Bardo’s Palace


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Even if you die, even if you are reborn…

You will never be able to leave me!

Unable to accept the Emperor who was engulfed in obsession and madness, he killed himself.

But a hundred years passed by…

and he was reborn again, as though it were fate’s cruel joke,

And with his memories of the past intact at that!!

He vowed never to see the Emperor again, but he hoped that he had at least forgotten all his memories…

He could not escape him even in death…

Now he faces the reincarnation of the Emperor once again.

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Bardo Palace
Palace of Bardo
바르도의 궁
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3 Reviews

Sep 15, 2021
Status: --
This is very tiring, squeezing your emotion like a cow. VERY VERY ANGST... I don't even know how to vent this emotion, literally crying. ML and MC love as much hurt themself, which begins from ML's madness. but when I read ml’s pov, it’s sad. he doesn't know how to love so he builds his yandere self. the mistakes here are placed on ML, it’s not scumbag but just mad. it’s reasonable MC hates him deeply truly despises him and became a madman himself. if I were the MC, because... more>> of the love I have as much as hate for ML, just kill myself already if you can’t even kill ML or receive affection from him. but this story builds from angst like ‘ I love you, you hurt me

again, the ML In my opinion is not a scumbag, just a mad dog, a different level of obsessive, possessive, jealous even with a bird and kill every bird. sometimes if you marathon-reading it will exhaust you, because I'm stressed out. not much of smut because it’s just passing by scene like some flashback (in manhwa), I think it’s not about smut because r*pe thing brings the smut scene to something psychological rather than feeling aroused/ hot, I just find it pitiful <<less
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Feb 03, 2023
Status: Completed
You guys really be reviewing this novel, 1/2 stars without finishing it..... Read the tags, read the description ! It's a angst novel, what do you expect ? Rainbows and babies ?

this novel is filled with angst, I read the manhwa as well, read the manhwa it's a little less traumatic. Though it has a happy ending... I can't help but hate that b*stard ml... Mf is fk obsessed (in the worst way possible) and MC's brother is even worse.

MC deserves better, way better but we all know braindead... more>> ML will kill any man who tries to make a move on MC.


ML was jealous when HIS 5/6 year old SON spent time with MC, he was pissed, he was even jealous of BIRDS, literally BIRDS.

ML also drugged MC and r*ped him in their past life but after recantation he tired to change... (Well you tired I guess)


MC is.... As you all know, really weak and no backbone.. but he doesn't have a choice since his abuser/lover is the literal king of an entire kingdom.

ML really loves MC, since he FORCED an recantation just so he could fix his mistake and love the MC. <<less
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Mar 18, 2022
Status: --
It's pretty confusing, but I guess it's interesting. 4* since I can't really think of anything bad about it but I wouldn't say I love it.

From what I understand, this is the plot (as of c3, since I'm only reading the TL) :

... more>>

There are 5 families serving the emperor, and there has always been tension between them. 100 (?) years ago, there was a second son in the Gok family who was a genius in construction. The emperor tasked him to create a mansion and city for him, but the project was not well received by the public because of how many resources and lives were used. In the end, when the emperor finally went to see the nearly finished construction, that Gok supposedly committed su*cide by collapsing the mansion while inside, and the emperor punished the 5 families heavily. Years later, that guy was reborn as the firstborn of the Gok family, but when they saw that he had the same eyes as his first life, he was stripped of his name and title and locked away. The current emperor (ML), who is also the previous emperor reborn, restarts the old construction project as an excuse to trap the 5 families and get rid of them. Heun (MC) finally gets released, just to be one of the s*aves sent to work at the site. History repeats itself.


As of c3, there's not really any hint or explanation to how the MC and ML were connected in the past life. The summary made me think it was the usual abused concubine scenario, but there seems to be a lot more politics around it. It's definitely pretty good at keeping me thinking and engaged with the story.

Oh, also, CW for exlicit (noncon, not endgame) in*est between MC and his younger brother. <<less
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