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In a world dotted with World Entrances to a demon world, demons have invaded humans for centuries. Humanity has united and one of the most ancient sects in the world, the Archean Mountain Sect, has set up an entire education system in the form of Dao Academies and defenses at the World Entrances.

Meng Chuan, a young genius, is an expert at the swift saber. Despite his noble heritage, he has one goal—kill all demons. Scarred by demons because of how his mother sacrificed her life for him, he strives to enter Archean Mountain Sect to get the best resources and training.

Other than cultivation, his only pleasure is drawing. And as he draws, he becomes stronger…

Enjoy this blood-pumping piece of art in Meng Chuan’s journey to slay demons with the help of united human comrades.

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Cang Yuan Tu
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New Temp950 rated it
February 24, 2024
Status: c767
Its not that different from other cultivation novels in some ways. Its the same progress and growth and fighting increasingly stronger enemies, but it somehow kept my interest throughout. It stands out from other novels in that the protagonist isn't all about casually killing people who mouth off to him, and there aren't an endless stream of willing villains who exist just to be killed. The latter portion of the novel is very slow in comparison to the first part, and no real antagonist shows up, but it is a... more>> satisfying end to the story nonetheless. <<less
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LeaningMaple rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: c766
As a fan of the author IET, I've completed every other translated work of his. AEA is the newest one. While it bears similarities to his previous story STFSP, in that it stays focused on a "war against foreign invasion" plotline rather than have repeated solo ascensions, it's also a novel that makes me sad about the state of webnovels in China.

Simply put, the old men of the CCP don't like webnovels (especially ones that espouse traditional Chinese literary themes like revolution, such as Stellar Transformation) so lately Qidian has... more>> made authors write stories about protagonists who obediently work their way up in the societal hierarchy, in order to take a leadership position to help protect their country from the dual threat of foreigners (monsters from another world) and traitors allied with foreigners. Another example of this is Er Gen's AWWP.

In AEA, every person in the government's core leadership is a saint who would die to protect humanity. Mass relocations end up necessary, and anyone who refuses to leave their home may end up killed by the foreigners. Aside from the philosopher-king leadership and the gratefully obedient unwashed masses, the country is full of entrenched powers who are nepotistic and corrupt, who even end up politically purged by our autocratic protagonist in a recently translated chapter.

In short, there's zero moral ambiguity. The CCP (Archean Mountain) knows what's best for you. Our protagonist isn't just a cultivation genius, he's one of the few people standing in the way of human genocide by foreigners and traitors, so the circumstances simply dictate that the government needs to have sweeping powers to monitor and control every aspect of people's lives, with everyone outside the leadership depicted as too ignorant, dumb, or corrupt to deserve to have any meaningful input on how society is run.

Aside from all this, AEA is decent. The way IET sets up a detailed world where speed has major tactical significance just shows that he's as clever a writer as ever. Overall, despite the weak characters, narrow/focused scope, and shallow themes, I like this novel more than STFSP and most of LXY. It's just that it's been creatively crippled due to political pressure, so there's zero chance it'll ever match ST, CD, TNC, SS, or DE. In any case, I'm still too huge an IET fan to rate this less than 4 stars...

Edited 5/17/2021 (previous part was written when I'd read up to chapter 255) - Finished it. My opinion didn't change. Probably it's because my expectations were lowered since STFSP, but I didn't mind that it ended with many foreshadowed plot threads unresolved. Actually, I felt it ended more conclusively than STFSP, since it at least took a couple hundred chapters to explore the wider universe. About the tone of the end:

There are no more enemies left to beat. It was also clear that Meng Chuan's future cultivation path was very bright; due to his avatars, Meng Chuan's life hadn't even once been threatened in the past 200 chapters, but as of the final chapter he's even more "immortal" than he was before! What would I even feel tension about, then?


