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Xu Tangzhou lost his memory. He always dreamed of an unfamiliar Alpha who made his legs go weak, and his dreams caused one to be red in the face.

One day, he saw the Alpha he dreamed of on TV. Apparently, the other party was a huge celebrity called Ling Che.

Not long after, he debuted and his manager said that he wanted to find someone to guide him.

After meeting Ling Che, Xu Tangzhou’s facial expression was indifferent. “Oh.”

Xu Tangzhou’s inner thoughts: Ahhhhhhhhhh he’s so hot!

Four years ago, Ling Che’s Omega disappeared overnight and thoroughly broke up with him.

Four years later, Ling Che had already become the king of the music industry. He met the partner who was newly assigned to him by his company for a business couple.

That newcomer was called Xu Tangzhou.

The manager smiled obsequiously. “Our Zhou Zhou looks like a cold beauty but beneath the surface, he’s exceptionally pure.”

Ling Che coldly laughed. “You want me to guide him? Maybe in the next life.”

That night, the cold beauty that was exceptionally pure beneath the surface appeared in front of Ling Che’s room door.

He was clean and fresh, and he loosely wore a bathrobe with a wide collar.

The next day, the sweetest CP in the history of the entertainment industry was born.

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rozee00 rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This is set in an Alpha Beta Omega universe. Won’t go into a whole spiel about ABO universes because that would be a whole article unto itself. Some distinct characteristics of this universe is that pheromones are divided into classes by strength/rarity. There is also a compatibility medical test that can be done between Alpha and Omega. The higher the compatibility, the easier it will be for the Alpha to mark the Omega. In addition, Omegas are integrated better into society. There is medicine that they can take, and they... more>> are not blatantly discriminated against or portrayed as s*x objects like in some other ABO stories.

My summary of the story:

Xu Tangzhou is the main character of the story, and he is an Omega. He used to date Ling Che, an Alpha. Xu Tangzhou works as a model/actor. Ling Che composes music. Xu Tangzhou broke up with Ling Che a few years back. He also lost his memory after the breakup. The two are reunited in the present (a few years year), and this is where the story starts and progresses.

I recommend reading this story.

The translation is good so far. I was impatient so I ended up machine translating the rest of the story. The text isn't too difficult so the machine translation was enough to understand the story. I do enjoy when real people take the time to translate and reword things and edit it so that it's grammatically correct though.

Read the spoiler if you’d like some more in depth thoughts about the story:


Someone had rated this story lower because it could have been easily solved with “communication”, but when you think about how you act under stress and pressure, it’s hard to say that you can act ideally in every situation and use your words when those types of situations comes up. Especially when you’re young.

Ling Che is still bitter about the breakup at the start of the story. This is understandable because the more you love someone, the more it hurts when you part. His understanding of the breakup is that Xu Tangzhou said that their compatibility was too low and so he found someone else with a higher compatibility. If you loved and cherished someone, and they left you for such a reason, that would leave a shadow in your heart for sure.

Examples of cherishing Xu Tangzhou when they were dating: helping him study, taking care of him, driving hours to check in on him when he was sad, talking to about the future and planning for a future together. Even when they broke up, he drove to go see him in person but was heart broken because he saw Xu Tangzhou’s “new love”.

Reuniting with Xu Tangzhou brings back all these feelings he repressed, and he feels divided because he still loves Xu Tangzhou but he is also hurt by the past. This can be seen in his hot and cold interactions with Xu Tangzhou. In his mind, Xu Tangzhou left him for someone else. Now he is back and Ling Che wants him back in his life, but he also never got to outlet that feeling of hurt and betrayal so it manifests in micro passive aggressions towards Xu Tangzhou because he can’t tell Xu Tangzhou he is mad about the past because of the memory loss. He starts off angry because he doesn’t know that Xu Tangzhou lost his memory. Then, he softens up a tad when he finds out. He continues to softens as the story goes on, and especially feels regret as he learns the whole entire truth behind the break up. By the end of the story, he is very caring and doting towards Xu Tangzhou.

Xu Tangzhou is a sweet and naive kid. That’s the best way to put it. He’s that cute kid who listens and you’re like “awww. What a good kid.” But you wouldn’t blame him if he played a little prank and he's not a pushover.

Xu Tangzhou doesn’t remember the past, but still fell in love with Ling Che for a second time. He finds out from his agent that he used to date Ling Che pre-amnesia, but decides to hide the fact that he knows because he wants to pursue Ling Che. He doesn’t know why they broke up but just knows that he wants to date him and even wonders why past him broke up with such a person. He persists and ultimately succeeds in the end.

There are also fun interactions with other characters and it’s not 100 Lingche x Xu Tangzhou. I enjoy stories that flesh out interactions and relationships with other characters rather than just focusing on the two main characters.

