As the Hero’s Mother, I Became an Executive of the Demon King’s Army


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I lost my husband in an accident two years ago and became a single mother, and one day I was summoned to another world with my son.

The humans who summoned us called my son a hero and were trying to fight the resurrected Demon King.

It’s ridiculous to have my son in the first grade of junior high school fight against monsters! After struggling, I was treated as an obstacle and left alone in the monster’s den.

It was the demons who were supposed to be human enemies who helped me, who was waiting for death

As I spent time together, my emotions grew, but peaceful days do not last long.

The only weapon I can use to counter many challenges is to use my cooking skills and dexterity.

I won’t die until I meet my son!

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Yuusha no Haha desu ga, Maou-gun no Kanbu ni Narimashita.
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AbsAreHot rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c20
I clicked the wrong one. 3.5 STARS

This is promising. It's realistic and the "bad side" has its own gray areas (everyone has their own intentions and worries).


... more>> The only iffy part is when the MC is walked in on in her underwear and she shrieks a "kyaaa!". Umm, didn't you have a husband and have sex? Aren't you in your late thirties? Isn't it like a bathing suit? Da fuk?

I'd get that she'd be embarrassed, but not even I would freak out (happened before, but in my room) like that and I just turned 18 and have never even kissed someone romantically or sexually. You need to especially keep in mind that her reaction to the whole summoning situation was the attitude you use to walk in to take an easy test that's s*upidly important. Do you see the disconnect? She didn't even apologize for freaking out. Know that it was also a public space and wasn't her house.
But also, this is like a whole 1 paragraph out of everything that I've read, so don't take it too seriously.

edit: I wrote this forgetting that Shiva is a woman, and she's the one who walked in on the MC, Miho

edit 2: wait actually no 'they' are described as a "handsome man", but sometimes the pronouns change. Non-binary or gender fluid? Maybe it's just a mistake. Well I hope they aren't %100 man, bc that's hotter than them being a guy. I'm straight, but I... *a bunch of deleted words bc it's too long and it still doesn't explain anything or make any sense* Basically, this webnovel has a certain feel or something.


So at this point, I can tell the MC is going to be the worshipped type, but whatever. The MC in general is more on the mature and considerate side when the author sees 'a chance'. The author doesn't want you to miss these outstanding qualities of hers, but does it in a not annoying way. Btw she's not the brightest lamp at the store, but she knows some convenient stuff (like how to make soap which most webnovels just skip thinking about.)

Garon's personality seems a bit contradictory. When he meets the MC, the MC isn't nervous compliments him (obviously). Then Garon decides to give her food even though he was hungry and was going to eat her. Makes no sense. He has the personality where he would eat the food, realize he doesn't have any more, and then go hunting. He wouldn't bring food with him. Also, wouldn't this mean Garon is sadistic? He doesn't kill the one who is unafraid, which means he kills the ones that run away in fear. That doesn't sound like Garon. This adorable creature?!

Personally, I'm really into Shiva. There's also a contradiction with her, but it kinda overlaps with Garon and is significantly less prominent. They are cute, in a calm, steady, oblivious way.

The plot armor is a bit loud. Not huge spoilers.

Why is there a demon forest so close to where the Church/Kingdom decided to summon the hero (supposed to be a safe haven and central, right) ? Why is a general living so close to the edge of this forest as well? The MC just so happens to be living in the house of a general. Mhmm. What is the general doing all day? You cannot convince me that the demon castle whatever is nearby and she goes to work. They (plus one) are buying ingredients! We know this already! Unless Garon went on a long journey to the edge and was saving his last fruit and then came back with Miho. Actually that would explain a lot but it's still not enough to make much sense. Why is the cooking in the demon territory so outdated? Like SO outdated? Cooked food is the #1 cause of brain power evolution, you know.


READ THIS BECAUSE THERE'S NO ROMANCE AND IT'S FAMILY LOVE AND IT'S UNIQUE. RECOMMENDED IF YOU WERE TIRED OF SEEING A ROMANCE TYPICAL OF THIS TYPE OF STORY. There are too many novels that describe a love that's unrealistic and common. (Girl is confident, charming, is in contact with guys who are in love with her, has absolutely no experience, has a unique talent/skill/ect., and boy is untouchable, cold as ice, the MOST rich and powerful, never been in love, and there's butt jealous girls who have bad intentions) <<None of that. THE MOTHER-SON COMBO IS SO PURE AND SINCERE AND I NEED MORE! <<less
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sinsinsin rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: --
It's funny because if she cared so much for her child why didn't she make a bigger effort to find him?? To tell him the truth??? She's leaving him just to be brainwashed... girl you have 2 freaking years to find him, and talk to him and you spent that time ... more>>

opening a shop?? Hoping he'll at least taste your food???

Put in more effort. It kinda gets boring at some parts too. Some compliments that I have is it's a new refreshing take on a overdone trope imo. The MC is not all that bad. She cares. <<less
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Sheerluck31 rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: c21
As is was mentioned before in other reviews, there are quite a bit of plot holes in the story.

For me this level of holes is pretty tolerable. What really and truly bugged me was how there was "rushed" feeling. As if the author was so anxious to get to the good part (cooking, slice of life and fluff) that the interactions got quite superficial and unrealistic.

Nevermind world building, even the characters are flat.

And I agree with the omelette comment. The power of omelette in Japan seems to be almighty, and... more>> all fall for it at the first bite.

Overall, a fun read, as long as you don't think too much I'm further along in the story and finally got used to it. Changed from 2 stars to 4. It's pretty good for a light read, but I admit one of those stars is exclusively because of the effort of the translator.

There is no character development at all but maybe them being so generic (with no depth on their personality) is also a way to keep things light.

The various POVs that bring no new information are quite the fun quirk, and although not needed (or even useful at all) I do enjoy them. <<less
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HellaCe rated it
December 7, 2020
Status: c45
An army of plot holes... That's what I've just read. My advice, don't think, so you won't ask questions about the events of the story, disengage your brain.

It passes the time, plus it's an interesting idea to bring a mom in a hero summoning. Of course, you keep wondering why this person did this or didn't do that,... but don't!

Apart from the plot holes, there are 2 things I found particularly annoying:

... more>> 1- when changing the POV, you don't learn much more but have to reread the same scene multiple times

2-why do Japanese authors must make their MC a good cook arriving in a world where an omelet is a great achievement which win the heart (and stomach) of all the powerfull people they meet? That's too absurd for me. <<less
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