As I Was Reincarnated as the Villainess of an Otome Game, I Panic-confessed to the Heroine to Avoid My Ruin Flag. Since She Was Ok With It, I Will Live a Fake Yuri Life.


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The Villainess of the Otome Game “Étoile of the Magic Academy,” Cordelia Hamilton, has regained her memories of her past life.

However, it happened after she had already entered the Magic Academy at the start of the game.

As Cordelia had continued to act like a selfish lady, she was hated by the Capture Targets.

It was impossible to avoid her ruin by increasing her favor with the Capture Targets at this point.

In that case, she’ll aim for the Heroine to avoid the Ruin Route!

“From the first time I saw you, I’ve fallen in love with you! Please go out with me!”

“… Yes, with pleasure!”

“Eh…? Is, is this okay? Truly?!”

Cordelia’s bully entourage accepts this love confession as real and stops harassing the Heroine, Stella.

In this manner, Cordelia’s fake yuri relationship began…

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lilytan rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a cute short story of a villainess who wakes up and tries to escape her bad end route. Because she only woke up exactly 5 minutes before she does something bad to the female lead, she immediately confesses in panic to escape her bad end (even if it meant pretending to be Yuri).


the male targets end up supporting the Yuri route, it looks like the whole school is secretly Yuri fan, lol.



the villainess ends up actually falling for the female lead


and they live happily ever after
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February 18, 2021
Status: --
[Will be rating later]

Only three chapters in and I'm already loving it! It's unbelievable fluffy and cute. I just wish there were more Yuri stories with the reincarnated/transmigrated as a villainess noble lady plot.
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RozuArison rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This is so fluffy ans cute!! It's a shame that the story is short, but I enjoyed the short moment.

“Observation first, strictly no touching.” Lol it's funny how the side characters and all of the people in the story decided to support the yuri couple. Even the capture targets wanted to protect the lillies HAHHAHAHA
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Mi-yu rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: --
Fujoshi here, this is my first time reading a yuri-themed novel and I must, it was sweet as a first time. Short and simple, those three chapters were full of potential and also has its few oddities such as:

... more>>

It's kinda discomforting to see the princes being "supportive" when they act like nice guy fetishists. I have no qualms with the girls supporting the two because when they expressed it, they were collected and didn't put much effort, showing that it's a natural thing to have happened. I don't see that often in both yuri or yaoi, seeing it here however made me have a soft spot for these unnamed posse of Cordelia. The princes though, in their case, was slightly creepy. It's the period of COVID as I am writing this and I have seen the extent people, called gatekeepers, go to and that is exactly their attitude in some sense.

I suppose it's because they were close to Stella and thus were like that and it's technically their setting as capture targets, but considering this isn't an otome game anymore and technically real life, it's just creepy. But they atleast have some use as to allow the two to be together so that's a good point. I just can't get rid of the gross feeling of them keeping watch over these two.


In terms of relationship, it's very wholesome though confusing which is normal for short and simple stories like this. Here is the raw analysis I have concocted while reading:


Cordelia is rather hesitant in the beginning and clearly just keeping the relationship for the sake of her own wellbeing while Stella who doesn't know anything that Cordelia does, was very proactive in the relationship which is good in terms of having a relationship, a romantic relationship at that. They were a tad distant with each other but somewhere in the end, we get this spiel from Cordelia about how she felt guilty for having taken away Stella's fate from the capture targets. Her realizing and feeling guilty of taking Stella's supposed happiness as her realizing she had indeed fallen for Stella was a simple yet soft way of expressing what true love is like in one way amongst many. Of course there was the odd scene of them kissing, but hey that's young middle-school love for you haha.

As someone who swing both and in all directions, I can only wish for a sweet relationship like it.


Like every reader who has read this, this story truly has potential and if fleshed out would have garnered many fans. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try reading yuri or girl's love novels for the first time. In my opinion, this genre should be written with more quality than quantity but nonetheless, I hope everyone else enjoys this just as much as I did. <<less
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Vampire Maiden
Vampire Maiden rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: c3
It's a decent, mildly entertaining story. I would only recommend it to fans of yuri.

The writing is quite simple, and some sentences would be better if grouped into paragraphs. In addition, the translation tosses capitalized phrases left and right. The dialogue suffers from a typical problem in Japanese webnovels - it does not specify who is speaking - but this is a mild problem as the amount of characters are few. Readers might not mind all this, however; there are differences between the Japanese and English languages.

At the beginning, the... more>> main character's reasoning is a bit forced and all the other characters easily accept the love between the two.

The capture targets give up on the heroine and become fans of yuri. There is no discrimination against lesbians, which is a bit weird in a male-dominated society.


The story, owing to its short length, suffers from lack of development in characters and worldbuilding. <<less
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chrysanthemum enthusiast
chrysanthemum enthusiast rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: --
Short and sweet!

The characters are really cute and I like the interactions between the MC and the heroine ^v^
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