Arms Otome


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Yagami Touko, a woman of around thirty who prioritized games over romance.

In the midst of playing a browser game called “Arms Girls,” late at night she was suddenly transfered to a world similar to that of the game.

Touko, who had now taken on an appearance of a young girl, is surrounded by these so called “Arms Girls” who protect and love her.

This is a story to be read while spurred with time.

Associated Names
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Weapon Maiden
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05/21/19 yurikatrans c19 part3
05/20/19 yurikatrans c19 part2
05/19/19 yurikatrans c19 part1
05/05/19 yurikatrans c18
04/21/19 yurikatrans c17
04/01/19 yurikatrans c16
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01/08/19 yurikatrans c14
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05/16/17 yurikatrans c7
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Artemis1990 rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: c4
Interesting premise if not largely overused nowadays, MC transported to a game world where some weapons can turn into girls accompanying the MC. Basically a gacha girls harem type novel except with female MC rather than male.

Why only 3 stars then? Well, I'm not quite sure whether it is the translator or the writer's style but the writing style leaves much to be desired. The chapters are short and quite lacking in detail, the MC at times sounds more like a middle aged guy (while before she got transported, apparently... more>> she was female gendered too), There is some difficulty in telling whether the characters are talking or just internal monologuing.

All in all, not exactly a "bad" story but I won't put it as a "good" one either. It is still quite enjoyable for lover of the genre as long as one don't have high standard of literary writing. <<less
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calebra rated it
June 6, 2018
Status: Completed
Honestly, this could be considered as one of my favorite yuri reads. So much potential with my favorite tropes included. But it was cut short. It ended way too early. She only got around 5 (I don't quite remember) Arms and her story ended then. They basically finished a huge fight and it ended with the author saying something like "their adventure of collecting Arms continued on" or something.

It was still a fun read though. Their interactions and how Yato finds the Arms precious, the Arms' desire to protect her... more>> and also how they adore her. The flow of the story and the battle scenes were good and this really would've been such a great story to read again and again if only it was longer.

It's short but it's fun. Oh and of course, don't expect any serious romantic yuri developments. Just yuri fanservice, for those who are wondering. <<less
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