Apocalypse Summoner


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He shall call forth the bone dragon! Summon the lich and the grim reaper! Li Jiayu, the dark summoner, has been reborn and everything returned to the moment before the outbreak of the devastating apocalypse.

Spaces tremble violently and dimensional cracks connected to various worlds appear! In an instant, never-seen-before civilizations invade our homeland. Insects the size of humans and walking corpses sweep through Earth in legions. An imminent crisis is approaching humanity and billions of human lives are at risk!

In regards to Li Jiayu’s uncorrupted soul, his summons shall no longer be limited to creatures which lurk in the darkness. They will also include the entities that bask in the light.

Under the lingering shadow of death, he vows to prevent a repeat of past tragedies!

Struggling within the exhausting apocalyptic world, he chooses to trudge on the bloody path of slaughter.

Walking hand in hand with death, he no longer lives under the cold embrace of the darkness. He shall embark on the bright path towards glory.

‘This is an opportunity to make a comeback… I will put everything on the line to right the wrongs and to protect the loved ones that were once lost.’

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pentadrian rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: --
Utterly and thoroughly boring. Apparently MC is around 18-20 and his first thought of romance is to r*pe a girl. The novel is a long and painful work that exists to solely glorify the lead character. Women don't matter for anything except for sex. All older men who are in positions of authority are ought to r*pe and pillage and only the MC can stop them. The novel itself is dry and repetitive, with the MC fighting different kinds of bugs, basically running a Pests R Us service in an... more>> apocalyptic city. Of course China is somehow leading the field in everything, as usual. The MC has no character. His pet octopus is a more interesting character. Rated Tentacle/10 <<less
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radikai rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: c33
Dropped. The author made the MC summon characters from animes and game worlds. MAJOR turn off.

Bad Points:

1. Repeating too much of information.
2. Too much of reactions and inner thoughts to things that are even not worth reacting.
3. Shortened character name. Dunno if it's the translator or author.
4. Reference of NARUTO. Cmon man, be creative. Summoning Gaara from NARUTO? That's just cringeworthy. Plus I just realized that the frost sword is from BLEACH.

Good premise, chuniibyou author, sorry.
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pandicorn rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c15
Tho I myself am very against writing reviews for novels that have very few chapters out. I am willing to discard that principle on certain circumstances. Apocalypse summoner is an example of that. It is a time travel post apocalypse novel which is mediocre at best. Typical tropes are being thrown in with average descriptions. Sexism is prominent in the first few chapters (not sure if it'll continue) and everybody besides the MC serves to accentuate the MC's glory vain filled escapade. There are haughty arrogant guys and entitled bitchy... more>> girls and etc. Overall, a typical chinese novel that you can find anywhere in this website. People who enjoyed god and devil world would like it I think but it aint my cup of tea.

Edit : in response to clarky dee, I didn't rate it low becoz its not my cup of tea. I rated it low becoz of the string of reasons I gave. Sexism, haughty and untasteful side characters, mediocre descriptions. I do agree that 15 chapters isn't enuff but what I pointed out is not problems with plot. Its the author's style and mentality. How he shapes his characters and from my experience, if the first 5 chapters shows prominent sexism, I'd doubt it'll change in the near future. <<less
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Getting_lazy rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: c890

What the [email protected]#k did I just read. This novel just went to complete shit. It started out as an good plot, had good content too but it started going downhill when the whole genderbend thing kicked in. Yes there is Genderbender in this novel and no tags for it. I have never hated an author like I hate author of this series. He is a complete jerk with no talent whatsoever for writing novels. I mean, he himself is not too sure about the character of MC. Sometimes he is ruthless sometimes, and for no reason whatsoever he is nice, make your freaking mind damnit. Not to mention the whole parody thing he is got going. In this novel MC summons GAARA, yes gaara from Naruto. Then there are whole other characters that come from different series like Inuyasha

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OneNightRain rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c469
469 chapters in and I decided to drop this novel and write this review. ... more>>

The writing in the novel is a mass of text which is a chore to read. It keeps going on and on about either the MC's goddess like appearence each time other side characters or even some random joe sees him (note that the MC is male but everyone takes him as a woman hence the gender bender) or the women's (harem's) appearence about jade like skin or plumpiness everytime MC makes contact with them.
The writer actually wrote 3 or 4 chapters droning on about a single night where the MC has his first backdoor experience. He also wrote another 3 chapters about a demon in dilemma with the MC's pants pulled down and his private parts exposed in its full glory.

