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Bad∞End∞Night is a novel by Hitoshizuku-P, based on a series of Vocaloid songs, the NighT Series. The plot revolves around eight actors trapped in a never-ending play, seeking a way to escape.

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Bad End Night
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
12/30/14 vgperson translation notes
12/27/14 vgperson v2c12 + last chapter
12/24/14 vgperson v2c10-11
12/21/14 vgperson v2c8-9
12/19/14 vgperson Set My Heart Aflame
12/18/14 vgperson v1c5-7
12/14/14 vgperson v1c3-4
12/11/14 vgperson v1 prologue + c1-2
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