Asura God


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Eight years ago, Thunderclap Ancient City changed overnight. Young City Lord Qin Ming was sold off to Azure Cloud Sect as a servant and 200,000 common people were driven into Great Azure Mountain as slaves.

Eight years later, after tempering his spirit and becoming a martial artist, the Asura awakens, an unyielding youth that defies heaven rises.

Provide me a blade and I will be able to break the blue dome of heaven. Provide me a sword and I can show the heavens. A Golden Unicorn is an animal with no particular talent, but when encountered with an unstable situation, it will change into a dragon[1].

Acting Asura’s Child, Undying Monarch, Thunderclap Battle Senior, Ancient Ocean Barbarian Emperor and so on. Each and every title fell onto Qin Ming’s body. This lofty and unyielding youth stepped on heaven yet was fine. He guided numerous close friends and young beauties, proudly fought everywhere, swept across the world, and composed deeply moving hot-blooded battle songs.

[1]: This is most likely a play on words, how a Golden Unicorn(Jinlin[金麟]) can turn into a Qilin(麒麟) when encountering tumultuous times.

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New lenti rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c432
This novel is surprisingly good. At first the MC seemed like an ignorant brat however in later chapters it becomes apparent that the MC is much smarter and maturer that he appears in earlier chapters. His primary goal is to regain his family's territory and free and protect his people from slavery.

The MC is quiet ruthless to his enemies but not excessively so. MC's family and the residents of their city was enslaved since the MC was seven years old and he spent eight years prior to the beginning of... more>> the story as a slave being deprived of a chance to practice martial arts as well as have his dignity trampled on but MC is tenacious and won't admit defeat.

The MC is highly talented and has unique abilities but he isn't overpowered.

MC isn't harem seeking but because of various reasons he now has his own harem. 3 women so far. The females are strong, supportive and/or helpful.

The story, characters and fights are interesting and also non-repetitive. <<less
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easygoing rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c30
Seems like a pretty normal xianxia, the authors not reinventing the wheel but he does a decent job overall.

A lot of internal inconsistencies early on though, and the MC's disposition is off-putting to me,

... more>>

Even though the whole sect treats him like garbage and doesn't give him any way to cultivate once he does find a way to cultivate (and for some reason the sect STILL doesn't kill him) instead of planning any sort of revenge against the people who literally ripped his life apart, he just goes on and on about how he'll be a core disciple and they'll have to respect him

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Vexum rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c5
It's early days, yet so far so good. The novel seems to have a very descriptive and articulate writing style, and the plot seems to be heading in the right direction.

Although this hasn't got many translations and is so far isn't that popular, I see it having a bright future. So please recommend this to others, so it can increase in popularity, as this well well worth a read!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hazmat rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: --
Super bad. Not just because the translation is awkward, but there is also nothing really likable or entertaining about the story. The protagonist not only starts as a jerk (as opposed to slowly becoming one over time as is the norm for this), but is also a wholly nonsensical jerk who can't even manage to be entertaining.
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