Another World Net Shop Master


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This is a story about a coffee shop master who cheats in another world using his skill online store.

It is a story about a different world, but there is no fighting.

There is magic, but the main character is not good at it.

Coke and hamburgers are popular even in the other world.

Using the net shop and item box, he and his friends do business in the other world.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/24/22 kerukeruTL extra 8
09/24/22 kerukeruTL c50
09/23/22 kerukeruTL c49
09/22/22 kerukeruTL c48
09/22/22 kerukeruTL c47
09/21/22 kerukeruTL c46
09/21/22 kerukeruTL c45
09/21/22 kerukeruTL c44
09/19/22 kerukeruTL c43
09/19/22 kerukeruTL c42
09/18/22 kerukeruTL c41
09/17/22 kerukeruTL extra 7
09/17/22 kerukeruTL c40
09/17/22 kerukeruTL c39
09/17/22 kerukeruTL c38
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