Back to My Dad’s High School Days


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Qin Shiwu grew up listening to his parents’ love stories from an early age.

He learned that his mother was known as a beautiful, gentle and virtuous Omega at school.

He learned that his father was known as a talented and courteous scholar Alpha.

Rumor has it that when they were in high school, they fell in love at first sight, became a harmonious couple and never had a single quarrel.

Once he transmigrated, he went sixteen years back to the time when his parents were still in high school and became a little fool who was bullied by everyone.

Who will tell him——

This person who grabbed him by the neck and shoved him to the ground! The super as*hole school bully who can’t get 100 points in all nine subjects is his father?!

That cold, unfeeling, kaolin flower, iceberg person, the most alpha Alpha in the whole school whom no one dares approach within a 500-mile radius is his mother???

Wait, mom! Were you so wild when you were young? You’re pretending to be an alpha!

Wait, Dad!! That’s your wife!! Is it really okay for you to fight with him now!!

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Aruthea rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed
So I read the premise, then proceeded to binge the novel by jumping to the later parts of the novel. BOY I was not ready for the angst that came through after the hilarious fluff. I misclicked, it was supposed to be a 5 star dammit.

Major spoilers especially in regards to the time travel:

... more>>

The son, Qin Shiwu's transmigration is EXTREMELY PAINFUL. He transmigrated into someone with the exact same name who attended the same school as his parents. But this original Qin Shiwu had a depressing life. He had neglectful parents and died of leukaemia in September as his mother gave no sh*t about him and did not even come to the hospital to arrange for his care treatment. The worst part? The MC, Qin Shiwu GOES THROUGH THE PAINFUL PROCESS OF DYING FROM LEUKAEMIA before he can return to his original time.

Before that, Qin Shiwu (our MC) had thrown in insights about his life before the transmigration and he felt like an unloved child. His omega birth parent Lu Tong became a film star who worked often while his alpha parent Qin Chu became the CEO of his own company. They worked so much that whenever people ask Qin Shiwu about his parents, he would respond naturally and his classmates, aware of his shitty parent situation, THOUGHT he was talking about them. By all means we later found out that it's really a matter of perspective; his parents DID love him but he ended up having a warped perspective due to neglect and overprotectiveness.

The MC's parents also come from broken families as well. This might explain why Qin Shiwu felt so unloved; the parents are also flawed people as well. I honestly wanted to cry when Qin Shiwu would be so excited to spend time with his cold, omega parent Lu Tong as a classmate because he would intersperse with how he never got to spend time with him as a child. Working as a film star meant they barely had time together. We get the impression that Lu Tong was very subtle in how he showed his care and love for his son, as well as the alpha dad Qin Chu.

Heartbreaking moments include how Qin Shiwu almost forgot his birthday. His parents grew busy after his 5th birthday and he would mention that because he got kidnapped once as a child, he was never able to go out of the house without a bodyguard. He feels like he barely understands his parents and only understood them better after his transmigration and spending time with them as teenagers. Another part is when his omega parent, Lu Tong, is considering surgery to remove his gland due to his pheromone condition where he needs to be permanently marked by Qin Chu, which means he will become infertile and he also cannot afford to rely on the alpha parent as he will be going overseas. This caused a Cold War between the two and Qin Shiwu inwardly despaired whether he was an unwanted child. He looked back at his life on how he was neglected and wondered why he was brought into this world to suffer. Mind you, this kid is only FOURTEEN and he's depressed. He has to worry whether he will exist in the future, and whether he will return back to his original time since the body he transmigrated into has a terminal illness. The author is brutal.

His omega parent tried to comfort him when he noticed how upset Qin Shiwu was. Qin Shiwu couldn't take it anymore when he was asked by Lu Tong to call his mother. Qin Shiwu proceeded to call Lu Tong's number and when the other picked up, he just started to bawl in the zoo. He couldn't even confide in his own parent in his own time, yet he could receive the affection he desperately wanted as a friend. Also, it's crazy to expect his parents to believe that he is a transmigrator. Later on, Lu Tong is the one who connected the dots and he begins to feel guilty because EVERYTHING Qin Shiwu said has become harsher in hindsight.

Qin Shiwu's body also starts breaking down by the time they find out. The boy's vomiting blood left and right, going into comas and his parents are doing their utmost best to be by his side when they realise he is their son from the future. Qin Shiwu has every reason to be terrified when he is so close to death and might not be able to see his parents again for a second chance at making their family relations better. He decided that if he ever went back to his original time he will be a better son and stop making his parents worry. Poor kid. When he passes, he goes back to his time. But for the parents, they remember everything as everyone around them forgot about son Qin Shiwu. It was like the son's transmigration never happened.

