Are You Stupid? I Can Draw! [Unlimited]


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Alien civilization landed on Earth, and the Earth Brave Game opened.

The only way to save Earth from alien invasion is to clear the game.

Elite geniuses from all over the world came into action, while ordinary people watched the live broadcast and cheered like crazy.

Then, I accidentally entered the game……

Everyone thought I wouldn’t live more than three days!

I thought the same thing myself.

However, in full view of everyone, I made it to the end.

I saved the entire planet!

Although every time this point is mentioned, people from all over the universe have a constipated look on their faces.

But the wavy arrow can still shoot people to death, and the burger whose ingredients cannot be distinguished can also fill the stomach.

The soul painter also has dignity!

This face-dependent universe is too disappointing for the Brave.


The crowd of alien spectators: Hahaha, the mechanical civilization has no emotions and no food, he will surely starve to death!

Ma Liao: Don’t panic! Let me draw a fruit first and then draw a gem tree that can shake money.


The crowd of alien spectators: Haha, the interstellar beast pirate gang is the most ferocious, killing without batting an eye. Except for the Alliance General, no one can beat them!

Ma Liao: Hold on! Draw a king of beasts to deter them!

Animal civilization: Shut up! Don’t compare this stump-legged tiger with our Alliance General!!


The crowd of alien spectators: Ah ahhhh, he’s already surrounded by the spiritual civilization that has no physical form. Unless a divine dragon descends from the sky, he will definitely die!!

Ma Liao: …… Then, draw a dragon on the left side and a rainbow on the right side?

Divine Dragon Empire: Your whole earth is gone! Screw you, we don’t have such ugly divine dragons!!!!


The stump-legged tiger spoke with the same grumpy voice as the Alliance General;

That silent withered tree branch bloomed into the flower of life of a paladin;

And that divine dragon that was cursed for coiling up like a pile of shit, brought in the prettiest scales used by the Divine Dragon Empire to propose marriage.

Everyone in the Universe: 凸O皿O凸!!!

Everyone in the Universe: Damn humans, ruining my male god!!

Earthlings: …… gives a tired but surviving smile.

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傻了吧,爷会画画! [无限]
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New Blithe rated it
May 9, 2024
Status: Completed
I really loved this novel. Why is it I always find the best novels when it's exam season?😭 *clears throat* Anyways here's a brief synopsis and some pros ans cons below.

Brief synopsis:

A game called the Earth brave game descends the earth when a bunch of airships overtook the earth's sky and humans are faced with two options : Summit to higher forces or play a death game where if at least one human can complete 10 levels, Earth will allowed to be it's own entity.

Enter Ma Liao, a mushroom tragically... more>> born as a human, who was born with bad luck and accidentally pressed the button to enter the game. He has to level up in the game to survive where each level is a different planet basically. All humans who enter the game gains powers. He's not alone though as he somehow ends up with three sons, a plant, a tiger and a dragon. (+2 more)

What I liked:

This novel didn't paint humans in a very negative light. Most of the time, people from everywhere in the world unite to protect their planet. MC gains some devoted followers and reliable teammates during his journey.

This novel beyond hilarious. That's what happens when you put the most unmotivated person as the MC 🤣.

If I didn't mention it already, MC is absolutely the best.

The world building and the plot was very well done. The ending was perfect as well.

What I disliked:

The novel was really leaning into stereotypes. Especially of people that were not from China. While foreigners were not really painted in a negative light, they weren't portrayed well.

There was not much spark between MC and ML. That being said it didn't impact the novel much.

As another comment mentioned,

the part where the ML forced MC to live in a world where everyone that he loved had perished just so he can unlock his power was simply too much. ML deserves to kneel on a washboard I swear.


Anyway, I really liked the novel as it was very engaging. So 10/10 recommend. <<less
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Rikka san
Rikka san rated it
April 4, 2024
Status: --
I seriously liked this novel since it was hilarious af and well done.

Until we got near the end.

... more>>

basically ML creates an illusion world to help MC overcome the final level and erased his memory. So MC becomes close to him because he didn't have any memories despite not being that romantically interested in ml. MC was fine on his own and the author might have realized that so they used the amnesia trope. That destroyed any love I had for this novel though I still finished it. They tried to sugar-coat it by saying ML was gambling his self and making a sacrifice yada yada MC wont be able to reach past his barriers without this yada yada gah.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 18, 2024
Status: c17
I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this purely from the writing or story perspective, but there's one thing that really puts me off - and I get the feeling the author will never completely drop the racism/xenophobia.
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