Battle of the Third Reich


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A Chinese student died in Europe due to a strange flying accident, and because of that accident, he took up a strange task. Resurrecting back in time, he became involved in the smoke of World War II.

This describes his journey as he survives in this world of chaos, while maintaining his ideals.

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Resurrected into the War of the Third Reich
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Deufrau rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: --
"I died and resurrected. Now I that I have a new life, lets go be biased towards little Jap and help out China even though I'm supposed to be German"

Honestly why would you want to read history placed as a fantasy work there will always be biases. In majority of historical Chinese web novels, there will always be some sort of relationship and biased between the three: Germany, China, and Japan. Germany because German soldiers 'helping' out War prisoners and people in China from being experimented on for science during... more>> Japanese occupation and also China idolizes their "1v5:Us vs the world" prowess during WW2. China because China. Japan because can't get over history (this might sound sarcasm but it's not about that or Japan not having proper history books, it's the irony of focusing only on that past to cause bias and hate to new generations)

Honestly, I would recommend people read [My third reich] (我的第三帝国) instead. Even though it still has some biases, It's still more reliable than this book. This book (Battle of the Third Reich) is ok but not that great.


In [My Third Reich], the MC also reincarnated but into a soldier and he fought in WWI. He, by his own hands, actually builds his empire (Germany's Third Reich) by his own efforts and the story builds on this by showing you everything he's done. It takes the guy 10+ years to actually reach the top and getting Germany HIS country back on it's feet. Sure there are some biases towards the Japs BUT unlike this book [Battle of The Third Reich], the MC sees it as benefits or trouble. Where he still does deal in trades with Japan but finds China as a more beneficial country because of it's resources (to build its arms) and future potential as an Ally and economic investment. He sees his country first and so long as they have the resources or actual benefits to help Germany, then so what if you're Russia or Japan, he'll still rip you off but at least he's fair.

You can argue that the MC in [Battle of the Third Reich] also cares for Germany but honestly, it doesn't weigh the same when the MC was forcibly involved with Germany and stating that he'll rescue his motherland (China) back. The book [My third Reich] has the tension, suspense and development which this book lacks. It's a comparison between how a Chinese Adult [My third Reich] and a kid (This book) handle reincarnation in WW2 as a German/Person reincarnated in that era. And let me tell you, the differences in ideas and actions are easy to spot.

or something that's farther from idealism.

[Edited spoiler to specify which novel I'm referring to. Edit2: I suck at specifying and editing]

But anyways, here's the background on this book. Note it's been a long time since I read this


Story is about some student from China learning history in a museum (I think it was in Germany). He learns how to build Student dies in a plane crash because the Time space administration from the future purposely crashed into him (MC doesn't know this). Then he helps the administration by re-fixing the timeline by replacing the time criminal Jack who was the deputy Fuhrer and then he gets that as his new body which has a Junker background.

Unfortunately he crashed in French territory and there he has to prove his military prowess by commanding troops to annihilate the British and French soldiers to prevent them from being able to retreat to England which historically f*cks up the Germans. Then he goes back to the capital and political stuff happens and during war Germany still loses but he replaces Adolf Hitler and replaces him then surrenders (note Germany is in a good position here due to the multiple political and economic trades (if you can call it that lmao esp with Treaty of Versailles chapters) he did while the war was going on. Then stuff happens and MC, guarding the Europes from threats allies himself with France and England - note this is just a simplified version and not full so theres more that actually happened than said.

After that he goes to Asia. Now the thing I don't like about this book was how it shows Japan exaggerated than needs to be. Even when Japan tries to build friendly relationships the MC already has them black listed for 'reasons' and literally back-stabs them later on by helping China and not telling them. Also I like how in this book the Japanese Emperor is some cunning badass that can control his Shoguns and have them loyal to him to the point that they can give their lives for the Emperors Goals. It's the most realistic portrayal of him /s. Then political and other trades happen again. And then All of the world is now eyeing Asia because of resources and colonial rights.

