Bastard Male Wife


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Rebirth, Xie Tingyue’s face is solemn, holding on to the unknown and the “Great Power Economy” that has always been with him.

Goal: Shun down all kinds of swords and swords, protect yourself, protect your brother, and protect the useless disabled husband.

Husband: The last three words, are you sure?

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GoldenTiger0 rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is a gem. The protagonist doesn't suddenly get cheats or entirely relies on the past life events. Even the cheat have been with him in his past life. And it's an exclusive cheat... No one else can rob even by killing him, although some do want to do so.

I have given lots of spoilers down here. So BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

... more>>

Chu Yu, the husband, too is a reincarnator. Both of them guess that the other is a reincarnator but they don't admit for fear of angering the other person or other things until the husband had life-threatening experience quite at the end of novel.


I somehow can't figure out the chapters that the translator translated though. The translating quality is a bit.. you know.. (I wonder how good the new translator translated. I didn't read it yet.)

This novel is a GEM! Worth a try.

So don't miss. And it's fun to watch the couple trying to find out their life story. Why were they targeted so heavily? Who targeted them? What do they have to be targeted so? And many more...


Xie Tingyue, the protagonist or the wife, is a descendent of a very important and legendary businessman. He has a magical book in his inheritance. This book was written by that man and can only be seen and touched by the blood descendents. It vanishes when it's in front of others.


All the mysteries and plots are so arranged that you can't extricate yourself out of it.


I don't know if I'm correct but probably the wife's ancestor is a transmigrator or a person from another world who directly got transported to there.



Chu Yu, the husband, is the eldest prince who was swapped with the eldest young master of Chu, when they were born, by the enemy party.

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ylial rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Another pleasant to read novel. The ML is protective and attentive to the MC, even if he is sick and can't walk properly. They really care about each other. ? Even though ML keeps attracting MC's attention, ML is still ssensible. He never cross the bottom line and does at his own risk, not like playing with MC's feelings.

Downside for me: ... more>>

There is also too much MC's preaching at first (which I don't like since it is unnatural), and too much dog food in times of crisis (it's okay, but I just find it a lil cliché).

The story is good, I just feel bad on the way it is written- a lil fast paced and lack story building (tension), instead there are lots of foreshadowing.

The ending is good! But written in a 3rd person perspective and very little conversation between characters. It looks like the author wanted to end it soon

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Melange rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: Completed
This was intriguing for a while, but it seems like the author wrote a whole bunch of build up and then wanted the novel to end. There was way too much mystique going on for what ended up being a truncated novel full of plot holes.

... more>>

All the antagonists are resolved in a really rushed and convoluted way. What were their plans? Kidnap MC... I think? And then what?

MC turns out to be the blood relative of some famous businessman who was supposedly so godly that another country's forces are out to get him. But for some reason they went through a terribly roundabout way of doing it while threatening err... other people around him?

ML turns out to be the nephew of the emperor in a weird three-way baby swap. He was apparently poisoned by a gu but is magically cured in the last two chapters of the novel.

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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: Completed
beautiful husband and his wife story! ? yo~ I read the rest untranslated chapters in raw version (a little hard but I can get quiet comprehension of the plot)

the husband is like to be pitied by his wife and often tease his wife with nice word?


the drama of the story stand in the husband physical condition, but it has happy ending


Hmm actually I hope there would be more chapter smt like extra for their sweet story only??
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
The plot is full twists...I really like it.. the MC and ML are both inteligent, cute and cool..

Seriously I really don't like to write too much review So I will only write review for the one that I like and hate in few words.. the novel was fluffy and interesting..
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February 24, 2023
Status: c11
Ooof the translation work here is pretty bad. Next time, I intend to just read the MTL. Not sure if that’s any better. If not, then I guess I’ll be passing this one. I read ten chapters so far, and it feels like the story is both super slow and super fast. Everything just felt so abrupt and the incomprehensible text makes things even more complicated.

SUMMARY: The MC is reborn, coming back on the day of his marriage with the ML. In his first life, he had been fooled by... more>> his stepmother and ended up not getting marriage, and assumedly, lived a horrible life thereafter. Now that he gets a second chance, he intends to stick with the ML in hopes of saving himself and his beloved brother (who is still living with the evil stepmother mentioned above.) <<less
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