A redeeming part is that the writer goes into detail for a fight. However its still excessively detailed that even small mobs take 2 paragraphs. Thus I assume writer is just increasing his word count without any actual content.

I had expectations for this concerning the fact that MC didnt keep his reincarnating much of a secret unlike other novels. But to my disappointment 300 chapters in and his past life experience has mostly lost its value.
The summoning pulls stuff from anime or game worlds which feels more like a lack of creativity from the writer rather than good writing and the gender bender is done horribly compared to something like ranma 1/2

Final score 2/5

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Junoh rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c33
I wouldn't read this if you want an original story. Unfortunately they don't make it clear by the description or tags that you're going to be reading what's essentially a fan-fiction. I've read other novels that borrow from games and anime (Hail to the King is a good example of that) but none were done in such a poor way. I'm hoping for it to get better but I don't know if I'll stick with it long enough to find out. It's a bit sad because I actually liked how... more>> it began and I feel like it had some potential.


The main character summons a giant perverted octopus, probably from some other story. I'm not sure what it's from but I'm sure that other people figured it out. Then the main character summons a sword that people say is from Bleach. At this point I think it's still okay because monsters and weapons from other stories are commonly used in games, animation, and novels. Even if they're unique weapons and monsters I'm not going to fault them for using them. However, the main character ends up summoning Gaara from Naruto and he seems oddly helpful towards someone who gave him what would be a tiny offering to someone of his level. From the main character's narration we can expect to see a lot more copyright infringement in later chapters.

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Vyrena rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: c380

The 1st chapter of the translated novel got me interested and so I began reading the raws of this novel. I believe I am at around 380 or so of this novel. This is my very first review and I feel compelled to give this review after reading some of the not so nice reviews out there.

This has gender bender and harem in it. But the MC is still a male through and through although he looks pretty. He still gets lots of chicks so yea.

This story is sufficiently compelling. The MC is cool and badass enough. The decisions he makes are pretty logically given his background of what he had suffered or experienced during his "previous life".

The fights are cool and you do see some character development as he pretty much retains his cold and ruthless nature but slowly changes for the better. His summons are quite funny... at least some of them.

This story has alot of spoof, parody or elements we or at least most of us know about. Many of the summons, and even skills come from other popular stories, anime, manga out there so there will be some sense of familiarity.

Oh there is quite a fair amount of s*x or erot*c scenes. =)

5/5 and a good read. The moment I started reading it, I couldn't stop. Given that I have read almost every popular novel out there, I would say this is a pretty good one. Do give it a try.

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alphaGulp rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: c34
The book has a problem with false promises / changing tracks very early on, or perhaps worse yet: the author doesn't even realize how incoherent his brief (34 chapter) narrative is.

So the book promises a world where a necromancer-type summoner is brought back to life decades before his death, only instead of the expected undead summons, we get summons that are lame otaku references (ex: actual characters and items from Naruto, Bleach, etc.) - as if it makes any sense at all for the apocalypse to make real all those... more>> world's items, or as if they can co-exist or all still function in ours, and more than anything: as if that wasn't worth mentioning from the beginning!!!

It really kills the suspension of disbelief when the summons are massive chuuni otaku-wishes-come-true WHEN YOU REALLY AREN'T expecting it!

At the very least, the MC could have come back to life and said: "The apocalypse happened and all of a sudden childish, otaku fantasy worlds like Naruto, Bleach and even pseudo-hentai works became real parallel universes that could be interacted with! It took me a while to get used to it, yeah."