Backstory about the misunderstanding:

Xu Tangzhou’s parents have a bad relationship and a very unhappy marriage. His mom thinks that it is because they decided to get married despite having a low a compatibility rating. She projects this onto Xu Tangzhou. When she finds out that Xu Tangzhou wants to be with Ling Che, she threatens Xu Tangzhou by telling him that she will commit su*cide. Because Xu Tangzhou cares for his mom, he agrees to break up with Ling Che over the phone. His phone is confiscated after that and he is unable to contact Ling Che after. They live in different cities as well Xu Tangzhou holds out until his college examinations and tricks his mom into getting him food for after the examination. He finishes his examination early and tries to set off to go see Ling Che by getting on a train. However, there is an accident and Xu Tangzhou is severely injured and suffered some brain damage. As a result, he lost a few years of his memory, including the time he dated Ling Che. Ling Che comes to see him at the hospital to get an explanation for the break up, but meets Xu Tangzhou’s father’s subordinate. The subordinate refused to let him see Xu Tangzhou, and Ling Che assumes that he is Xu Tangzhou’s new lover. He leaves heartbroken. I’m assuming that because dad was so worried about Xu Tangzhou’s health conditions, and considering that Ling Che is the reason that Xu Tangzhou got on the train, dad didn’t really think to clarify things with Ling Che. His mind was probably on healing his son. After that, Xu Tangzhou’s mom was worried about him remembering things from the past, so she got him a new phone, effectively isolating him and cutting him off from hearing about Ling Che through his friends.

Xu Tangzhou does tell his mom in the present (because she's trying to sabotage again), that things didn't work out between his parents because she didn't care enough/try enough and not because of comparability. He is willing to make that effort with Ling Che even if their compatibility is low.

These are major spoilers but there's still some other things I haven't spoiled yet, and I hope you take the to finish reading this.

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ActualTrash rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: Completed
It was... eh.

Lots of misunderstandings, most of which could've been cleared up by basic communication.
Ya know, what adults can accomplish easily.
They MC and ML go about things in a few odd ways, which bothered me a-bit. The MC's parents are the same. The MC is probably more understandable because he can't remember anything, though.

Quick novel timeline of events:
... more>>

MC and ML are young couple.
MC and parents find out his pheromone fit is 18%. (The compatibility between A and O, I presume)
MC doesn't mind but his parents do, mostly the mom. She wants to break it off because she things it won't work out, as her marriage with MC's dad did not work out. The dad isn't really relevant until after the accident, as he's a sh*t father.
MC gets into accident on his way to find ML. Causes amnesia, and his parent's get him to break it off with ML at this point, which he does, as he no longer remembers him anyway.
MC and ML meet years later.
Start to fall in love again, misunderstandings, misunderstandings, maybe he's not actually 18% but higher!!
MC has another slight accident from a black fan that lands him in hospital.
ML finds out MC never broke up with him legitimately.
Novel ends.

The biggest problem I have with the novel is how the ML treats the MC before he finds out:

The MC didn't actually break up with him. He only finds this out in like, the last 5ish chapters though.

It always seemed like the ML expected the MC to graciously accept his love and affection as he had been hurt before. That's not exactly right, but there's a short line in the novel after the ML finds out the above spoiled info, which I'll put below. It's MTL'd though so it isn't great.

The self-righteous pride and self-righteous affection are all smashed in an instant. He should not give Xu Tangzhou love with a high attitude.

Now it's great that he finally figured it out, it just always felt weird to me throughout the novel that he would operate without knowing 100% what happened to the MC in the years he can't remember. I think at one point he remembers MC's father exists and I'm a bit excited this whole amnesia problem would get solved, but then nothing comes of it. In fact the father tells him this important piece of information at the end of the novel...

The MC was fine, I just felt bad for him throughout, I felt like he was always in an inferior position in the relationship up until the end. Yea, it was resolved... but it probably could've been resolved much sooner. It was just misunderstandings coupled with dumb arrangements by his parents that caused all this drama.

Overall just a pretty forgettable novel. I would've liked it more if it didn't feel like the ML was graciously offering his love to the MC. It bothered me the entire time. Others may feel differently though! <<less
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Aria0107 rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c100
I enjoyed this novel and had been looking for something to fill the ABO itch. Not a superficial dive like in some worldhopping novel arcs, but integrating the ABO dynamics and society, dominance/submission, pheromones, bonding and such. If you're not a fan of ABO, then this isn't for you.

MC has a soft-obtuse character that juxtaposes the tsun-bully ML. Their cold and hot pheromones also seem to influence aspects about their characters. Despite the MC's cold exterior, his interior is really fluffy, warm and jokey. ML's got a dominant and prideful... more>> personality as expected of a s-class alpha and has blunt opinions that not everyone agrees with. It's why the plot of the novel begins. And I personally like that their characterizations make sense within the context of the world.

I sometimes get tired of novels where shou MC's are op, don't face actual challenges, or don't face actual consequences. This MC faces and navigates through the hurdles that his pre-amnesiac self gave him to work for his relationships with ML and others, as well as dealing with the aftermath of his post-amnesiac self's action. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I had mixed feelings when I read the description. I thought this would be too much of a cringe or serious stuff. BUT I like the steady flow of the story.

