Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood


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Luo Zheng is at the bottom of the Luo Clan hierarchy, despite his family being the founders of a power refining technique that could instantly defeat any opponent.

One night, enraged by unfair treatment from a family steward, Luo Zheng burns the family records. In doing so, the hidden magic in the book engulfs him and Luo Zheng becomes a new skilled fighter. Fleeing his home and despicable clan, Luo Zheng must learn to harness his powers to rescue his younger sister while his own cousins are on his pursuit.

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Tempered into Immortal
The Endless Road to Divinity
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Dante777 rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c3445
Mediocre is the best review I can give this novel. It extremely predictable and the author has created a mess of a plot that becomes more and more boring as the story progresses.

If you want an example of crappy writing then this author is the one you want to read.

****If you want an example of crappy story telling just read below****

At one point in the story the a character is born in the MC's Internal World who is in fact the representation of the Hatred and resentment from the MC.... more>> This character named Evil God goes on a slaughter in the MC's world until he finally tries to kill the MC and fails. From here instead of killing him the the moron MC makes a deal with him that if he manages the Internal World for the MC he will release him into the real world in the future since he is limited in his growth by the MC's cultivation level.

Despite the fact that the Evil God's goal is to kill the MC he eventually lives up to his word and releases him but, does so in a way that the Evil God will remain tethered to the MC so he can never betray him. Eventually, they cross paths again when they are going to enter some restricted area. Of course the Evil God has found a way around being tethered to the MC and now wants to kill him again. He goes on a killing spree in the restricted area killing anyone he can get his hands on.

He takes one of the MC's love interest and leaves her on a massive pile of bodies that he killed to apparently provoke the MC. Instead of killing the MC's love interest he decides to leave her alive and unharmed because somehow were to believe that this is more of a provocation to the MC then to actually kill her. Yup, that's the bull sh*t logic this author wants us to believe.

Eventually the MC is able to defeat the Evil God and take him back into his Internal World. He is informed that the Evil God in fact makes the perfect material for the MC if he decides to create a Clone. However, the MC in his infinite wisdom decides that this would be to much of a waste so he eventually figures out how to create a Clone while leaving the Evil God's personality intact instead of having it wiped out the way a normal clone is created. Because this is totally smart, right?

He then decides to release the Evil God AGAIN and guess what he does next? That's right! He betrays the MC AGAIN and were just suppose to believe this bullsh*t is believable.

I recommend you read something else if your don't want to waste hours of your life reading this crap. <<less
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Epicbruhmanmoment rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: --
I have read this novel's Manhua and if the story is the same as the plot in the manhua then I have to say that this novel is tr*sh. If you have read Martial World then you essentially know the whole plot to the series except you will have to sit through and read the same story of Martial World yet with a much more ret*rded MC, ret*rded side characters whose only job is to make the MC look better and "cheer him on" and bad story elements in general.


As... more>> I said the story is the exact same as Martial World except that the author added his own (ret*rded) ideas to make it "better". For example, in the arc where the MC has to leave his home continent to go to a continent on the other side of his planet (seems familiar?), he has to go the Tower of Sin to get the inheritance of an immortal yet when he goes through a series of tests to get the recognition of the Tower's spirit, he defeats the previous master's clone and is able to remove anyone he hates from the tower. Yet he immediately get into a fight with the demons and has to have the Demon Nights (Elves) to save him because his sword spirit is a Elf King instead of just removing all strong demons from the tower and allowing the humans and elves to gain the resources inside. I also don't understand why the author had to make it so that his sister is trapped and he was a s*ave even though it provided no use to the story except for a "too strong for MC villain that he kills later". Something I also hate is tat the author made his sister his "Fate's guide" so his sister constantly gets captured and he has to save her which is f****** s*upid. I mean if he wanted to have a way to make the MC want to go to the higher realms he could have just made him obsessed with the "Dao" at least it isn't as lazy and annoying as having to save his sister multiple times.


The cultivation is divided into Essence, Body and Soul (Similar to Martial World) and he discovers and practices all three of them at the exact times that Lin Ming did in his story. The Cultivation Stages for the Essence is your typical cultivation stages but the Body and Soul Cultivation are the same as Martial World that the Body Cultivation stages are the exact same as Martial World that even the final stages use Star energy to cultivate.


