Baby Empress


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The child of a prophecy is born to save the world.

“I need to get married to save people…? I’ll do the marriage!”

The emperor is a young and innocent boy. But…

“I can’t give you my daughter! She will not be becoming empress.”

My father interfered with my marriage!

“Is my sister just a toy to you?”

And my brother too!

Will I be able to save the world?

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아기 황후님
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Fandesu rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: c18
I disagree with the other review calling the FL weak and the story boring.

This story is about a child with trauma. It's not a reincarnation or transmigration story with an adult in child body thing going on. This a story about a child.

Her thinking is simple. If I do this will they like me? If I got adopted then he's my father? If I mess up will they send me back? And do I deserve to be here, am I allowed to have all these things?

This is not your typical... more>> stories like Lady Baby or WMMAP where the FL has an idea of what's happening and is a precocious baby that we can al be impressed by.

This is an actual baby with a big responsibility. The only thing similar I've seen is the Archmage's Daughter. That's also very good.

What's great about both these stories is the amazing support system these kids get and how they slowly come into their power and overcome their trauma. While of course saving the world and failing in love!! <<less
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Evellyn rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c10
I rarely write a review but I must for this one.

Do not listen to negative feedback, this one is a gem directly in my diamond list.

Okay, the MC has human emotions and... What ? It's the same in a lot of manga like that i've seen, she has a hard childhood and has trauma. But she is special and very interesting ! Moreover this novel is again new so it's normal she is not an adult and adapt to the environment (and really it's not long she's not crying everytime,... more>> it's the opposite).

Also I like her relation with her new family because it's not just like he wanted a daughter, find his lost daughter... He did that strategically (will not say why) and their relation is so unique I remember her amongst a loooot of read of this kind.

No really I just want more rapid translations so : give it a try <<less
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Avelyn rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: --
This story from what I've read so far is boring. I can't bring myself to like the Fl, Yh she's insecure. She's scared of being thrown away. She's traumatised. She feels realistic. I read to escape reality, I don't have a problem with characters that feel human. But all she's done is make me feel annoyed. Like apart from the child of prophecy nonsense... why exactly is she the fl?!? She has no special attributes except some girl that's too nice and even tho her trauma and all makes her... more>> feel human... Her personality does not. She either has attachment issues (she gets attached to easily) or smthn cause she got attached from like day one to her father, for the ML she already likes him (not romantically) after meeting him once for not that long.

lemme just say, she would be a suitable side character, that the story decides to go a bit more in depth with, but she's a bad MC. She has no redeeming qualities in my view (yes. I know she's a kid.) and has succeeded in doing smthn a MC hasn't done in a while. Pissing me off. I'd prefer a new MC lol, that actually has smthn that makes her interesting. All she has are flashbacks of that friend that seems like she's suitable for villainess role.

Maybe, she's gonna improve in the future. But authors pls don't make ur MC insufferable from the start.

(besides that the plot is boring and doesn't rly stand out.) <<less
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