Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood


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Luo Zheng is at the bottom of the Luo Clan hierarchy, despite his family being the founders of a power refining technique that could instantly defeat any opponent.

One night, enraged by unfair treatment from a family steward, Luo Zheng burns the family records. In doing so, the hidden magic in the book engulfs him and Luo Zheng becomes a new skilled fighter. Fleeing his home and despicable clan, Luo Zheng must learn to harness his powers to rescue his younger sister while his own cousins are on his pursuit.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Tempered into Immortal
The Endless Road to Divinity
不灭武神 (new title)
百炼成神 (old title)
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Epicbruhmanmoment rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: --
I have read this novel's Manhua and if the story is the same as the plot in the manhua then I have to say that this novel is trash. If you have read Martial World then you essentially know the whole plot to the series except you will have to sit through and read the same story of Martial World yet with a much more retarded MC, retarded side characters whose only job is to make the MC look better and "cheer him on" and bad story elements in general.


As... more>> I said the story is the exact same as Martial World except that the author added his own (retarded) ideas to make it "better". For example, in the arc where the MC has to leave his home continent to go to a continent on the other side of his planet (seems familiar?), he has to go the Tower of Sin to get the inheritance of an immortal yet when he goes through a series of tests to get the recognition of the Tower's spirit, he defeats the previous master's clone and is able to remove anyone he hates from the tower. Yet he immediately get into a fight with the demons and has to have the Demon Nights (Elves) to save him because his sword spirit is a Elf King instead of just removing all strong demons from the tower and allowing the humans and elves to gain the resources inside. I also don't understand why the author had to make it so that his sister is trapped and he was a slave even though it provided no use to the story except for a "too strong for MC villain that he kills later". Something I also hate is tat the author made his sister his "Fate's guide" so his sister constantly gets captured and he has to save her which is f****** stupid. I mean if he wanted to have a way to make the MC want to go to the higher realms he could have just made him obsessed with the "Dao" at least it isn't as lazy and annoying as having to save his sister multiple times.


The cultivation is divided into Essence, Body and Soul (Similar to Martial World) and he discovers and practices all three of them at the exact times that Lin Ming did in his story. The Cultivation Stages for the Essence is your typical cultivation stages but the Body and Soul Cultivation are the same as Martial World that the Body Cultivation stages are the exact same as Martial World that even the final stages use Star energy to cultivate.


The romance in this novel is about the same as all the other Chinese novels which is basically none. The female characters fall for him because he saves them. That's it (I cant say Martial World did it better because the romance in there was also nonexistent). The only positive I can think of is that he only married three women (Which I still think is too much as only 1 women would have been since one of his wives literally isn't mentioned for half of the f****** story.


I simply don like it. I know I compared it a lot to Martial World and I know Martial World isn't the pinnacle of Chinese cultivation stories but that's what this is a sh**** clone of Martial World. <<less
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piggymush rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c811
I hope someone continue this novel pls. I'm having a headache while mtl it. I read the manhua and still waiting for new update. At the first part of the story is boring coz' it has so many words and explanation related in cultivation. However when the MC is in the sect, the progress of the story is getting better. This is not like the other novel when the MC is in love to FL. Instead it's about her sister, the 9 dragons and his mysterious destiny.

One of the reason... more>> I like this is because even if there are women have feelings for him. He only just focus to become strong so he can save his sister and he knows that he owes the dragons so he decided that in the future he will help them. Yes, I like his personality. I don't know why there's a r*pe tag here in the novel. I'm in chapter 811 and still have no r*pe scene that's why my opinion to MC personality is still good.

also, he's op but not like the other op character who always win. He still loss and learn from that to become strong and lastly, I'm curious how he will change and dominate the world.

guys! I really recommend this novel but I recommend first is to read the manhua. This is a gem! <<less
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