is a frugal assistant at an internet cafe in the eyes of the honest man x shou who is an honest soft and cute girl in the eyes of the rich young master.

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Be Frank and Strict
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New lotuslilac rated it
November 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Ahhhhh sooo freaking good!!!!

This is definitely one of my top 10 fav novels!!! It was soo cute and soo perfect in every way! I love e-sports novels, though this one was not too heavy into it which was fine!

This book is soo freaking cute!!!!! I love our ML He Lang (Lang ge) and our MC Yang Juan (little sheep). They are soo fkn cute and idk I just love this novel so much!!! I literally finished it in like 3 days not even?! It was sooo good especially the parts... more>> where Yang Juan was almost exposed omg I felt my heart racing so much!!!!

definitely reminds me of the how to fail at online dating novel but this leaves a deeper impression! Love this novel so much!!! If anyone has an similar recommendations please tell me!!

I also find it interesting that the extras are another setting (Guide and Sentinel) I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure it’ll be amazing! I wish there were more novels like this!!! Literally everything was beautiful and so addicting from the beginning where Little Sheep hid his gender, to after Yang Ge found out, to after they get together, ahhh I love them! <<less
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Hell rated it
February 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I didn't expect it to neither have smut at the end (and quite detailed while at it =v=) nor to be as good as it is, but I'm quite glad with how it went!

Not surprisingly, there's quite a bit in the middle where ML is (justifiably) angry at the MC (because he's been misled), but it's very upsetting how downright mean he can be to MC while trying to understand his feelings and detangle them from his sexuality's restrictions. Thankfully, it's not that much of the text and ML quickly... more>> takes his head out of his ass to chase after MC.

Overall, I quite liked the novel, but I think the MC could have been a bit better in terms of characterization.

Edit: only found the extras at the site "fuxsb" but it's filled with p*rn ads, so you better have a great Adblock/antivirus ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ <<less
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May 6, 2023
Status: --
Ok, I dropped this one for now. Right now this is a 2.5 stars for me, maybe a 3/3.5 if I drop my personal bias.

I'm not going to rate this yet because I might pick it up again once the translation catches up with where I stopped MTLing, and then I might be able to give it a better judgement as a whole.

I stopped at the part where MC's identity was revealed. I'm going to talk about it next in order to justify my rating, so don't read if you... more>> don't wish to be spoiled!

This is probably the only time I'm going to complain about a novel being too realistic in something. ML was EXTREMELY upset about MC lying about his gender. Now, this is completely understandable. If this happened in real life, most people would hate the one who deceived them so much they'd never want to speak to them again. The problem for me is that this is fiction and I want to read a romance with chemistry between characters, not about reality and how much ML hates MC for what he did and how poorly he starts treating him (again, justifiably), but that's exactly what I got. Enemies to lovers/rivals is probably my favorite trope but the hostility here was too much for me lol.

How much ML liked MC in the game is how much he hates him after finding out the truth. Obviously eventually he will realize he actually likes MC and all that but that angsty part of just MC being hated and mistreated went on for long enough for me to feel irritated and like all the time I spent reading about them in the game in the first half was a waste of time and absolutely useless. Suddenly it was all about ML being disgusted, there was no more game segments or anything. MC's personality doesn't help much because he's the quiet and non confrontational type so this went on for quite a while. Maybe part of why I didn't enjoy it was because I didn't fall in love with MC's personality or actions/questionable decisions either.

I didn't read about how ML came to his senses so I don't know what happened next. Everything was so understandable but I still felt absolutely miserable reading it so even though I really liked the beginning, it was unenjoyable afterwards. I'm not sure if the low ratings are because readers felt the same as me or if it was something else. I don't think the writing is bad at all apart from that, so if you don't mind any of this or it sounds like your type of thing, then I'd recommend you give it a try. <<less
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bluedrop rated it
October 20, 2023
Status: Completed
This was a fun, unexpectedly anxiety inducing ride lol

It's not for everyone, and kind of messy, but had me captivated the entire time. I wouldn't give it a 10, but it definitely deserves a higher rating than what it has now.

