Arranged Marriage


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Coercive relationships and immoral characters appear. Read at your discretion.

It’s the first time he has been craving someone like this.

The urge to go mad if he doesn’t hug her right away. Even though he hugs her every day and kisses her lips, his burning thirst for her is not satisfied.

“Let me go. Let me go! I hate you!”

“Why? Even if I’m hated, I’m going to make you mine.” His cool face was filled with her vision.

“That way, you won’t think about running away and will stay next to me forever, right? Even if you hate me, I need you.”

Tae-seok immediately overpowered her hand. The car was quiet as if a storm had been swept away.

“I’ve said it before. Contrary to how you look, you have a quick temper.”

The finger that was rubbing her hair slipped. He continued, who gently wiped away her tears.

“It’s probably because I’ve never waited for anything in my life this badly.”

As his face got closer, Hye-won closed her eyes. She felt a hot breath tickling her lips.

“…But I’m very patient.”

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6 Reviews

Jan 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Just want to say that I'm happy to see it here and that it's being translated! I read this novel in Korean and it was a rollercoaster of emotions. I really hated ML, but I enjoyed the plot! ML is on the list of the most possesive psycho male leads.
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Oct 11, 2023
Status: c85
Maybe I'm wrong in giving such low rate, since the description didn't forget to warn the readers about the Coercive Relationships and Immoral Characters and still at my own risk, I insistently read. But I'm not a good and fair reader, thus the 3 stars ⭐️

The novel is about Obsession at First Sight.

A typical story of cold and handsome and obviously, since is smut, h**ny CEO versus annoyingly naive and pretty young woman.

Despite the typical plot, this novel still surprised me, but I'm not sure if it was in a... more>> good way, because the male lead...


... was a truly psychopath! A walking red flag 🚩! Ok, ok... he had a horrible childhood, but still I had my share of yanderism (obssessive love) in novels, but this male lead was too much.

It is true that there's various studies that suggest that many CEOs have psychopathic tendencies (lack of empathy and remorse, dominance and hunger for power, very strategic, charismatic and sadist) but this guy in the novel was a mix of psychopath and tug 😅 (the type of *imitating the male lead's voice * "I'm not going to send you to jail for committing this crime against me, instead I'm going to beat you up with a golf club until crippling you, " and also "I'm going to scheme against my lover's older brother by making him overdose so that way my lover can becomes vulnerable and deepened her dependency on me" - that really happened in the novel). He not only like a psychopath stalked, gaslighted, dominated and forced himself on female lead (for me, it was r*pe), but also went after female lead's ex-boyfriend and started distributing punches left and right like a gangster and destroying the ex-boyfriend's life, just because he was jealous. It surprised me that no one commented in the reviews the horrible scene where the male lead...


... kidnapped the ex-boyfriend and showed how he forcefully climaxed inside female lead in front of the poor kidnapped guy 🤯... (unfortunately and shockingly this isn't the first novel that I read this kind of act, of the male lead purposely having s*x in front of second male lead, but these kind of scenes are still horrifying)


Alas, meanwhile the female lead...
... was totally blah 😑 not different of the various female leads that readers can see in typical asian novels, sold to male leads (through contract marriages) to benefit female lead's family, unable to defend themselves against the powerful male leads (the typical imbalance of power dynamics) and annoyingly naive and virg*nal pretty women that behaves like a doormat and forgives the pathologic behaviors of their abusive male leads.


This has nothing to do with the story, but I wonder if the novel would be more interesting if it was a story of a cold and pretty and h**ny female CEO versus an annoyingly naive, virg*nal and handsome young man 🤔... <<less
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Jun 17, 2023
Status: --
I'm not gonna rate this because I don't want to lower the rating for others who might enjoy this, But I really didn't enjoy it at all.

I love Yandere and Obsessive ml's. I looked for the genres and stumbled onto this novel, so it's not like I was caught off guard by the red flags that my poor delicate self couldn't comprehend, yet I dislike it still, why?

Because I felt the FL was being gaslighted and her personality was being canceled out too much.

Although I like obsessive ml's who sometimes... more>> act crazy for the sake of getting love even if it means doing the wrong thing and wronging the FL due to jealousy or whatever, but I could forgive them with a bit of groveling and nice gestures.

Here though, I felt the ML was just acting so superior. He's just going and getting his own way. I don't even know if the FL is really upset or not, she objects then in the next chapter she's still on board.

I didn't like how the FL was strung along, had zero personality, and was humiliated so much without being able to object. What bothered me the most is she was being treated like an invalid baby by everyone.

An example of this treatment was:


When she broke up with her bf to get engaged to the ML bec. He can save her family business and she was okay with it. The ML also had someone he was sleeping with before and she even barged in on them while they were having dinner, but the FL didn't react because he kicked her out.

Meanwhile, he tracked down her ex bf. After investigating her, stalked him, beat him up, then went and had S with her even though she didn't really want to, but just went along with it.

He keeps telling her he will get her prego even though she says she doesn't want to.

The bf contacted her about what happened and told her he was monitoring her every move.

The FL went to break off the engagement, only to be told that she had to return the booking fees for the engagement ring she didn't ask for and that she had to sleep with him and he will let her go. She agrees for some reason because she has become brainless at this stage, only to be caught off guard that her ex. Bf has been tied and forced to watch them from behind a screen. Then she throws the engagement ring and the ML puts it back and slaps her a**, tells her to not take it off again and that's that. The engagement is still ongoing.


so many situations like this coercion and humiliation.

and the FL just forgets for some reason and they keep going. I watched so many intense romances but this type angers me so much. When the FL is humiliated or treated like a 3-year-old, I just want to know if she ever becomes a person but maybe I'll quit before that. <<less
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Feb 17, 2023
Status: --
I'm not gonna give my rating yet but this is one of another K - novels that the ML is so obsessive and a bit lunatic but loves the MC so much in just not the right way. But, the story and the spicy is more than enough to categorize as smut. Thank you, translator -nim for your patience and hardworks.👍
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ani ianna
ani ianna
May 07, 2023
Status: Completed
It was really a good novel with somewhat good and minimum amount of chapters for binge reading it was really good I like the FL and the ML is really possessive obsessive kind of lover to her but I enjoyed it you won't regret reading it every chapter is worth reading without skipping

... more>>

he wanted to make her pregnant so that he will have a excuse to bind her to his side forever from the starting but when she got pregnanthe kinda was not satisfied and happy with it like thinking will her weak body be okay carrying his baby at such young age I was like boy what were thinking when you made her pregnant in the first place 🤣🤣

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Nov 19, 2023
Status: Completed
You've been warned: there's non-consensual relationship here so maybe some people would find it uncomfortable to read. ML also really had a serious mental problem so he was far from the ideal ML. There's also some disturbing things happened here that would make you loathe ML more such as:

... more>>

He had s*x with her in front of her ex boyfriend. Yes, in a full view. It's a bit surprising though because I thought with his possessive tendency, he wouldn't bear to let her nak*d body viewed by other man but I guess his jealousy burned his rationality.


The only redeeming quality of ML maybe that he treated FL really well, almost like a princess treatment. But aside from that, I couldn't think any of his good side. Well, maybe he's good at s*x also could be counted as good quality? <<less
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