There is lots of wasted potential though: if the author had the MC (and other students) be floored by the absurdity of otaku character (s) appearing before them, it could have been turned into something decent or even good, but instead of natural reactions, most of them are deadpan, cool, or nonexistent, which means INCOHERENT - who on earth would react like this when faced with

Gaara from Naruto showing up, with the MC being all like "oh yeah, I know how to deal with this summon, BASED ON MY POST-APOCALYPTIC KNOWLEDGE!!!".
And none of the male students who witness Gaara's interactions with them IN CHINESE have any particular reaction. Big bugs' invasion + magic powers is one thing, but WTF did Gaara + demented Naruto universe ALSO become real and accessible in space and time locally?



Otherwise, the repetitiveness and other desperate attempts at text padding are just slightly annoying to me, because I'm used to it now and I know how to skip it really fast (I feel sorry for the translators though!).

Positives are things like how it is satisfying for the MC to finally not hide his foreknowledge during an apocalypse, instead trying to share it to help people, while at the same time the MC is super jaded, filled with a lifetime of harsh experiences, which simultaneously makes him satisfyingly 'not too nice', either.

The action is like a C+, maybe: I generally like it, even if it sometimes gets sloppy.

The romance, the interactions with men and women: all of these are moderately cringe-inducing, but not so bad that I had to drop it immediately. For sure, it's all about constantly aggrandizing the MC!

Also, the MC / author is way too judgemental of women. His damned apocalypse is set up to force women to sell their bodies in order for simple survival (with horrific deaths as the alternative), where each 'boyfriend' they make dies quickly and then they need to go and get another one, then is it really fair to fault a woman for making do with reality and picking a succession of 4 strong, but 'bad' guys? Does the author/MC not even have the slightest inclination about the competitive nature of women? Why would he fault women for doing what they are basically wired to do? (Ie: compete to get the best / most useful man)

As an another reviewer mentioned, the author set it up so the world's powerful men (*other than the MC*) are all pigs and rapists, and ONLY by being the MC's very special friend will any women have any peace and safety!

However, the MC doesn't hesitate to verbalize his disdain for the average chicks he sees again after being reborn. The guy is a jerk, talking down to them as if that is the right thing to focus on when they should be trying to survive. Ironically all this lack of balance indicates that is is really the MC/author that needs the whole entire world to be about himself, with no other man allowed to be even close to his level - talk about being self-centered and ultimately solitary!

This is basically confused fanfiction mixing too many Japanese references, but I still find it oddly readable. At least there is progression and decent action, even if the MC/author is a very confused beta male trying to deal with his deeply repressed frustrations. <<less
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asdf123 rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: c19
Edit: story went to total s**t at around c30, he starts summoning cartoon characters, the MC gets even more emo/annoying, I'm glad the tl dropped it.

c19 review:

Summoning is a turnoff for me but the octopus is funny. I like how it feels more real and dark. As long as characters keep dropping like flies and he picks up a second class since he already knows how to summon it should be pretty decent. Definitely worth reading. The translation speed could kill this story but hopefully all of these patreons will... more>> inspire more translators to be more active. <<less
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Wiger98 rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c5
As of so far the MC has done okay with his knowledge of the future. He warns his peers of the imminent apocalypse and tells them of their futures that he has seen, which is just nice to see. Has what seems to be a 1 against the world type of character build atm which I'm not against. The novel looks to have a lot of potential so far, but this may change as we progress. Only thing that leads to my confusion is what was his exact cause of... more>> death? <<less
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Jimminx rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c23
This is a good read. I've always enjoyed stories with post-apocalyptic setting with sh*t tons of action (That is why I play Fallout), and this novel, God bless the author, gave me exactly what I wanted! A post-apocalyptic world where modern technology is starting to fail and there's magic! There is nothing more I could ask for. A badass MC who knows what to do (instead of being a wimpy kid), summons TOTALLY BAD ASS SHIT
... more>>

He f*cking summoned Blue Eyes White Dragon

from different dimensions including ANIME ONES (my inner weeb is rejoicing) !