It had several of the tropes I usually or casually enjoy, with a lot that I wouldn't normally like, but ended up not minding it here.

... more>> I have a thing for crossdressing lol especially when it isn't MC's idea, so loved that aspect of it. Short-lived and to the point.

I usually hate lying, and this story pretty much has blatant Catfishing lol and honestly the anxiety of having lie build up on top of another lie almost got me to quit. Like knowing the shoe is about to drop. The dread of finally receiving the consequences of your choices. Gosh. I hated it. But it also really had me hooked lol

I also usually avoid Protag falls in love first and prefer ML's chasing the MC, but I ended up kind of liking it here.

This story really isn't that deep. I enjoyed the Sentinel-Guide Alternate Universe way more than the main story honestly and wish we could have more of it haha but I still recommend this to those looking for something light and engaging to read. <<less
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sbob rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: Completed
It reads like a shoujou from the 2000s just that the MC is male. Might have lapped it up if I were my younger self. Almost dropped it a few times after the reveal but managed to finish somehow. A pity because I did get some tingly feelings early on while reading.

Their maturity levels are like junior/high schoolers, the side characters plot devices were purely there to create trope situations for the leads. I guess the only thing I respected was MC’s straight up face to face confession. Shower scene... more>> was quite steamy. But was missing the 10x more smut to make me like this as much as the stuff I used to read long ago.

Translation is good, as always from this translator.

Not a fan of soft shou. It’s almost funny to me how the author made ML gong be the one to learn cooking near the end, to like try and create the perfect gong vibes.

Thanks for the throwback memories, lol. <<less
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goobsjie rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: --
I don't mind blushy innocent shous but I was completely unconvinced by how ML fell for such a bland and uninteresting MC. The side characters were neither memorable nor endearing, they were just... there. Mindless novels can be plenty entertaining but this just wasn't it. It's a shame because the premise and art bait seemed so promising.

Why did I finish it? To see if there was anything redeemable about it. There wasn't.

Save yourself the effort and read or reread Guide On How to Fail at Online Dating instead.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Novelstalker rated it
September 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I don't know why the rating is only 3.9 🤔

Welp we all have our own preferences.

I like this one though. 5⭐ from me!

... more>> It's light, funny and fluffy. 3 things I want right now from a novel.

I also like how the ML acted, which is btw a straight male (before meeting the MC), towards the MC after he found out that he was catfished by the MC.

ML didn't downright forgave the MC nor accepted him and be lovey dovey right away. ML was also mean to the MC after knowing the truth. Well who wouldn't right. 🤷 I like how they slowly recover their relationship and the ML's s*xual development from in denial, realization and acceptance.

Again since this is light, there's no big reaction from family, friends and school after they got together. Tho there is in the game chat but not so much and more like a comedic relief. I'm saying this incase you'll feel like it's missing something like in other school based novel when the school grass got into relationship everyone is in hype and forums are lagging from so much reaction. The story only revolves around their circle of friends.

I also like the extra story which is completely different from the main story. I wouldn't mind some extra story from side charas but oh well. 🤷 <<less
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twobada rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: c1

I usually don't like dynamics like this but this story did it pretty well. It had enough fluff and enough angst for its length & level of depth.

I really like the part where the ML struggled to come to terms with his feelings. And I also like how there were consequences for MC's deceit and he himself acknowledged it.

It's good enough to pass the time.
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kieranfortier rated it
April 10, 2023
Status: c76
Not sure why the rating is so low. This novel is not perfect, but is enjoyable!

MC is the shy type, who blushes easily and for anything. He has a weak temper and looks much younger than he looks.

ML on the other hand is hot-tempered and if angered, not afraid to hit anyone (except MC apparently).

Neither one is perfect.