The time loop is eventually closed by the ending. When Qin Shiwu woke up, Lu Tong was so worried he decided to stop acting. He had gone into a coma for an entire month and refused to wake up despite having good vitals. Honestly, I don't blame him. Imagine if you saw your future child die in a painful state... yikes that's so traumatic. Qin Shiwu thinks that Lu Tong's affection would last for a few days before going back to work. You know it's bad when you realise the kid tried to fake illness just to get his parents attention, and he thinks this way. Lu Tong however decided to stop filming and spend time with Qin Shiwu. As Qin Shiwu realises, Lu Tong actually does love him; he remembers his favourite food, his hobbies, and what he likes a lot. He also apologises to Qin Shiwu for being so neglectful and promises that he will be a better parent.

Qin Chu as well starts to get along better with Qin Shiwu too. Qin Shiwu also tries to dig out if his parents remembered a Qin Shiwu from their time period, but they tend to be very vague or sidestep the topic. Eventually, they do tell them that he was named after this boy, and that they remember him from 16 years ago. But Lu Tong was terrified of sending Qin Shiwu to the cemetery because of that traumatic transmigration - he really could not afford to lose his son a second time. A classmate who MC Qin Shiwu grew close to also found out his transmigration, and even recognised him at first glance. The time loop closes there as the items she kept from their time 16 years ago fades and becomes a memory. The family becomes closer and are much happier than before. The two parents throw Qin Shiwu a birthday party to make up for the lost years and bond with him even more before dropping the bomb that he will be getting a new sibling. LMAO. At least Qin Shiwu is more happier now.


5/5 for the interesting execution of the premise and how the author resolved the time paradox. This author was BRUTAL when it came to angst.

extras spoilers:

there was no second sibling that joined the family. Some of the extras cover the parents trying to figure out how to make sure their son survive the transmigration after conceiving him but overall a happier family life post Canon where the parents also find out their son is dating... HAHAHA

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Ixzah rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: Completed
IT SO FUNNN LIKE I LOVE MAIN MC (their son) SM LIKE IF IT'S REAL HE'S SO FUN TO BE AROUND. Dude be vibing his way to not be unexist💀💀 hc mf one of those ppl who vent to you and then one sec make some ballz jokes when the convo go too far too deep 😭😭

I like how unbothered his parents with him. Like it's kind of funny, his parents having emotional moment and MC looking just🕴️

So far I love them lol [chp 26]

... more>>

it was so fun, a really fun story with side angst and then full angst read 😭😭 ALSO I NEVER THOUGHT IT GONNA HURT THIS BADLY I CRIED SO HARD WHEN MC GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF LEUKEMIA LIKE I THINK 3 CHAPTERS I CRIED A RIVER, MY NOSE BLOCK I COULDN'T CATCH A BREATHE. His parents reactions also broke my heart. The MC wish to see his parents wedding and then dying on that day too, that chapter broke me so much : (anyway I love this story and how the "neglect" in MC life explained^^ no drama, just pulling strings about family reconciliation

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periperi rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

Wasn't too keen on reading a romance from a third party but the romance developed more from the POV of those involved. And unexpectedly, I got really attached to MC (the son) here and I wanted more family content than romance right to the end. Also read the reviews before reading so I was fully prepared for the angst. But it still hit like a truck of bricks. And I dare to say that I have cried for less than 10 books so far and I cried for this... more>> book.

At the beginning, MC seemed like a bear child but

as more details of the family life he had got revealed, I just wanted him to have all the happiness in the world. He was so precious in the story and exuded the child vibe so much that I was initially worried he would be seen as a love rival but he was clearly the "child".


As for the minus 0.5, mainly plot related but

I can't fault it but I didn't particularly like it. I didn't read the extras so not sure if it got explained more there but since they know what happened, the neglect MC experienced for 15 years were semi-deliberate? Partially because his parents didn't want to change anything too much (affecting the series of events I think, as they remember everything), partially because they were also overly-protective. At the end MC breaks down and apologises to his dad saying sorry for thinking that they didn't love him but like, they should be the one apologising. Because that's 15 years of childhood, pretty much everything. But I also understand their worries and uncertainty of how else to approach the issue.


Overall, what an emotional rollercoaster! <<less
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Kaylee rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c
In the beginnig it felt like the usual transmigration mission where he needed to help his fathers to understand each other and then finally marry and of course gave birth to him. I thought we're gonna read the MC (son) 's pov more, turned out we were presented with his fathers scenes more. For a while, I almost thought MC (son) would not appear again too because the author wrote more of the fathers' situation and life.