Downside though, this story might have triggered some feminists for certain reasons that MAKE SENSE TO ME. This is a post-apocalyptic world we're talking about! Spoiler

The author did write about women being sold as slaves and forced into prostitution

I personally think that what the author portrayed in the novel is accurate. I'm not saying that I like it, but it's accurate!

I'd like to quote what pentadrian said, "Women don't matter for anything except for sex."
This is very unfair and somewhat shallow point of view. I've read like 100+ Chapters of the RAW and I've never came across such elements and absolutely no implication where women were treated like that. It was not only the women who were enslaved, the men were enslaved too. I would like to remind you that Asians from Asia generally do not care or pay little to no attention to your Western Feminism and your "equal rights for homosexual" movements. I am very curious as to what you base your "Women don't matter for anything except for sex." on. Is it because that the author portray a post-apocalyptic future where women were sold as s*x slaves and forced into prostitution? That's the only thing I've read so far that fits your comment. Come on, it's the friggin' apocalypse! It's the fall of human civilization, the crumbling of human society. It's a time when the strong preys on the weak! It's like the Dark Ages but more chaotic and with magic. The weak were exploited and enslaved as well! Women were treated badly as well! It's the end of the world! And also another comment from pentadrian what I don't understand. " Of course China is somehow leading the field in everything, as usual. The MC has no character." *cough* *cough* Hollywood *cough* *cough*

Nonstop action? You got it. Strong, powerful protagonist? You have it! Beautiful female characters? Yeap, definitely!

There's something else I've forgotten to point out. "The novel itself is dry and repetitive, with the MC fighting different kinds of bugs, basically running a Pests R Us service in an apocalyptic city." This comment is also shallow. I believe the MC mentioned in the story that there are more yet to come, giant bugs just happened to be their immediate threat. You're trying to summarize a novel with more than 1k chapters just by reading the first 10 or 20 chapters (I highly doubt that you even bothered reading that far before condemning this novel to be "repetitive". <<less
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siwakotisaurav rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c5
Seems more like an attempt to do what Korean-Second chance-Time travel, novels do. The personality of the MC in terms of trying to act cold when it comes to saving people around him seems a bit forced compared to KR novels. Although unlike KR novels, MC doesn't seem to keep the fact that he time-traveled a secret and does inform everyone of details regarding the enemy but doesn't exactly help them directly (yet). The introductions is similar to Apocalypse-Time travel novels, interesting and lets you know a bit of the... more>> tragedies to come in the future although the tragedies doesn't exactly tug at the heart strings. It just seems to go on "matter-of-factly" to make the MC look badass.

Well I know the translations' not advanced much (hasn't gotten to the point where we get him to summon something even though its clearly a summoner based MC), just wanted to post something to let everyone what to expect from the first few chaps as there is no review yet. <<less
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S. Capo
S. Capo rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c48
This is the first time I will post a comment on a Novel I havent finished reading yet, most of the time I grit my teeth and still finish the novel before posting a comment, but I really hope that other readers will have a heads up on what they can expect with this novel.

I stopped it at chapter 48 and yeah.... I rated it 1 star, could be 2 star for effort in keeping the story intense (which is so forced) but with the whole effeminate thing going on... more>> and on I really can't bear it.


I say that the author keeps the story intense by forcing scenarios happening one after another, sending monsters here and there, resuming the killing and stuff then when you thought they can rest there comes an unexpected Vine Demoness out of nowhere. It is so forced. How is a Vine Demoness an insect? He specifically said that they will be facing insects and low levels at that anyways so demoness appears, heroes rescues beauties with plot armours and stuff, I really don't have anything against plot armors, but turning you into a girl's appearance bit by bit really made me vomit. His first plot armour is a sword "Frost Moon" it turned his hair white and made his skin as white as snow making him look like a female as the novel said, then the demoness core that he swallowed now is making him effeminate adding to the fact that it decreased the size of his P*nis? That blew me 200000 miles away from this novel, I can sense from here that I will be facing gay scenes from then on, maybe author is going to make the MC receive men and women, it might be ok for some, I don't judge some people's preference but it really turned me off.