The romance in this novel is about the same as all the other Chinese novels which is basically none. The female characters fall for him because he saves them. That's it (I cant say Martial World did it better because the romance in there was also nonexistent). The only positive I can think of is that he only married three women (Which I still think is too much as only 1 women would have been since one of his wives literally isn't mentioned for half of the f****** story.


I simply don like it. I know I compared it a lot to Martial World and I know Martial World isn't the pinnacle of Chinese cultivation stories but that's what this is a sh**** clone of Martial World. <<less
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piggymush rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c811
I hope someone continue this novel pls. I'm having a headache while mtl it. I read the manhua and still waiting for new update. At the first part of the story is boring coz' it has so many words and explanation related in cultivation. However when the MC is in the sect, the progress of the story is getting better. This is not like the other novel when the MC is in love to FL. Instead it's about her sister, the 9 dragons and his mysterious destiny.

One of the reason... more>> I like this is because even if there are women have feelings for him. He only just focus to become strong so he can save his sister and he knows that he owes the dragons so he decided that in the future he will help them. Yes, I like his personality. I don't know why there's a r*pe tag here in the novel. I'm in chapter 811 and still have no r*pe scene that's why my opinion to MC personality is still good.

also, he's op but not like the other op character who always win. He still loss and learn from that to become strong and lastly, I'm curious how he will change and dominate the world.

guys! I really recommend this novel but I recommend first is to read the manhua. This is a gem! <<less
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mytako rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: c2510
ok the story repeated recycle every characters, events even the souls living in zheng.

everything from ancient witch arc and after the quality of the story goes down hill.

the true dragon arc and the reason they died and why they refuse to tell zheng the truth and same for every other time and character = the author is f*ckin ret*rded.

zheng makes so much f*cking mistakes that he knew will bite him later like sparing guys who wants to kill you even when they are a lot stronger than you and come... more>> to kill him later yet he refuses because the author ret*rded no joke make bullsh*t plot or enemies suddenly become more ret*rded so no matter what zheng will live with plot armor.

when some of the questions will be answered you will go wtf.

the sister guide bullsh*t and purple realm garbage she doesnt even use and the truth about god domain you don't wanna know.


continuing from Han Qingdi arc holysh*t the author is ret*rded and luo can just use soul artifact to know everything he knows already omg.

"Han Qingdi peeked at Dongfang Chunjun's memory and could see" at least author has half a brain for 1 side

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phreakinsane rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: c980
It was my favorite cultivation manhua, the novels translations are so poor you cant figure out whats going on most of the time.

I'm dropping for these reasons:

... more>>

Raped a girl to save his sister. He could have done so many other things to save her but chose to do that. At least Manhua made it so it wasn't r*pe, but novel still did it.

A great potential waifu was forced into agreeing to being with another woman who she didn't want to be around. The woman is a rapist kuudere villain/totally hateable. MC plans on gaining strength and saving her in chapter 978 but searching through to chapter 2000 she isn't saved yet. Author totally forgets about that character and leaves her in the clutches of a detestable creep.

At one point, he's totally bullied by some guys and allows himself to be taken prisoner and when he finally has a chance for payback he just ignores them. Up until now one thing I liked about him was that he wouldnt take sh*t from anyone.

Other reviews spoilers show that the MC just gets more s*upid further on.


Clearly the author was drawing out this series, at some point the author just stopped having a plan and started puking random arcs out. Its all so convoluted. <<less
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russ345 rated it
January 3, 2020
Status: --
I was enjoying the sh*t out of this novel and manga up till it was turned in to complete pile of shit. I just wish I haven't read that far. Humans literally use demons as test subject when they were in their territory human territory but then he goes towards the other lands where the demons live and other races and ofcures Desmond being demons they are eating humans and treating them badly... but he is like f*** all the races humans the best. Demon elf didn't even care about... more>> humans if it wasn't for that girl queen they would have just let the demons kill him. It's only couse they are attractive elves. ensted of trying to bring or unite the races he just created more hatred. This novel is tr*sh don't bother wasting your time. But then again it's just my opinion nothing more <<less
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ZoorYuvonHeim rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: c1234
I thought it was well done in the early parts. The beginning was pretty standard, the motivation and path of the main character were well laid out... then it just decided to follow the crowd into the typical traps of the genre it is in.

