AWEON Mall Isekai Store, Grand Opening Today!


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The protagonist who works at the AWEON (AIWON) Mall branch at Kasugano prefecture store received a mysterious transfer personnel letter. The transfer destination is AWEON (AIWON) Mall *% # branch store.

He couldn’t read the destination in the letter he received, and while tilting his head, “Is it overseas?” He finished the day’s work and went to the AWEON (AIWON) Mall’s parking space.

Even though he can see AWEON (AIWON) Mall, what he saw the back of the building is a different world——

The ultimate template of “**** in a different world”! ?? Rather than transferring by himself, he transferred along with AWEON (AIWON) Mall!

With the protagonist who hired the airheaded local as a clerk!

Japanese products and the best-selling items introduced by the protagonist to the people from different worlds!

It seems that if he can’t achieve the sales limit, he won’t be able to return to Japan!

This is a comedy about the story of the main character who is struggling to do business at the AWEON (AIWON) Mall Isekai branch store.

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AWEON Mall Isekaiten, Honjitsu Grand Open!
Hello, Another World. Welcome, AWEON Mall.
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Ryoto.Ryuji.630 rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: --
The plot seems interesting, but I started reading it. The chapters are relatively short, the speech and thought process is redundant and repetitive, as if the author is just trying to fill up the chapter.

Honestly, if the plot wasn't interesting, I would not want to read this. As for quality of the plot, I am currently on chapter two and will update later.

I tried; I really tried to get past chapter two, but I couldn't do it. There are still the redundancies, and then the MC starts to explain his... more>> background in a casual conversation where it isn't pertinent. I blame television.

Quite frankly, the author is amateur. The background setting is conveniently established so that the storyline has to progress without the MC making any decisions and taking any actions. This could be forgiven, but it is set in unreasonable ways.

Overall, this is just really bad writing! It's not the worst I've seen, but it is still pretty bad. I give it two stars, because while it is bad writing the plot is interesting. <<less
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