Aura: Koga Maryuin’s Final Battle


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Ichiro Sato formerly suffered from a case of youthful delusions of fantasy and grandeur, which caused him to be bullied throughout middle school. Now in high school, he strives to be a normal student. Unfortunately, his teacher has entrusted him with the care of a girl with a similar case of delusions.

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Aura: Koga Maryuin's Last War
Aura: Maryūinkōga Saigo no Tatakai
AURA ~魔竜院光牙最後の闘い~
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CTDLegion rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c48
Well it's now 2:00 am and I need to wake up sooner than I'd like, but seeing how I've already stayed up this late to finish the novel, I may as well see it through to the end and leave a short little review. Also it's just sad to me that such a charming novel has no reviews yet : (

For starters, I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. Not once did I lose focus while binge reading it. Relative to most stories I've found on here, this one feels far... more>> more cohesive and complete than others. This is probably due to a combination of the original author's efforts, (the translator's time too of course) and the simple fact that shorter stories like this one tend to stick to and develop a small group of characters more than the longer novels I'm used to.

As the synopsis would have you guess, the main characters of the story are both chuunis (Japanese - middle schooler sickness. Basically obsessed with fantasy, reject reality, etc.) One is finally determined to accept reality, and even somewhat successfully settles into a "normal" life for a brief few days after entering junior high school. The other is a chuuni of the highest order. The top chuun, as it were.

The story itself is nothing complex, just a coming of age story of angsty teens from another country, but the storytelling can be very charming. As our MC is forced to befriend the top chuun, he finds himself dragged back into the fantasy world he oh-so-recently escaped from. The normal life he found for himself proves fragile in the face of the immense cruelty children can be capable of, and all but immediately falls apart following his public association with chuuni girl. (First few chapters)

From then on the story is mostly character development. There is a main plot that has a fairly well executed climax, but the real strong point of this novel is the relationships between all of the characters. The cast is small as I said before, but there are still enough characters that it's impressive how meaningful the author makes their interactions to their development.

At 48 chapters, the story doesn't drag. A couple hours is more than enough time to finish it, including time for a coffee break. If you enjoy romcoms, if you want a change of pace from long, serialized stories that just can't reel themselves in, or if you're looking to kill some time on a long commute or just in bed, this one is worth checking out.

P.S. There are surely many things that a review should have that I have left out here. There are also probably a few things that prove redundant or entirely unnecessary for a review that I have included. I meet any such protestations with a protestation of my own: I'm d*mn tired, leave me alone. Write your own review. <<less
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