Back to the ’80s to Raise a Wolfy Boyfriend


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After death, Gu Jin realized the child, whom she had fed only once in the past, was the only person who gave her proper burial and avenged her by any means. Once she’s reborn, she found him when he was being bullied. And despite objections, Gu Jin took this malnourished child under her care with help from the dimension in her possession. However, never did she expect she would lead him astray…

Many years later, Gu Jin can’t help gritting her teeth as she is watching the elegant and handsome man on TV. He has grown up to be a successful and powerful businessman who is outwardly kind but inwardly ruthless. Most unexpectedly, he has turned into a man who is domineering and protective of her.

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5 Reviews

Mar 10, 2021
Status: c871

Review to warn fellow readers, this novel is bloody.

To the comment above, they (Zhen jia) appear before 842. I know because I vividly remember chapter 842.

... more>> I rated this as a 4.5 because I feel it is a little much. Blood, torture, death, this story went from feel-good to tragedies of life and truths of human nature.

The author stated they were experiencing suffering in their family, this makes it easier to understand.

The feel-good parts deserve 5 stars.

I am unsure of what the author wishes to accomplish. The dark parts are well written in a sense, but they lack direction and purpose.

I hope the tension will be resolved satisfactorily in the end. <<less
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Jul 10, 2021
Status: c1360
First 500 ch, really good.

Ch 501-900 - good

ch 901-1360 - meh

FL and ML relationship is exhausting. Takes them for f*cking ever to admit their feelings to each other especially FL. She can detect if others have feelings for others but for her self and ML it's like she blind. Also everyone else around them can tell they like each other. I get she raised ML (even though they are only 3 yrs apart) but to be so clueless, author this a so unrealistic. The sexual tension should be an obvious... more>> clue too between them. It got tiring. Even though I read to the latest chapters, I've lost interest. Not sure if I'm going to finish this novel once it's complete. The novel is confusing at times because a whole bunch of sh*t happens and you don't know where this plot is taking you. A lot of unnecessary things happen in my opinion that didn't matter and don't add anything to the story. BUT for the most part until recent chapters and the frustration of FL and ML relationship, I did enjoy the novel. 4⭐️ So far. Again novel has not completed yet so may change. I'll comeback and update then. <<less
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Sep 13, 2022
Status: c653
It starts as a beautiful and kind Chinese fairy tale situated on the countryside in the fictional China of the 1980s. I couldn't get enough of it. So kind. So magically beautiful and pure. So many genuinely good people...

... in the first 287 chapters that is. Starting from ch 288, city life, high school ark, evil reigns. Unbelievable cruelty and a complete detachment from any semblance of reality. From that point on, it is no longer about China in the 1980's, the whole world is not Earth as we know... more>> it.

Other reviewers said that the first 900-1000 chapters of this novel are rather good or very good, so I tried to continue, but my motivation wavered and I stopped reading after


the ML irreversibly mutilated his cousin out of jealousy and possessiveness simply because that boy was stroking himself in the privacy of his bedroom while fantasizing about the FL (whom he, this cousin, wished to marry) and the FL let it pass, she did not restore the young man's health and she was ok with the ML's behavior. And then the ML proceeded to erase other threats to the FL large scale, joining the Underworld, using Dark Arts masters, ruling the most powerful criminal family in the world, etc.


I was not interested in the direction that novel was heading in the capital arc and the ML's Chinese-Italian aunt's mafiosi family arc and abandoned it, but I still think that the first third of it is good and wonderful, i.e. the remote poor village arc and the provncial city arc, and will not change my high rating of it. <<less
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Nov 19, 2022
Status: c348
This novel started off pretty good, but after the first 200 chapters or so, the MC and ML's sense of presence completely went off the map. They stopped doing anything, letting the side characters do everything instead while tons of filler drama went on in the background DX Ahhhhhh I just wanted to read a self-indulgent poor-to-rich rebirth story! I even toughed it through the MTL (80% readable so not bad) with such short chapters T.T

BUT okay, anyway, rant aside. This story started out promising. It had all my favorite... more>> cliche tropes. The FL (Gu Jin) was left disappointed after being thoroughly used and abused in her previous life. There was only one shining factor to speak off, that is, the ML (An Minjing) who she treated kindly now and again in the past and who repayed her by giving her the title of his wife after her death --- even going as far as to obtain revenge for her. Now, in this second chance at life, all Gu Jin wants is to live peacefully with her little wolf cub and become prosperous enough that her previous family can no longer pit her. Luckily, she has a golden finger in the form of a magical space that allows her to grow plants/herbs and cultivate.

If this story was a little shorted, and there was less filler, I think I would have kept reading. Yes, even through the annoyingly short chapters LOLOL. But, when put together, my patience just snapped T.T Too bad. If you have more patience than me, then I say give it a try. It's really not bad. It's not perfect, that's for sure, but for a casual read to pick up now and then when you have the time, it's not any worse than some of the other BG novels that I've read.

RATING: 2.9/5.

Usually, I won't give ratings to novels that I didn't even read half of, and especially so if most of what I read was in MTL. But I felt like giving this a rating regardless, just so that I can keep it in mind if I decide to reread it in the future. Though I didn't make it an official rating just to be fair. Altogether, I thought it was promising, but a bit clumsy. <<less
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Feb 24, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a great novel kept me on hook till the end. The chemistry between both leads is explosive but romance is very very very slow. Still it was interesting to go from typical rebirth in the 80 novel to fantasy genres.
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