This novel is not for everyone. I got really angry with ML for being so cruel and also with MC for being too soft.

About who fell in love first, that's a complicated question...

... more>>

In my opinion, ML was extremely attracted to the MC first, however, this happened when ML still believed that the MC was a woman.

The ML at this point is 100% straight, stating that he would never fall in love or accept a man. He also said he hated being lied to.

When MC confessed everything ML almost hit him. He really wanted to, he was pissed and the MC was super scared. But he I guess he couldn't bring himself to do that.

And ML just got extremely angry because he really liked the MC. Because despite being a virtual romance, which shouldn't have mattered, ML started to change, wanting to be with the MC, buying him things, meeting him in person and everything. All this while believing the MC was female.

ML has a very specific type that attracts him. Pure, soft, cute girls, preferably not too tall and younger than him. Oh, and skirts and probably lolita style too (since he was fascinated every time he saw MC wearing it).

And then when he found out that the person he was already invested in was actually an older man who cheated and lied to him... Well, he didn't take it very well. He blocked the MC everywhere, got divorced and kicked him out of the guild and threw the clothes he got as a gift away. Every time they saw each other, ML looked disgusted and anything the MC played he wanted to throw away.

Even so, deep down... He never really forgot. And when the MC explained how it all started and the two got more in touch with each other, ML realized that even though the MC had lied about some details, his personality and way of being were real. And then, well, it became clear that the fact that the MC was a man didn't change the attraction that ML felt for him. MC is pure, cute, soft on all over you know hahaha. Anyway, it took time for ML to accept it, but the feeling was already there.

As for the MC, it was gradual. He always thought he was straight, but his acceptance was softer than ML's.

At first he just had to pretend to be a girl to find out if his friend's virtual husband was cheating on him. When everything was resolved, the MC started to stall (probably out of attachment) telling the truth to ML and simply let himself be carried away by the ML who was already liking him. In this case of letting go, the MC ended up marrying ML in the game and even dressed up as a lolita. In the end, MC ended up personally confessing when they coincidentally met in college.

After that, the MC convinced himself that he wouldn't harbor silly illusions about ML, but at the same time he didn't stop gravitating towards him despite the cruel way ML was being. The MC justified all this to himself (and us) as payback for what he did, but hey, hahaha, spare me.

But I guess in the end it all worked out, as ML ended up realizing his own feelings thanks to that.

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Magz84 rated it
November 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Cute story.

I enjoyed it. Had fun reading it although I do admit I got triggered a few times. The minus for me was the MC was a bit too bland, too calm in a way pushover and how the ML, fueled by denial turned homophobic briefly. But if you look past that it's actually a cute story.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
secondthots rated it
October 3, 2023
Status: Completed
There is a reason why there was a warning in the prologue that these characters are very human & flawed...

because they definitely are lol

I don’t know why you came to this novel. If it was to have a filler read in between novels you’re camping for—by all means—go for it! If you’re looking for a cute gaming bl that’s not bombarding you with gameplay descriptions, this is gonna be your cuppa too. If you like the dynamic of a soft shou x headstrong gong... this is also it! However,... more>> if you’re looking for heavy plot & meaningful relationships... you might wanna look away, my friend!

This novel is an easy read & a quick one at that too. Don’t sweat the details; it’s best to read for fun. Main CP is cute but quite aggravating at times from both ends. It’s as if the author made them too flawed... but there are still a good amount of moments that had me busting up in laughter as well as second hand embarrassment.

P.S. It’s crazy how I never knew about voice changers & how so crazy common it is for gamers to buy them lmao <<less
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nanzhuist rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: Completed
A quick and easy to read danmei!

Translation: 9/10 the translation is very good, there are some typographical errors but it doesn't affect the reading experience!

Plot: 8/10 the first part is slightly unbearable for me because how can someone fall in love though playing games?!?! but it's fictional so...