The ever-constant need to have the MC be both one of the weaker characters and also strong enough to defeat those stronger than himself continues an ongoing problem of power creep that is also largely overshadowed by the insanity of the story.

The early main villain was... more>> great, the motivation was awesome, then he dies. So a new motivation is required for what is an aimless path till the new one can be hammered out. It creates a constant zigzag of a plot-line that wants to be profound but instead is more confusing than logical.

It has cool elements. Some of the arcs are really fun. But skimming through its future I haven't finished yet is leaving me to realize its the same tropes all over again. Not sure if I will ever complete reading it, as its just another common average story in the genre of Chinese cultivation worlds. <<less
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Eccentric Theorist
Eccentric Theorist rated it
December 6, 2022
Status: c3166
At chapter 3166 (out of 3913 chapters), it lasted me long enough. And yes, enough is enough for me though I still have some regrets on not being able to see a closure to the main arc of the story at this point. To satisfy my curiosity and soothe my misgivings, I began reading reviews from the Chinese fan forums and based on my findings, it only gets worse from here onwards. To be fair, I was able to "tolerate" the fluffs, the meaningless recycling, the idiocy of certain characters, etc up until chapter 2800. I know, I'm quite amazed with my patience too. And nope, this is not my first Chinese xianxia novel. So what kept me going? I like the intricacies of the different cultivation levels and how the MC weaves his way out in most of his fights or challenges. Furthermore, it's a harem novel as a change. Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against those one-woman-MC type of novels but many of them delineate too much down the romance path that it becomes cringeworthy to read. I'd rather read about how the MC is besieged by a group of thugs than to read how the MC pledges the nth times his undying love to his one and only true love. Thankfully, the MC isn't like that and there isn't much cheesy and campy moments too. So there's that!

And now comes the negatives. Here's everything wrong with the novel:


1.) The ridiculous and wafer-thin justifications from the father to "train" and mould his son into a hero or saviour of the world he created. There is a man/god who created a world and he knows there're plans among his god mates to take him down and destroy his world. So he painfully paves the way for his son to inherit his mantle and take revenge for him. But here's the big BUT; so instead of telling his son through whatever means about what befell him, he faked his death, turned his son into a s*ave, instructed his close friends to tell the poor boy nothing but still expected him to rise to the occasion and figure out the puzzle or the mess that he left behind.

2.) The flimsy and inconsistent motivations from the MC to continue on his quest to invincibility. In the beginning, his sister was imprisoned by the "good guys" and later kidnapped by what I thought was a great villain. So those reasons are solid enough for the MC to strive to become strong. His sister becomes the very reason for his fight and his survival. But as the story progresses, it becomes his father's fight that he has to shoulder and later it was his mother's and then his grandfather's and the world. It seems whenever he moves up to the next world, he has to be the saviour of that humanity. I lost count on how many worlds he has been in. What's worse, his sister keeps getting kidnapped. So the moment he gets her back, she's taken away by some big shots and the cycle repeats itself. On top of that, he's like the "chosen one" destined to inherit all kinds of power to save the world. Which world exactly?
It just seems like the author is desperately trying to layer his story but he ended up creating an inextricable labyrinth the MC can never free himself from. The biggest flaw of the novel is its antagonists.

Yes, it has multiple antagonists. That's absolutely fine if there're more than one villain. Since the universe/multiverse is boundless, there will always be someone stronger or more powerful than you. But the biggest baddie of all will make you foam at your mouth! Here's an example of the absurdity and the brainlessness of the MC (and the author) :


So instead of writing about the ultimate villain being some superpowers of the universes or maybe just elaborate on the conspiracy behind his grandfather's downfall, the author decided that an insignificant evil creature who was born in a tiny world created by the MC with scarce resources and a restriction on the cultivation level, can rise up and sh*t over everyone else. No one could stop him, not even those god of gods. He suddenly becomes the Voldemort of Chinese fiction. How is that possible? No amount of plot armours can give the teensiest credibility to such BS. The villain is neither believable nor likeable.