MC felt more like mascot, who appearance was like comic relief but he actually... more>> played an important role to give his omega father a feeling of 'wanting to meet him later on' because his omega father didnot like children and at some point might decide not to have children of his own. And to cheer his omega father to accept his gender and not to be afraid to love somebody. The alpha father was a very silly in love type of guy, who resembled his son's temperament and face.

The ABO world building was not that prominent, I even forgot abt it for a while. The fathers relationship and how they tried to work a relationship was very sweet.

For the spoiler read aruthea's review. I cried a river during the hospital part. I applauded the author for bringing and involving the friends during this part. But I wanted to curse of why that part was deleted and consequently MC's transmigration life was gone from everyone's mind excepted those who knew and could retain the memory. The connection with those friends that MC made back then was good and it was a mind blowing event for them if it retained, alas.... <<less
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OuRyed rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is unique the romance is not about the MC but his parents, the way his working hard as a matchmaker is sweet funny and heart_worming and little sad 😢 nevertheless it was super good. (✯ᴗ✯)
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Autumns Spring
Autumns Spring rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a very fun novel to read and I greatly enjoyed the MC and his antics. Now I gave this novel 4 stars because there were some issues that I had. It's not anything major but I feel like if these issues could've been improved it would've really made this novel into a gem.

As the synopsis says this novel is basically about a 14 year old boy who travels back to 16 years ago when his parents were in high school. The MC is classmates with his dad and... more>> forms a relationship with him. He's very silly and tries to get his dad to recognize him at the beginning and even starts calling him dad. The MC's goal is to bring his dad and mom together since he obviously wants to exist in the future. The way he goes about doing this very funny and he's just a very wholesome child. As the story progresses MC learns quite a lot about his parents and what they are like. It's all very cute how they interact with each other especially the MC and his dad. The ending is filled with quite a bit of angst so be prepared for that. I had already read the spoilers so I didn't cry that much but if you're going in blind just be emotionally ready. Okay now onto the issues/improvements this novel could've made

1.) The story is about a 14 year old boy going back to when his parents were in high school. You would think that a lot of the story would revolve around the MC and him trying to make his parents get together in every possible way. But the author chose to focus more on the mom and dad. Like you can even call them main characters as well because it felt like their role/perspective overshadowed the actual MC. I didn't take a huge issue with this, I'm just being nitpicky but I wish there was more perspective with the MC.

2.) The mom is shown to be super caring towards the MC which is really sweet. The dad though is another thing. His interactions with MC are really funny but it doesnt feel like he has deep affections for MC. Idk it might just be me getting this vibe. Major spoiler ahead


For example, when the mom and dad discover who the MC is and the MC is sick and dying, the father is concerned but he doesn't seem to get sad or anything. The author made a note about this saying this is his character design and he shows his love more silently but I kind of wish we could've seen more from him.


3.) The final thing was that at the beginning MC notes that his parents neglect him and he doesn't feel loved. This is due to both his parents working and never having time for him. So, when the MC goes back in time he tries to figure out if his parents want children aka if they wanted him. Spoiler ahead


The MC dropped a lot of hints to his parents that he didn't have a happy home life. So, when his parents figure out they are his parents, his mom is heartbroken. You would think that with how the MC had talked about his life they would try and avoid doing that to him. I get the transmigration issue was a big concern and they didnt want to effect anything but still. When MC goes back to his current time his mom explains to him that they were doing it to protect him since his mom's career (hes an actror) would've pushed him in the spotlight and created problems (he got kidnapped when he was a kid so that led to his mom doing that). Like I guess but idk it was weirdly handled and felt there could've been a better explanation or have the timeline change


All in all, it was a pretty good novel to pass the time. I do recommend it especially since the interactions between MC and his parents are super cute. With that I bid you adieu <3 <<less
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Fack rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This is honestly such a nice story. I liked it very much and I looked forward to the actual English translations for a smoother read.
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lilly2805 rated it
February 26, 2024
Status: c34
For those of you that would hesitate reading this like I did in the face of possible second-hand embarrassed or other reasons;

This is an awesome novel and way better than I thought it was going to turn out, it will be worth your time.

It is a transmigration like no other I've read before, the story mostly follows his mother and father's as of chapter 34 and I'm surprisingly happy about that.

At the start I thought I'd want to see Qin Shiwu (MC) possibly develop a relationship with someone romantically, but... more>> now I'm 100% more interested in his parents story and romance progression than anything else.

Everything was funny and it brightened up my day, I left chapter 34 with a smile and I'll be looking forward to their interactions in the future and seeing their relationship bloom a little more each time.

