Ancient Thunder Dragon Spell


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The starry sky was resplendent, filled with tens of thousands of Tribes!

During the Great War of the Immortal World, when the race of the God Realm was annihilated by the sixteen Immortals’ Alliance, one of their clansmen accidentally fell into a Purgatory of three thousand years under the Immortal World, lucky enough to survive …

A few years later, in a mysterious hidden family in the Purgatory World, a crippled youth who had been abandoned by his family had accidentally awakened a dragon vein …

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10/07/19 Babel Realm c113
10/07/19 Babel Realm c112
10/06/19 Babel Realm c111
10/06/19 Babel Realm c110
10/05/19 Babel Realm c109
10/05/19 Babel Realm c108
10/04/19 Babel Realm c107
10/04/19 Babel Realm c106
10/03/19 Babel Realm c105
10/03/19 Babel Realm c104
10/01/19 Babel Realm c103
10/01/19 Babel Realm c102
10/01/19 Babel Realm c101
10/01/19 Babel Realm c100
09/30/19 Babel Realm c99
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