The author spent the whole book telling us about the MC and how much torture and adversity he has to endure to cultivate to where he is. The literal translation of the Chinese title - Bailian chengshen means hundreds of tempering to become a god. It talks about the rarity of the inheritances he received from different ancient powerhouses in higher divine god realms. The MC was even augured to be the chosen one. So how can that laughable villain surpass the MC let alone be his equal? No, I don't buy this epitome of good and evil in one person crap and that this villain is the evil manifestation of the MC. It's just the author's feeble attempt on trying to be deep and dogmatic.
I finally quit after reading that this douchebag of an evil creature went on a killing spree and almost killed the MC and the entire universe, and yet the MC has no qualms about setting him free again after he repeatedly betrayed him.

What's worse, he helps the villain cultivate to a higher level, gives him all the resources he himself had to bitterly fight for just some chapters ago, and makes him into an unrestricted clone independent of the master who could easily takes over the master's soul and body. Brilliant!! Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and common sense knows that this is akin to inviting the devil over for tea. At this point, I refused to torture my brain further.

It seems from what I read on those Chinese forums, this s*upidity will repeat itself for a few more times and the story will end with the villain being integrated again with the MC. He's like a tenacious c*ckroach that doesn't die except it was the MC who keeps saving his a**. Neither deserves to be hailed as the genius of all times.

So my advice is: don't even start. If you must (due to the newly broadcast donghua), then stop before you reach chapter 2800. As for the finale, we can make up our own happy ending. Don't even bother to check out the ending here. Save yourself that heartache or headache! It's really not worth it. P.S. Despite the atrocities in the novel, the donghua (anime) is quite decent. The graphics and animation quality is more than enough to make up for the abomination that is the novel. Watch that instead of reading the novel or the manhua!
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Krazyguy75 rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: --
I am not sure where I would be in the novel; I've been reading the manga instead. As such, this review will be more focused on the plot.

To be blunt... it's really bad. The author has no sense of narrative structure nor can he recall his own plot threads. Like, I get the standard xianxia "master of the master of the master of the master of the minor villain" plot; this isn't that. This is just the author constantly changing his mind on how he wants the plot to go.

The... more>> MC enters this sect to save his sister; his former family was bullying him. Sounds like the main plot, right? Revenge and whatnot? Nah, the evil family gets written out the story almost immediately after joining the sect.

Well, then, he has to earn sect points to rescue his sister, right? Nah, sect points end up being meaningless because the sect is imprisoning her to hide her from someone.

Well then he has to get stronger to stop her from being kidnapped, right? Nah, she gets kidnapped anyways, and his teacher has to leave for the capital, but there is a tournament there.

So he has to win the tournament and help his teacher, right? Nah, he leaves the tournament midway through and the teacher goes missing from the story entirely.

These kind of "plot twists that are really just redirects" go on for ages.

I dropped the story when the author finally reached the apex. The apex of s*upidity that is. The MC beat up a guy in the tournament arc with ease, destroying his martial arts. He then proceeded to go up two whole realms of cultivation, gaining spacial laws, magical artifacts, sword spirits, etc in the process.

Then the author is like "that minor villain who should have no martial arts manages to hold the MC's sister hostage". Now, let me remind you... the MC can teleport through space, fly faster than sound, control weapons with his mind, slice space with his mind, etc by this point. Yet Mr. Cripple martial arts manages to hold his sister hostage and he somehow can't save her. It makes no sense. But this is just the start of how s*upid this moment is.

No, the author is like "to get out of this completely and totally not-forced at all plot development, what is basically a literal god intervenes, and then kidnaps the MCs sister just because more story needs to happen." That's ridiculous on two levels. First, we just removed all the tension, since we now know literally gods that are millions of times stronger than the MC will intervene if anything goes wrong. Secondly, we're still using the friggen sister as a damsel in distress long past when it makes sense.

I had to drop it. It was so dumb. The author showed he had no intent of ever resolving the plot arcs, while also removing any stakes. <<less
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