Both has S - pheromones that makes their compatibility test showed a low number of 18% ... more>>

which will later proved to be wrong because of the lack of technology and research and will be successful through the Mc's friend


Sometimes I would feel pity to the MC because none of the misunderstandings were his fault. The ML made him suffer a little bit by being dominant. But after the misunderstandings were clear the ML really showed himself to be a sweet, faithful, loyal husband and alpha. <<less
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darkelf01 rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c6
Well, I think that the amnesia thing is too convoluted of a reason to prolong the story. I can't fathom why the hick the ML didn't notice something's wrong with his ex when they met again 4 years later.

Even a new reader like me knows that there's something off about the MC's behavior towards the ML, let alone someone who used to be in a relationship with him. At this point I'm convinced that the author's just throwing the amnesia plot for the word count *rolls eyes*

Just make it an... more>> entertainment omegaverse story and it's already interesting enough for readers who like those tropes. <<less
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shadow83 rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Sweet but I hoped the amnesia plot would be better than this.i mean no matter how young they wee back then the ML should have noticed something was off I feel like the plot for this part was too rushes....
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August 16, 2023
Status: c26
The fact that ML thinks that MC dumped and ghosted him and is still willing to be kind to him tells me everything I need to know about his character. It makes sense why he doesn't want to talk about their past, especially since he doesn't know MC has amnesia, and MC is out here making sh*t up about their past like he's trying to forget they dated.

For once I feel like the misunderstanding was completely understandable and I actually found it amusing how the two of them were on... more>> completely different pages every time they interacted. MC falling in love again even without his memories is so sweet, and ML has the patience and restraint of a saint. Truly admirable how he's able to put his personal feelings aside and take care of the MC despite their history.

ML is so valid in being hurt by MC even if MC also didn't do anything wrong. I am a bit confused by ML's thought process though, as he's very all over the place. He makes up a lot of stories in his head and doesn't speak them out loud which leads to the big misunderstandings. I can't be mad at him though because it's very realistic how he's scared to open up after being hurt badly!

Anyway maybe I'll feel differently by the time I actually finish so will update this when I complete the story! <<less
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March 21, 2023
Status: c89
  • status: completed (mtled most of the novel)
  • storyline: 6/10 (-2 for not allowing the MC to develop on his own when he had so much potential, , -2 for forcin the whole concept of 100% match when the whole story was only interesting cos both of them had very low rate of match) like seriously ruined the story bruv
  • chtrs: 7/10 (-3 for makin forcin in the ML to appear in literally everything the MC does its so annoyin)
  • overall: 5.2/10
  • comments: so yes im actually really disappointed in this novel cos I had so much hope for it but its not worth it MC is so smart and talented already why must he always be forced to appear only when ML appears bruv ruining his whole character potential and in his own novel?? Make it make sense.
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seasaltxx rated it
October 31, 2022
Status: Completed
The whole premise was cliche, but the way the author wrote it was great!

spoiler on the first issue about the stealing of the blockers etc, it was not the program team who did it! It was really annoying me too how they thought it was going to be entertaining but I found out it was someone else and they were shamed for it dont worry. And they also took it for a kind of legitimate purpose, selfish purpose but not just for the sake of targeting MC. It was just... more>> wrong place wrong time kinda thing

Also the mom was annoying me and there was no other resolution for her at the end except for a mention of a phone call.

but the extras were great as they talk about MC's friends. Their struggle as they try to climb up and get pass through the initial reason why they broke up was sad but still it was like a testament of their love. It was cliche but it was so sweet. <<less
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cocoajuppie rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: c20
Ok, the ML's misunderstanding and behavior towards MC was already rubbing me the wrong way (i.e., ML avoids addressing the issue and instead acts passive-aggressive). I couldn't even get to the part where it's resolved because I am completely put off by the variety show:


The program team hid the MC's Omega inhibitors, gland patches, and medication to create an incident. What the hell??? It's like hiding someone's epipen while they're constantly at risk of having a severe allergic reaction.


I'm not entertained, just pissed off lol.
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December 12, 2021
Status: Completed
May be their drama is actually unnecessary and they could've solved those misunderstandings easily, but anyway I really liked this story.

I wanted to read an ABO so I read the first two translated chapters and continued with MTL but I'll probably read the translation again coz the MTL was bit confusing.

MC and ML have sweet kind of love, Ex to lovers again... and ... more>>

Ugh... I have to say I really don't like MC's mom, trying to force her ideals to son and controlling him too much...
even threatening to su*cide if MC did not break up...

I specially likes the side couple Dr. and movie Emperor I hope there'll be more of them. <<less
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LostMySoul rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c25
Maybe it's the mtl but I had a hard time liking this couple. I expected it but honestly, MC having a crush on the ML because of his dreams despite ... more>>

the ML saying derogatory words towards omega when MC himself is an omega

really puts me off. Basically, MC acts like an omega which he is. Just thought he'd be different. ML is cold and warm, mostly cold, towards MC. Maybe I'm just not in the mood. Will read this again when I have time and maybe re edit my comment. <<less
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