Apocalypse Gachapon


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At the moment when life ceased to exist, Ye Zhongming returned to ten years ago, to that afternoon when the apocalypse began.

Was it heaven’s favor or another punishment? Did he really have to re-live the cruel and frigid end of the world? Ye Zhongming decided to survive, not for anything else, but for those comrades who had fought and died together, for his unwavering lover! And he wanted to find answers.

Why did countless roulette wheels emerge from nothingness, and why did tens of thousands of warriors descend from the sky? Who turned this beautiful azure planet into bloody ruins that were covered in corpses?

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One entry per line
Doomsday roulette
Wheel world
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4 Reviews

New KirbyReviews
May 11, 2024
Status: c20
A novel where the world suddenly becomes an apocalypse game, the MC has reincarnated after suffering 10 years in the apocalypse. Therefore, with his knowledge and experience, he should set out to be the very best and rule the world, right?


The MC makes terrible decisions and unnecessary risks. He says he doesn't want to help weak people and only wants to become strong himself but somehow ends with a gaggle of hot women to follow him like ducklings. The power system doesn't quite make sense. The author keeps throwing new... more>> things in the apocalypse system in your face in the early chapters, one after another. Way too convoluted. The original premise of the gacha game to spin the wheel gets lost with like 4-5 other system elements that are stronger on top of it.

Overall, it is a terrible attempt at this genre. The MC wants to be a chad but makes decisions with his pepe too much. Just bad storytelling in general. Would recommend something like God and Devil World over this every day out of the week. <<less
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Jul 20, 2023
Status: --
It starts well but it just takes a deep breath and hoops straight into Marian's trench.

This author starts the novel by hastily preparing the regressed MC for the apocalypse and introducing the MC and a few other heroines, explaining the circumstance of the world before regression, and whatnot.

But this genius decides that a few days are enough to start the first fuk*#£ing death event with overpowered monsters and of course overpowered humans who suddenly adapted perfectly to the apocalypse and its laws.

It's just ridiculous to jump from collecting apocalypse currency... more>> desperately on the first day to the all-in-one war between those who should be struggling to survive instead of treasure hunting. <<less
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Jun 26, 2023
Status: c170
I've always had a thing for reincarnated protagonists, especially when they're not killed by Truck-kun. Apocalypse Gachapon doesn't disappoint! Ye Zhongming is an intelligent guy, but the author doesn't take it too far - he's not prophetic and regularly surprised by all sorts of things since in his prior life he wasn't really an important or powerful bigshot, just a mildly successful survivor. So far it's a pretty well-crafted story with a nice balance between excitement and world-building, especially once you read through the first few chapters that introduce the... more>> setting. I highly recommend it! And it's not just the author, the translator, Ryan / @ryangohsf, does fantastic work and so does his editor!! <<less
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Jul 16, 2023
Status: c208
(my opinions, my interpretations, subjective)

Writing isn't smooth, it's "raw/crude" enough for u to notice it quite quick so I would recommend an editor or something to improve it, and the flow is kinda messy (especially at the beginning) . One thing that is a little annoying: the author keeps dropping spoilers, u reading then suddenly "years later X and Y", lol. The MC and everyone else have some level of individual traits, albeit being shallow and dumb most of the time.

That being said, this story is not bad... more>> as something to pass time:

it has some basics of second-chance and zombie novels (if you're in the mood), and the author throws some things for you to expect like the reunion with the cheater ex-girlfriend, the sly villain at the beginning that not one paid attention to, who made the apocalypse etc. (Yep, all cliche, but those things always get us and that's why they always use them lol)

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