So yeah, I don't mind that the author ended the story when he did. It was fun while it lasted. I'll still hope against hope that the author's next work is better... I'd like to see a return of classic IET tropes like male sidekick/bro characters, love interests who don't follow the "cultivation genius + demure beauty" archetype, a constant threat of death, entrenched powers who force the protagonist into a life on the run, and so on. I really don't want to read yet another IET novel that's about a protagonist who obediently works his way up the hierarchy to deal with a foreign threat! It's too thematically stale and predictable... <<less
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GinMagi rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: v22?
Another novel by IET. Sadly, he has not improved whatsoever over the years. The novel is at the same level as his other novels. They tend to be well written to some extent, not a hodgepodge like other novels, there is a proper goal the protagonist is aiming for. However, the other characters that are somewhat interesting always end up becoming losers, as seen in Coiling Dragon with Oliver who was the protagonist's rival. If you liked IET's previous works you will enjoy this as I did, but there is... more>> nothing new. Some cliches you see in IET's novels stay the same, such as the protagonist's lover always ending up being weaker or a second wheel to him and needs his help. These same cliches you see in his previous works you will see in this work. <<less
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oatesi rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: c160
Hmm what do I say about this? First of all I'll say that you get a feel for how the novel will progress in the first couple of chapters, If I'm honest it's more like a readable 2star rather than 3 starts.

This novel is actually annoying to read once you've been around the block a few times

1. The characters are pretty bland, theres no personality or development, the best side characters/only memorable ones are his dad, great aunt and love interest's senior brother.

2. Its pretty boring if I'm honest, I... more>> like the whole training and learning techniques part of these novels but not when it's the only thing that happens in a novel.

3. Litterally nothing happens 90% of the time, just trading and wowing at the MC.

4. The MC is bland like really bland, his only redeemable feature is his hatred of demons l, which 1. Is annoying and misguided when you find out they have personalities, 2. Seem to be pretty mistreated by humans too and 3. When a certain something where I've read up to completely invalidates it.

5. The thing that annoys me most of all about this novel is the art, for a super peerless prodigy, he doesn't understand f all about art except composition even that is a push.

To summarise, its readable but not good, read if you cant find anything else to read or havent read Er Gan in a while.

6. Because I forgot, this novel repeats isltseld and meananders for chapters and chapter and chapters over stuff it could finish after a couple of paragraphs. <<less
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Wakashii rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c628
Don't be fooled by any negative review, most people always compare IET's novel and rely on that to present criticisms of his novels. Honestly, I always loved his style, and this novel is no different, it's not slow or fast, the fights are goods and the protagonist is OP without being ridiculously superior to everything and everyone, there's no r*pe or harem, it's has the perfect pace, in my opinion, and there's hardly any "gaps" in the story. It's pretty enjoyable, and if we compare with how many thrash novels... more>> are being translated, It's 110% worth a reading.

Ok that was my review BEFORE IET's finished the novel rushing every thing that was possible, holy f*ck, I'm so mad, It's the second novel in a row that he does that, the end is more than lame, it's so thrash that I wouldn't advice you to read this sh*t even though It was good until 730. It was a novel that could easily surpass 1k chapters but It was finished at 766. <<less
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regimeswitch rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: c563
It's pretty bland. The beginning is just a boring, comfy power-up story without much conflict. The demon war is the bulk of the interest. By the time you get to chapter 500, the power levels and scale just sorta grow way too out of control. Not enough instances of hard struggles to get a great victory. Far too many instances of, "well I'm powerful enough now so let's just resolve everything easily".

Was easy enough to read but didn't really feel that satisfying. Don't really recommend.
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robotical rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c442
The protagonist Barry Allen The Flash Meng Chuan gets faster and faster as he attunes himself to the Speedforce cultivates toward the lightning dao. With his wife Jean Grey The Phoenix Liu Qiyue and companions in the Justice League Archean Mountain sect, he battles the evil parademon invasions from Apokolips the demon world.

I may have made this seem more entertaining than it really is, but Archean Eon Art is a decent webnovel that closely resembles the author's previous work Seeking the Flying Sword Path. If you liked that, then you... more>> might like this. However, Meng Chuan is rather more bland as a character and there is a startling lack of tension in the battles and plot. Sure, he almost dies a number of times, but he gets so strong defensively from power-ups in speed/body refinement/soul arts/etc that you know he won't die. Plotwise, things are telegraphed blatantly.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars for me due to decent writing, good translation, logical power-ups, no annoying young masters, no 'You're courting death' declarations that I remember (it's really a shock to read).

