Baby Princess Through the Status Window


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I was condemned as a villainess when I died, but I somehow returned to the past as a five-year-old.

The moment I faced my father, who now looked younger, a strange blue window appeared before my eyes—it was a light blue window that revealed someone else’s true feelings.

[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]

Occupation: Emperor (Lv.99)
Favorability: 90,980,984
Mood: ♡ My Daughter ♡ I – Miss – You

. . . But Father?

I suppose that’s how you really feel, but . . . what the hell’s going on . . . ?

[ Damian Erveldotte ]

Mood: Excited to see ♡ my sister ♡
Thoughts: I wanna talk to you T^T

[ Ellie ]

Mood: Holding back from breaking the wall due to overwhelming cuteness
Thoughts: I’ll make a collection commemorating the cute princess’s daily life! ★

[ Karmen Kasselov ]

Mood: Excited
Thoughts: Why do you look prettier and prettier every time I look at you? What do they feed you at the palace? Do they have a kind of medicine that could make people pretty like this?

I thought you all hated me, but I guess not?!

If the status window was telling the truth about their moods and thoughts, then maybe I could live a different life this time around!

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The Baby Princess Can See Status Windows
상태창 보는 아기 황녀님
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Jul 12, 2021
Status: --
We have got a severely abused princess. From a young age, she has been starved, neglected, and gaslit by her attendants, and worked into the ground preparing to be a 'perfect' princess.

Eventually, she was abandoned 'for her own good' and the attendants/ the puppet master behind them ran rampant: embezzling funds, behaving horribly, using black magic, attempting to kill her older half brother, the crown prince, and blaming it all on her. She is publicly executed the day before her 18th birthday, in front of her family, whom she believes... more>> hates her for allowing the abuse and false charges.

After dying, she wakes up at age 3 or so (I know it says 5, but she acts 2-3), with an ability to see "status windows", or basically a text box over people's heads relaying their inner thoughts. If this didn't blow her mind enough, she quickly discovers that people's inner thoughts are significantly different from from their outside appearance. Her father, whom she finds terrifying, is completely besotted with her. The 'nice' maid who raised her swears at her and thinks she tr*sh.

Her adult mind picks up on the fact that the maids are constantly telling her stuff to make her afraid of her father and treating her poorly, like making her food inedible, or only feeding her once a day. A normal 3 year old with no outside context wouldn't know, but adult-her does. She also realizes they manipulate the situation, such as pinching her so she screams and etc. When her father present, all so he'll eventually give up and leave her. It doesn't help that he's nearly impossible to read, never changing his expression or saying nice things, and appears very intimidating.

The plot will likely revolve around her realizing she is loved and her trying to figure out who was behind the abuse and her execution in her former life (most likely the Empress, whom the princess believed was the only once nice to her: the princess is concubine-born).

I have mixed feelings at the moment. I tend to hate stories where the entire moral is "if she'd just been more likable and nice, people wouldn't have unjustly executed her." This one does appear to focus more on her realizing she is loved and lovable as she is, a slight, but important, difference, but really, I mostly want the adults in her life who failed her to suffer horribly. What is wrong with people?? You couldn't even try smiling at the terrified little kid, or speaking kindly? It is seriously not normal for your kid to binge eat like they're starving like that, or cower and shake like that, and if you start hearing she has a crazy temper and is wasting money, you step in and you actually parent, rather than letting it get so bad you have to execute your child. They also seem super focused on her looks, obsessing over how cute she is as the reason she's lovable (what would have happened if she were normal?) While it's great she will now slowly be learning how to be loved, it will feel unjust if old her is not vindicated, and nothing happens to those who neglected and killed her. <<less
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Jun 12, 2021
Status: c1
I like it but I can't relate to it, the hatred for some who has never done anything against you and you only heard about him in rumors is un understandable. The emperor and the crown prince are supposed geniuses but the executed the MC without any evidence this is behind the level of misunderstanding that is simply unforgivable. The only light is the ML, he execute the MC but he use a strange looking magic tool so he might be the one who let her be back in time.... more>> The novel is most likely about the Princess descovering not to judge a person by his word alone, the people she trusted the most were her enemies and the people who were cold to her were her allys, but don't get me wrong I am not saying it's the MC fault because no one will think that her father who is glaring at her ignoring her and never speak with her actual love her. <<less
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