Plus why do you say that he looks handsome if he looks like a woman? I don't know what is wrong with the author's adjective but I don't think his aesthetic standards is that of a straight man/woman. (I don't wanna judge, it is ok author if you get out of that closet, maybe you'll get more supporters that way.) but yeah this is really goosebumps. I mean just stick to one gender, it is either you have a harem of woman, or a harem of man, but you cant have a harem of man and woman (WTF?) hahaha <<less
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Dusk rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c15
Apocalypse Summoner is another Real world - Apocalypse - Game element novel, a genre that has seen it's rise around a year or so ago.

Out of those I have read and from the 15 chapters of this novel, I can conclude that it is not the best novel of it's genre, one way to describe it is that it's just another fast food...

The plot of the novel involves a typical " second chance " for the MC, so he is already much more knowledgeable and prepared for the incoming apocalypse.... more>> While he might have known about it, what baffles me is the scenes right after the moment he came back, where he choses to dabble about and countdown to the start of the apocalypse.

And right when the apocalypse arrive, he chose to announce the deaths of his fellow classmates one by one in his previous life.
I don't really know if it is a dumb decision to make but in my opinion, it's definitely not so smart.

Aside from those points, the MC is a necromancer-summoner type who uses the corpse of monsters as offerings to summon.

Sounds good? Yeah, that is if he did not have two " Lucky " summons that is clearly deemed as a very lucky summon by even the MC himself. While it didn't make him too OP, but the feeling is there, I surely hope it wouldn't be one of those " Lucky encounters " novel where the MC seemed as if he was blessed by the gods of luck himself while his past is sorely the opposite. (But sadly I think the novel is heading donw that road, which is why I dropped it.) <<less
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iBakax3 rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: c27
Honestly speaking, the premise was quite good. Nothing really beats a apocalypse setting with a hard core difficulty instead of easily breezing through.
Especially when the MC isn't really a combat type, but relies on external factor such as summoning, knowledge and etc.

However, the author REPEATS the same point again over again for several chapter. Oh, these insects are really very dangerous, they can instantly kill you and etc. Several chapters later, the same sh*t still get repeated. I get it, they are dangerous as hell, so stop repeating the... more>> same thing over several chapter and move the story along would you.

Finally, the MC decides to just force a woman into his arms and put her in awkward situation just because he loved her, but couldn't be with her in the future. Like seriously, that's not love. That is some form of psychopathy. The MC really rubs off me as the chapter progress and the same repeating points doesn't make it any better. <<less
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January 4, 2017
Status: c29
I'm currently at chapter 29 of this novel, but already considering to drop it..

I am not saying that the novel is bad, in fact I enjoyed it but it is just not my cup of tea..

What I like about the novel are:
The MC is ruthless, savage, but not completely devoid of humanity. He still care about the people that he cares.
The action is quite good
Story and Background story also not that bad.

Now.. Why is it not my cup of tea? Well.. Blame me for not checking the... more>> genre of the novel before reading it. I was so excited and captivated reading the early chapters of the novel and I enjoyed it. Aaaaaand, the gender bender genre kicks in. Thus making me uncomfortable reading the novel.

So in conclusion, the novel is good read, you should read it, the genre and tags accurately provide the general idea about the novel. <<less
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barashkafromro rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: c1500

The most retarded protagonist ever. After 959 chapters of creating problems out of thin air I've had enough of this shit. As of chapter 959 there isn't even and ounce of "Clever Male Lead" in this novel.