Now, I'm just waiting for an author to give us a Hou Yi/Green Arrow-type xianxia protagonist. Yeah, a number of them have used bows before, but none that I've read have specialised in them. Archery seems to be more a skill for side characters. <<less
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PeeINballs rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c185
The world setting is similar to IET's previous novel, Seeking the Flying Sword Path where the world keeps getting invaded by demons through random world entrances.

The MC Meng Chuan is a saber cultivator who is obsessed with cultivation due to the fact his mother passed away before the novel's beginning due to demons.

I love the fact that there's no arrogant young masters so far and the world seems united as one to stand against demons albeit some interpersonal problems

Love the novel so far
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Lord Yoshino
Lord Yoshino rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: c534
As one would expect from IET, a better than average Xianxia, typical IET material with only one important character in the novel our MC around whom the entire world revolves.

Our MC here is a saber user but is not nearly as talented in fighting arts as other IET MC's. But his talent in painting sort of overcomes his natural lack of talents (like Linley, using arts to raise soul talent in a way) . No harem and his wife doesn't become a burden, unlike other IET novels. She has her... more>> own talents but as IET novels go, her only aim in life seems to be is supporting her husband, with hardly any of her own ambition, life, or a personality beyond that of a loving wife.

Don't get me wrong, it's still readable as far as Xianxia goes, but nothing new or innovative. Just a similar IET world, new MC's, and as typical as a Xianxia goes. What most would expect from IET's Xianxia, nothing more nothing less. <<less
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Valixiant rated it
December 17, 2021
Status: c273
Generally, theres not a lot of the cliches you see in other cultivation novels. The constant "you dare attack this young master" doesn't happen a whole lot. Everything resolves itself in a fairly logical conclusion, which brings me to the various problems of this novel.

First of all, there isn't a whole lot going on. The only real plot twist in the novel (atleast in the first 273 chapters) is both very common and very predictable.

i.e, MC decides to hunt demons because they killed his mother. He is born with a inborn essence soul despite his parents being weak, which has never happened before. So, to no ones surprise, it is revealed that his mother was strong and didn't actually die.

Everything in this novel is cultivation and fighting. This is to the point where the filler is basically cultivation and the main character killing weak enemies. There are tons of lulls in this novel, and overall, the novel seems more like a foundation of a story rather than an actual story. More like a rough draft of a basic story premise.

Second, are the 2d characters. I'm just saying that, but they aren't really 2d. It's just that the novel barely focuses on other characters. Some characters early on will be referenced as somewhat important characters and then will only be talked about vaguely later in the novel. Other characters basically serve no purpose in the story. For example, the main characters ex-fiance. This entire plot line regarding her was a extremely amateurish attempt at a face slap.

Main character's clan was weakening due to their leader being on the verge of death, so the marriage with the MC's fiance was annulled. Later, it turns out the main character is some awe-inspiring genius. However, it's a really bad attempt at a face slap because the fiance barely cares and her clan is talked about in passing that they fell apart or weakened. I can't remember


Overall, the main problem with this novel is just that theres a lack of content. Very steady pacing, everything is logical. The author trapped themselves in a "logical story" causing nothing to be too interesting. Above average writing, average overall considering the problems.
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craBebe rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c46
A good series. But this novel is almost a carbon copy of Seeking the Flying Sword Path. It's eerie how similar a ton of the events are. The "new" thing is that the MC draws and paints, but it has almost no impact on the story and has been brought up twice in the 46 chapters.

I normally love IET's work, but the fact that I'm feeling a surreal sense of deja vu while reading this is really bothersome.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: Completed
not my favorite IET novel.

the start was a 3.5 but by c300 I was bored. it's good enough that I can't justify giving it lower than a 3, but its.... bland. maybe its that the demon invasion thing went on for so long I stopped caring, or maybe it was the blatant CCP/PRC programming and propaganda the author kept throwing in the readers face. and as everyone else has already pointed out, the end was rushed and not as well written as the start.

if this is your first time reading... more>> this author I suggest you read some of his other works instead. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BookWorm65 rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating 2.5/5

Would be a little higher if the ending wasn't just complete tr*sh. So many plotlines left unresolved and the end came out of nowhere.

