Arceus’ Pirate Journey


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In the Great Pirate Era, countless people rushed to the sea.

The person who obtained Arceus’ power arrived in this world as the new Arceus and got in touch with the Lunarian race.

Based on the reality that everything can be Mythical Zoan, the current him can also be called Mythical Zoan user.

Whether it is One Piece or Pirate King, it has nothing to do with him, all he wants to do is to retrieve the lost plates first.

During this process, he formed an alliance with Beasts Pirates, a famous pirate crew in the New World, and Mr. Kaido got his coveted Mythical Zoan Army.

When Pteranodon becomes Aerodactyl, when Brachiosaurus becomes Tropius, the combination of Pokémon and devil fruit powers will bring a whole new change to the world….

Lunarian’s glory will surely reappear.

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Victor56 rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: c495
Caught up on the MTL, the novel itself is pretty slow paced in regards to plot progression. The MC takes a pretty large supporting role, as he creates Pokémon and then spreads over the world (but mainly Wano right now, he’s tied up with Kaido). Decent fun romp through the One Piece world, but it’s hard to see where the story will go, it seems the MC only really wants to collect his slates but no real concrete goal beyond that. Writing itself is pretty decent for fan fiction standards,... more>> and it’s fun to see how different events and characters play out because of the MC’d intervention. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: c293
An exciting crossover of One Piece x Pokemon. One of the best One Piece fanfics so far (up to c1295), but it is still ongoing, so let's see~

A modern person was reborn as Arceus egg in One Piece world. He got deified by Lunarian tribe, and rewarded them with the ability to control fire when the tribe was in a crisis. However, the World Government hunted the Lunarian tribe to near extinction.

When he cracked the egg shell, there was only two Lunarian kids in the same lab and Kaido. He... more>> joined Kaido and developed Hundred Beasts pirates in order to collect his missing slates all over the world, take revenge on the World Government, and revive the Lunarian tribe. Meanwhile, he used his power to create lots of Pokemon, and strengthen Hundred Beasts members,

He and Kaido actually had various differences, but all of it turned into complementary rather than conflicts. While Kaido was careless and 100% battle maniac, Arceus loved orders and peaceful developments. Both managed to reach certain balance which established a better and more peaceful environments than the canon version of Hundred Beasts pirates.

I liked the pace of the story. I also liked the way the author developed new saga over canon events, without subverting original characters. There were a few normal plot holes, but everything was still enjoyable up to the latest chapter.

I hope the author and translator keep it up. <<less
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