Edit: the MC is stupid, hypocritical, hysterical, decisively indecisive, deceitful and arrogant scum that deceives himself and everyone around all the time and puts everyone in danger with shitty excuse of man dignity. He runs away from making good decisions like from fire constantly. His informwd attribute is being very caring toward his friends and family but it remains informed attribute all throughout the story. He would rather preserve his shitty man dignity and let everyone suffer and die rather than gain strength and save everyone easily without any bad consequences. Only impossible amounts of ass pull by author allow the protagonist and his group to stay afloat with how MC wastes 9/10 fortuitous encounters.

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Elcasa rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c3
So far (chapter 3), the story has avoided major cliches aside the main character having the "memory of an alternate timeline's future". He was a super powerful figure in the other timeline as well it seems. Doesn't seem to be the justice type. He's battle-hardened, but his intelligence only seems standard, whereas I'm sure he knows tons of things from experience.

Doesn't seem bad. Try it out
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Xuanyu rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: --
Most people seems to not have read the book properly, the MC did not go back decades. MC suffered 3 years losing everything and then in 1 year got to legendary rank while being hunted down by everyone because he got framed. And the MC is a reckless, stupid coward and low eq rapist who believes he has at least high iq (he does not). Everything but the setup of the story itself is rubbish. It was an interisting novel until author tried messing with romance. That was awfull.

... more>>

Plotholes start piling up early and in the end thousands of world are faced extinction because of MC his cowardly nature and hypocrisy. Because he does not want to take responsibly for either of the woman he fkd or rpd.

He even called every sexual encounter he had reverse r*pe even though it was obvious he forced himself upon several of the woman.

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dfektz rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: c1663
I will leave my review as a 3 (If I could write a review without a rating I would) I would say that this book will either be loved or hated depending on a readers disposition or mood. The lead in the book starts a mix of an anti-hero/antagonist moves to a straight anti-hero before eventually becoming a protagonist. The writing itself is decent but a lot of the topic material would be considered controversial. I liked roughly 80% of the book (chopping out bits and pieces that seemed extremely... more>> superfluous and not really caring for the later stage of the book.) The author has a strange obsession with wanting to dangle a little bit of happiness toward the Main Character before deciding to dump repeated loads of garbage on him so you kind of have to have a masochistic mood to be able to even finish the book.


Alright to address some other reviews which have misinformation. The book tags are right when they say there is no Netorare. The Main Character does get transformed into a woman but the worst contact he has with another male is hugging and kissing. The main character is never r*ped by a man, I can see where the reviewer who posted that got confused if they were skimming through the MTL as that was brought up multiple times but it was actually the MC's summoned pet using an artifact to screw with "The Male Protagonist" who had fallen in love with the female image of the main character. The main character is an absolute idiot and the author points that out many times.

The actual biggest negative I have with this book is the Main Character's rigidity on trying to limit the size of his harem and he is pretty scummy in how he does it at one point having s*x with a decent-sized (10+) group of women who have one-sided feelings for him then erasing their memory (oh and all the girls get knocked up too, for good measure). The s*x was to help them become stronger so they would be useful in the final battle in which they are completely useless.

To address some of the more offbeat things that users should avoid if it would make them uncomfortable. Their is fairly heavy BDSM added with pedophilia references as one of the darker characters makes a 10 year-old girl her slave and raises her as a "human dog" and the author is fairly descriptive on that and that girl also she is one of the girls that the MC sleeps with at the late ends of the novel when she is 13-14.

Other than that the novel is incredibly dark as the author puts in a lot of effort emphasize the cruelty of the apocalypse (r*pe, underage prostitution, betrayal, cannibalism, etc.) and the author will often spend several chapters writing about insignificant characters before immediately killing them off in the current tragedy.

The overall ending of the book is happy-ish though even the author admits how unpopular the book was during the course dropping from a 2nd-tier novel in China down to a 4th tier novel as he stated with only a few hundred subscribers near the end of the book so I could see it being easy for a lot of people wanting to drop the book midway.

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