As for the novel itself, it's a typical IET novel; if you have read one, you know what to expect

... more>> Pros:
- Fights are fun for the most part
- Story doesn't get bogged down much

- 2D characters
- Boring villains
- tr*sh ending
- A lot of copy-paste from his other novels
- Cultivation system. After a certain point, there's essentially no threats to MC which makes for a very boring read. Basically, MC would have to go out of his way to offend someone who could kill him. <<less
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nuu rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c766
If you like IET novels, you'll like this one. It's one of his smaller works, like the Nine Cauldrons: only 1.3 million words in translation. But it's long enough for my taste. It has the requisite elements of a boy growing up to become a superpower. In addition, because it's shorter, the scale in much of the novel is closer to human -- cities are in the low millions, distances in the world are in thousands of miles; character ages are in decades or at most centuries, not millions of... more>> years.

IET's attempts to incorporate science into a fantasy world are awkward, but if you can accept the usual Xianxia components, nothing too bad. The love story is again a typical understated (not to say wooden) IET, but there are a couple of quite poignant chapters.

While it has its share of tense situations, it's not quite as full of dire times as IET's longer novels -- again, I think the shorter size works to avoid extensive tension. My preference is for high tension to be interleaved with calmer chapters, and this novel gets this balance better than, say, the Desolate Era.

On the whole, if you like IET and the Xianxia tropes, this is a very enjoyable story, with lots of cultivation, a generous (but not excessive) number of fights, and low drama. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aknaT rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I honestly really enjoyed the novel as from the obvious 4/5. IET knows how to write good novels, yet the endings always seem to fall flat. I guess I'm just this upset because I really developed a connection to this one as opposed to Desolate Era or Coiling Dragon.

... more>>

The Happily Ever After was a great trope to end the story on, but since the world-building was done greatly in this story, I really just wanted more. It would have been great to see the outer universe, but now that I think about it, it would have just been a larger River of Space-Time.


The characters from Archean Eon Realm besides Li Qiyue got ignored, but other than that, the story is really solid. <<less
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DaoistHarvey rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: c738
One of the best novel I've read. Others might find it boring or slow but for me it's perfectly compatible to my taste. There's not much cliche and the romance.... It's good for me but for those who are looking for cringy romance, don't read it

The ending is unsatisfactory but It's a very wise decision from the author
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Kassandra rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is too perfect for me, it's too much my cup of tea. Words can't tell how much I adore this novel.

The novel's focus is more on the protagonist, there's side characters but the center is Meng Chuan, the protagonist. I like that the protagonist wasn't that of a holy father, and also wasn't that ruthless and domineering, which is good. There's also the antagonists, they're not the brainless types, they have their own development and thinking which I love.

And the ending, it's just too perfect for me. It's... more>> an open ended ending which I like. Would recommend this. <<less
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SlimePlort rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: Completed
If I Eat Tomatoes (IET) is anything, it is consistent. He consistently delivers a good experience, but never a great one. This is a story about the struggles and sacrifices a world makes when trying to resist those stronger than them. If you enjoy the beginning, you'll enjoy the full novel. I recommend reading it, but understanding it won't be one of the greats.

The ending is bad as usual but doesn't detract from the story. His stories actual endings are usually around the 70-80% mark, and everything after is to... more>> make a conclusion for his fans. If you're new to IET, there's something you should understand - to IET plot comes first, and the story setting comes last. IET uses a story's setting to further his plot and will disregard it or abandon it when convenient. It's the opposite methodology to novels like, say, Lord of The Rings.

This means his Painting Dao is largely a plot device and we don't see much investment into its development. The paintings he makes, however, are beautiful and you really feel invested into them. Each of those scenes are really immersive. It's a shame that they're disregarded immediately after however. We never see them exist beyond their creation.

His talent goes up and down wildly throughout the story because it's used to drive his storyline rather than follow consistent rules. When he needs more talent, he gets 'lucky'.

Cultivation difficulty depends on the main character's realm. The story always begins with explaining how incredibly difficult it is to reach a realm. As he climbs higher, those 'difficult realms' become littered with enough people to leave the ants of our world in shame. While you can attribute this to the character seeing more now that he's a higher existence, it's really because without enough people at those realms it's much harder to drive plot devices. Plot first and setting last.