That was as far as I got since this book should have been done 7 years ago. (Edit2) I've read reviews from blogs and board post from other readers and here's an important statement that gets cumulatively brought up: "Though there are idealistic thinking and naive views, it's still a good story to read on after so many years of being abandoned. If you are seeking the truth of what really happened in history, please remember that this is only a fictional novel; neither your teacher or historical documents it's just a story."

But honestly, if you want to read more or learn more about history go read historical excerpts in the internet that's open internationally not some fanfiction of it. <<less
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MingDelta rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: v5c55
TL's review

This novel is very much like TGS. It has a similar vibe which is hard to explain. But also not, as it's more military than TGS was. The author imo does a very good job of not taking a biased approach. Now the Author is NOT pro-nazi even though the

MC takes the body of Deputy Fuhrer and subsequently has to act as a Nazi.


Essentially he points out the bad things that Nazi's do (aka Holocaust) and the MC works to prevent that.

Yes, the MC ends up directing a battle, where Allied soldiers end up killed but the MC himself is not particularly fond of killing.


The story has a lot of twists and turns. It will certainly be a fun ride!

EDIT: One complaint I have is that is that most of the rating are 5's or 1's. Which I think is ridiculous, just because the story features Nazi's doesn't mean that you should automatically rate it a 1.
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LtBeefy rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: v3c23
Honestly, I don't think PringleStorian understands or read the novel properly. Had to rebut his points because it can lead on to come to the wrong conclusions. 1st off, up to the point, I've read, V3 c23, the MC has never once related war to chess. Instead of coming up with strategies and plans due to his extensive knowledge of history. Remember, the MC is a historian who has extensively studied WWII. Meaning he knows pretty well the situations and tactics each side use. Thus coming up with ways to... more>> counter them can be easier for him.

As for the MC becoming more and more hostile to Japanese for no reason? How can you say there is no reason? The story gives the reason itself. Its currently WWII, the Japanese are currently invading China. It is, historical fact that Japan did invade China and commit war crimes. If you were sent back in history to a time period a foreign nation was invading the nation you were from, would you not also have a reason to hate that nation? Would you not also try to stop it? I know a lot of Chinese novels do hate on Japanese for just being Japanese. But this novel doesn't do it as it takes place in the actual time period where there are perfectly valid reasons for a person from China to hate Japan. In fact, the MC even tells you about these events that happened, which are historical fact. He doesn't give some made up reason so he can just hate Japan for Japan. Thus MC being from China originally, of course, wouldn't feel friendly towards them. I enjoy that the Author has given a real concrete reason for him to have hate towards Japan instead of having none like many other novels. In the end, some may argue that he is now german so why hate on Japan? But remember, his body may be German, but he has retained all the memories and in fact is still the soul of a person from China who was literally living as a Chinese person till a day ago.

Lastly, PringleStorian saying interaction with MC Subordinate is mediocre because the subordinate was surprised when MC got angry just because he never shows he's angry. That is not an idiotic thing as he said. Think about it, if you have known a guy for many years, as MC subordinate would have, and the MC is a person who doesn't get angry and in the many years you have known him hasn't gotten angry. Then wouldn't him all of the sudden getting angry be completely out of character? How would that not surprise you when you have known him for years and its the first time you've seen him angry. This scene shows a couple things. 1. That the MC subordinate knows his boss well to know when he acts out of character, shown by his surprise. 2. The MC, while he has inherited all the memories of the previous owner, is in fact not him and has retained his own personality.

Now, for this being pro-nazi, have not seen that at all. Please remember this is from a viewpoint of a German high-ranking official. It has to have things that relate to what that means during that time period. Now, is the MC pro-nazi? So far I would say not at all. While yes, he is working to ensure Germany wins the war since he does not want to die, which would happen if Germany lost the war. He has so far said that he wants to stop the atrocities committed and to not let them happen. At this point in time of my reading, those atrocities haven't yet been brought up in the story so I can't say how the MC will act, but if he acts as he said he would he will try to stop them from happening.

In fact, at this point in time, it seems like the MC is planning on overthrowing Hitler and seizing power himself. This would thus let him prevent the atrocities he said he wanted to stop, from happening. It would also, conveniently allow him to live.