In the end, it's all up to what you like to read so whether you like it or not I hope my review helped and I hope you guys have a lovely day.

Thanks to the translator and the author for thinking up this plot and translating it into english, it's appreciated immensely. <<less
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Yuyuuuu98 rated it
September 14, 2023
Status: c23
The story is good, but I was extremely irritated by the fact that the author insistently forced heteronormativity on a f*cking Omegaverse. What do you mean by "I would never fall in love with him because he's a man"? You two are an alpha and an omega for f*cking sake! Omegaverse doesn't work like our society, what's the f*cking problem with a male omega and a male alpha being together?! This is how it should be, damn it!

The thing I hate most about BL is this "I'm straight" shit, it's... more>> so outdated and annoying! Male omegas and women should be equal without this "ew a man" shit. All the author talks about is women. How they're pretty, how all the boys wants a pretty girl, girlfriends and wifes and blah blah blah. Male omegas are practically non-existent in this story, the only omegas mentioned as far as I read were the MC (who receives 0 attention), the MC's mother's friend (who also receives 0 attention) and his mother (who everyone thinks is is an alpha). Even when characters talk about having a lover they strictly mention pretty girls and attractive girlfriends. WHY ARE THERE MALE OMEGAS IF THEY ARE COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN? Why the f*ck did you add male omegas to the story if you're going to treat them as if they didn't exist? What's wrong with your head? For f*cking sake, this is a BL. I'M Sure that most of the readers didn't come here to see straight sh*t (idc if it sounds problematic, that's the true). Straight couples are not the problem, the problem is the author making it seem like the only possible match for a man is a woman. It's so infuriating. If you're looking for omegaverse, that's not for you. It's just about male alphas simping over female omegas. Just like the damn real world, but with f*cking pheromones <<less
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Batavius rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: --
I stopped reading at chaper 20. I know sometimes romances are slow-burn, but beyond that I just did not feel any chemistry either between the two love interests (so his parents), nor even between them and their time traveled child. Honestly the top dude is just your typical annoying douche. And while the other characters could be interesting to read about, they are very flat and boring. Also the kid, aka. the main character is literally so irrelevant to any sort of plot going on between his parents. Really makes... more>> you wonder why him time travelling was even a plot point in the first place.

Anyway, that's why I discontinued this. Hope it helps you in your consideration on whether to read this or not....

P.S. Can we talk about the fact that him tim traveling back 16 years would make him come back to the day of his birth and not to the high school days of the two love interests aka his parents. I know it's a samll detail, but it really irked me everytime it was mentioned in the story. And unfortunately it was mentioned quite a lot. Or maybe his parents really did have a child at a really young age but idk, seems more like not much thought went into it. <<less
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February 25, 2023
Status: c38
I just want to say my appreciation to this story.

I like how they're not the typical BL characters who always perceives every favorable encounter as a chance to mol*st, take advantage, or have s*x. Given it's an ABO setting. I'm amazed.
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Eat_Angst rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: Completed
So happy! This made me think back to my own parents haha all I can say is 666! I read the mtl just like my fellow comrades before and am still waiting for the well translated version without... more>>

the MCs name being translated into qin 15 and Lu tongs friend being translated into The New Year


Anyways I never realized how young qin shiwu was in the story, and his insecurities about his mother and father, as well as his rebellious behavior was really well written. It goes without saying that sympathizing with him was very easy some parts in this story really made me she'd a few tears because it made me think of my parents

And all though most parts of this story is funny and silly,

lines like

"Will you have a child in the future?"

"Will you love him?"

"Please don't not want me.."

Really Peirces right through the heart


His thoughts and behaviors sometimes are just too relatable

The story is also well written and executed, the time paradoxes closing was also well done.

Salute to the translator, and respect to the author! This one is one of my very very favorites! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SevenFlower rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: Completed
The first half was more rom-com focusing on the parents, the second half focuses more on MC. And I don't know why the tears won't stop when I read the second half. It was happy and angst at the same time and it bizarre me how much I cried. Like no joke. I'm never the type to cry at sad story yet this story just made me cry like a baby.

10/10 I wish I can lose all my memory and reread this again and again.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pepperminttt rated it
November 14, 2023
Status: --
THIS WAS SOO GOOD. I was not ready for the amount of tears I shed when reading this novel. I did not except this to be so heart wrenching.

The MC's interaction with his parents was top tier. I did have some problems here and there (sexism, and some neglect), but I think that's standard for this genre.

Overall, this was unexpectedly sweet and really touched upon the parent child relationship.
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