Romance is bad as usual. Don't get me wrong - the FL is always a good character. You'll enjoy reading their romance for the most part. She's just never a real character. IET follows the traditional version of cultivation novels that are the one character storyline. Everything and everyone that appears in the novel exist or revolve around the story and progress of the main character. Because of this romance can never shine, and the FL can never develop to mean anything to the story. Which is a shame because IET's FL usually have a lot of potential as their own character.

To sum it up; good story, mediocre cultivation novel. <<less
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Salaheddine rated it
May 18, 2022
Status: c639
the start of the novel is really good, the MC has a good personality, his childhood friend is ok, apart from this two I dont have any memorable memory of other characters, maybe the "rival" but the author just kinda ignore him close tothe mid stage of the plot, but the world idea is nice, and I really enjoyed reading it but at one point its a downhill

... more>>

so to explain briefly, the MC world is invaded by demons, everyone resist them, there are traitors among them and the MC isnt overpower, just have an above average talent in swords but have mega op talent in painting that make him cultivate his spirit easier, so he use this to keep up with other genius, the story get downhill when the author start giving the MC what he lake, literally giving him sword talent, its explaned as an latent talent that just awakned but I say bullshit, but ok thats not really a big of deal, thats just the starting point. The MC use a talisman that made him teleport to the outer world to escape the demons and grow up more stronger, this arc is boring af, because everyone use corporal clones (basically a second body) to explore this dangerous outer world and only the super duper weak explore with there main body because they cant make there own clone, and also because the MC speed rune the first 3 levels of the new power scale, after coming back and kicking the ass of the demons the story become even more boring, we are told that when you become stronger we become so resilient that its impossible to be killed exept by a super duper strong level that was told in legends (aka exept by a level we will only see in the end of the novel) there are 9 levels, if they say you became like that in level 8 I would had no problem but that start from level 3 and level 4 you could be killed by level 5 but its a lot of work that its not worth it and level 5 basically impossible, without forgeting that every one at this point use clones so the story didnt have any stakes


im not 100% sure of the accuracy of those information but you got the general gist of what I think about it, what I really want to give it is 2, 5 point because in the end it become just boring I didnt read it till the end because at chapter 640 I was like "whats even the point" and didnt even finish the chapter.

to resume my review, a good start, a borring end <<less
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miscreant rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel had potential but it was never realised.

Most obvious flaw is that the ending was quite abrupt almost as if the novel had been dropped. While novelupdates status says it's "completed" it wouldn't surprise me if IET, his editor or his profit margins decided to kill it off earlier than intended.

I think a big problem with this novel is the lack of suspense since the protagonist is rarely in any actual danger.... more>>

In the first arc the demon invaders above MC's cultivation can't enter and MC has single use items that can kill anything. He then fights in areas where only his cultivation and below can enter while simultaneously having combat strength above his level of cultivation.

In next arc when he leaves his homeworld all the characters are essentially sending out clones and their original body is protected. To make it so every character isn't immortal they make it so you can kill enemies via karmic attacks but that's pretty arbitrary. The MC can create new bodies literally with a thought and can self destruct them to avoid karmic attacks.

Then at the very end people's combat power is literally who can invite an 8th Tribulation senior to act on their behalf with apparent issue being most of them can't be bothered to do so.


I think some of the writing is a bit lazy at times so you'll see MC started cultivating and then later on you'll get a timeskip and something like 37 years later he broke through. This gets particularly bad at the end of the novel. The relationships are pretty superficial/transactional but that is par for the course for IET where a love interest could be cryogenically frozen and you wouldn't notice the difference.

Overall I'd say it's not awful and you might even enjoy reading it but I'd say it's far from IET's best work. I'd probably give it around 2.5/5 but I think if a good editor had gone over it, told IET to fix the flaws then it could probably get to around 4/5 without huge modifications to the overall plotline but since that isn't the case it's like reading a first draft so original score applies. <<less
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anjaana7877 rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: Completed
My rating was based on how much I enjoyed reading the novel. Its a fact that no matter how good a book you read, you would always have some kind of regret.

Due to being habituated with 1000's of chapters in Xianxia genre, I did feel the novel ended too fast.

It does have the usual IET's talented MC and decent well thought out Cultivation path. You might like it most probably, if you into cultivation novels but not really into the arrogant characters and other generic stuff.
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