Characters: 7/10 the MC is pretty bland—a total pushover. BUT!!! he's cute so ok. As for the ML, a total scumbag—at first!!!! the moment he realized he was bent, he became better! The pairing is really cute! I love how this story didn't... more>> turn into p*rn, unlike other stories where it revolves around s*x.

Really really sweet, cute and, refreshing! If you're looking for a danmei for healing your soul, or if you're drained from a hard read story, this one is for you! It's shounen ai and the steamy part isn't explicit which I enjoyed a lot.

As for my rating, yes it's 5/5! I rated it based on enjoyment factor. This one's gotta be on my list of "reread" because I enjoyed it a lot.

BONUS: There's a crossdressing shou! <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ravi6309 rated it
September 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Absolutely top class translation

Top class story, nice character development

I love this 'younger top' genre
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shuulys rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Cute at the start and end. The middle part where the ML found out about the MC's real identity, all I wanted to do was to slap him :> but I guess good thing is that when he dotes on the MC, he really dotes and loves him well so I guess I could forgive him abit more for his s*upidity :)
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I think it was a cute little story. There was a disclaimer somewhere about the stereotypical portrayl of (perceived) gender which I second. I'm not a fan of the damsel in utter distress, helpess to do anything themselves, nor am I a fan of this brand of possessiveness.

Despite this, the story moves along quite fast and has a pretty decent narrative. I blushed and giggled at some of the cheesy parts. The side characters really only serve as plot devices and they lack depth or attention.

The translation was great and... more>> I love their style (with embeddrd notes to introduce and explain Chinese culture/phrases).

Again, cute and fast read. Very sweet. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rouye_ rated it
September 5, 2023
Status: Completed
I went into this story with mild expectations since nearly every story with this plot, ends up the exact same but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

Typically these stories have romance that spring up without any depth, the bare minimum of drama when the truth comes out that is resolved instantly and then peace without realistic reactions/feelings from the characters despite being betrayed. But in this story, there was a good realistic reaction of anger when the LI found out the truth and they had a rocky period of... more>> trying to mend themselves together again.

The story didn't drag on either. There wasn't a chapter where I felt bored and wanted to skip, which is rare for me (a bad habit, I know), so I was happy.

My only complaint is really that the "side" characters had no real point to being there. Their names were brought up as plot devices to the story but then never explored further. They were very forgettable people. I don't really like how the female characters are always portrayed as the villains in these stories, this one especially. There was only one female character that wasn't a "bad guy" and her character was pretty useless to the story besides having a really random crush on the MC. I also felt like the MC didn't have any personality besides being shy and submissive, but I found it a bit cute at times. I wish he had a little more depth to his personality though. He lets the LI walk all over him without standing up for himself. That's my only complaint, though, and it's pretty small. This story was a cute and quick read, so I'd recommend it if you're bored and want a lighthearted novel to enjoy. <<less
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June 22, 2023
Status: c80
I wasn't able to finished it but I don't really like how they just make up easily by just He Lang asking if Yang Juan wanted to become his 'wife' and Yang Juan somehow answered automatically and that's it. Or maybe because I skipped some chapters that's why.

Anyways, I might pick it up again some time for now I'm dropping it.
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March 28, 2023
Status: Completed
It is not protagonist (MC) fall in love first I could say they fall for each others at the same time, it just that MC aware of his feeling rather early than ML.. Actually I curious about Liao girl with old Tang and MC's roommate and the captain of the basketball team, unfortunately no continuation about them
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Asteroit rated it
March 26, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a very cute novel. There are some twists and turns. In the end we are all happy. I also liked the extras. It was sweet.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lukibunny rated it
March 17, 2023
Status: Completed
Not sure why the rating on this is so low. This is at least a 4.5/5. It's cute and funny and sweet. There is a short period of conflict when the ML founds out the MC is a guy but that's all very normal reaction to have.

MC is very cute and soft and obedient. Maybe people don't like soft MCs?
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