April, Training of Teachers, Love Letter From Within


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In April, on the day of the teacher training began, a special guest visited Eunjo, a high school Korean language teacher.

Se-ah was the class president who was in charge of her class when she first became a teacher. Except for her exceptional appearance and her role as a class president, she had no choice but to remember it in particular.

Eunjo who had closed her heart well because of the miserable farewell she had just gone through, and Se-ah, a reckless younger woman who boldly goes straight to Eunjo.

The story of two people ripening with spring during a month of teacher training.

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4월, 교생실습, 내재율의 러브레터
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Meloonseed rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: c1
Oh my god. Is this the first Korean GL novel on novelupdates?? About time!!! I'm so excited for it, Korean romance novel authors normally do so well with basic BG novels.

I'm so excited reading the first chapter. Pretty well translated and written, it seems. It also hits all my favorite romance themes: age difference and teachers.

I can die happy now..
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