An Unseemly Lady


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I was the only younger sister of the female protagonist in the reverse harem novel.

In addition, I was exceptionally pampered by the female lead after waking up after being very sick.

I used that to defeat the original inexcusable tr*sh male leads who only hurt my sister…

‘Lili, how are you? Do you like cake?’

‘Lili is really pretty because she resembles her sister. Won’t you eat cookies? Please tell your sister that these were given to you by your wonderful brother.’

‘Would you like to eat this and go over there for a while? I have something to say to your uncle and sister.’

For some reason, the male lead candidates seem anxious to see me.


“I don’t play with ugly kids.”

The boy in front of me muttered with a deep frown.

What? Did you really just say that?

I’ll show you what the real world is like.

I gently pulled the hem of my sister’s clothes and shook my head.

“I hate him, so I hate the older brother who brought him.”

At the same time, Cedric’s face turned pale, similar to someone who had been sentenced to death.

Associated Names
One entry per line
The little lady behind the scenes
비선실세 레이디
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2 Reviews

Oct 31, 2021
Status: c1
It's so funny! The protagonist puts the "male leads" in check, the older sister is nice and the way the story is coming along is nice.
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu
Dec 30, 2022
Status: --
a review of the manhwa up to chapter 47

I'm not sure how different the stories are between the novel and manhwa, but I'll review the manhwa version because it has more chapters

at first, it seems like the protagonist is accumulating a harem and toying with a harem of little boys. (The boys fall for her at first sight, and MC thinks it's expected because she's pretty)

... more>> She may seem very bratty in her interactions with the boys, her sister, and her sisters suitors

but eventually we find out her insecurities and get somewhat of a character growth and improvement in her interactions with the boys

the story doesn't proceed at a fast enough pace for me because the beginning centres around her intervening with her sister and her suitors' relationship, which is very slow life-like

but the art is really great, characters have different clothes everytime I see them <<less
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