Ancient Transmigration: With My Phone, I’m Scrolling Through TikTok in the Emperor’s Arms


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Qin Wan was once a delicate and wealthy flower of the mortal world. Yet, because of an ancient painting, she unintentionally transmigrated to an unknown dynasty. Starting in the cold palace as a discarded consort, wouldn’t you know it, the tables have turned?

Well, to protect her innocence, she started by cracking open the emperor’s head.

Damn it, how is she supposed to go back now?

The original owner of this body harbored a years-long crush on the dog emperor but was incredibly frail when it came to palace scheming. For the sake of survival, this wealthy young miss was forced to participate in the fight.

She doesn’t have the same good temper as the original. If someone steps on her, she’ll bite back. Her motto: “If I’m not having a good time, then no one is!”

Whoever dares to cross her will learn their lesson.

Six months later, all the consorts are terrified of her. Only that aloof and irascible dog emperor has become stuck on her. His initial favor was a forced act, but now, every day, he yearns for her with puppy-dog eyes, wanting to be close.

This big sister excels at horsemanship and marksmanship. As graceful as a startled swan, as elegant as a dragon in flight, who wouldn’t be smitten?

One day, she suddenly grasps the method to return home. She discovers that items from the ancient past can be brought back to the modern world, while modern items can be taken back through the painting. So, her life in the palace takes a drastic turn:

In the scorching summer heat, she enjoys the cool air of an air conditioner inside the palace.

She drives an Aston Martin straight into the imperial garden.

…Tanks, mechs, are all brought onto the battlefield, helping the dog emperor secure his victories in war.

Later on, she even brings the dog emperor back to the modern world.

After returning, the dog emperor, even in his dreams, is scared of his wife running away. Every night, he transforms into a little puppy, sniffling and pulling at her sleeve: “WanWan, Zhen wants to go back with you and get our marriage certificate…”

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[穿越重生] 《带手机穿越,我躺皇帝怀里刷抖音》
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