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LysUltima rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: v1c9
Pretty interesting so far. As said in the synopsis, a Chinese dude, who somehow can speak fluent English and German, goes on a plane and crashes into a submarine. That's 8 chappies of content for ya~

Anyways, it's built on an interisting premise, but we'll have to see when the translator, with his super fast translation speed, gets some more done.
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Lukeis rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: v3c10
When I first read started reading this novel I saw the rating was only a 3.3, so at first I didnt even borther trying to read it because most novels deserve their low rating, but not this one! I'll have to admit the story starts off kinda sh*t but after v1 it keeps on getting better and better. And while the story is very much based on WW2 it also has got some plottwist you wouldnt expect. Overall I recommend people to read this and I hope the translator keeps... more>> on going with this novel eventhough he is dissapointed with the low views and ratings. <<less
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Kahzel rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: v4c14
Pretty funny novel so far, the main protagonist dies and gets help from the future to transport his soul into the time at the WW2 as a German ... more>>

Deputy Führer.


Because of his memories as a Chinese guy who worked at a museum in Germany he's easily able to dominate in the battles he gets thrown into, even though the guy whose body he occupied was totally incompetent at military strategy.

Xu Yun's personality often causes funny situations to arise as he involves himself with the Nazis.

Very positive is that until now every side is still described very neutral, none is demonized like what always happens when there's a loser in a war. But the Nazis aren't glorified either, they are simply described as the people they were without any prejudice and that's kinda rare in modern literature, especially the separation of the German military and the Nazis themselves.

Hitler is described as a fanatic, paranoid and crazy man he was and the author managed to capture this very well.

The translator does a really good job in translating the novel with no real grammatical errors so far and managed to make the translation really "flowing".

The topic itself about the 3rd Reich might be appalling for some people, but give it a try, it's quite interesting and something different from the typical Wuxia trope. <<less
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TheBoneofMySword rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: v5c3
At the time of this writing, I am on the fifth volume.

The first volume was mediocre, but it's short with only 12 or so chapters. So it's not a big deal.

The first couple chapters in the second volume are transition chapters. But the rest of the volume is fantastic.

The third volume is also very fun, with it's alternate view on history and the battle of ... more>>



At the time of the review the translator has not TL'ed the 4th and 5th volumes yet.

Many might perceive this as an Pro-Nazi series from the title. But in no way is it supportive of Nazi beliefs. This idea of a Chinese kid taking over the Third Reich and freely controlling it is not unique to only this novel. There is a plethora of other novels on Qidian with the same basic premise. That's not to say this novel is unoriginal or bad, it is a great novel and a fun read. It's only no one had tried to translate this subgenre of Alternate History, especially not the large websites like WuxiaWorld or Volare. Although it's not pro-Nazis it can still bring some controversy. Hence the reason why none of the WWII CN have been translated yet besides this one. <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: v3c15
This Novel...... is Mediocre at best let me break it down for you why

The MC:The Character suffer from many MC that transferred to the past (like WW2) where instead of devising their own strategy they use tactic from the future the only thing that different is on the second volume and also the MC doesn't understand war at ALL he made the war seems like a game of chess and even though it's true at time war is more different than that also reading a little bit to the future... more>> the MC is becoming more and more hostile to japanese for no reason that because "japanese"

Interaction: The Interaction it self is kind of nice as the MC is serious (something that I like) but the interaction of MC Subordinate is mediocare for example why did MC subordinate was surprised when the MC get angry just because he never shows he's angry? that's idiotic thing

The setting: This Setting didn't give a real war scenario because it's either to light or heavy depending on volume making it not believable <<less
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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: v4c41
its overall a good novel till MC become very bias and racist against Japan while at the sametime very loyal against so called china and potray them as the good guy since everyone know the republic under chiang kai sek were corrupt, the communist against mao zedong were opportunitist and barbaric bunch like empire of japan, just reading the line of so called inferior japanese while china were superior is really disgusting that I literally drop this novel
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