An Unexpected Proposal


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I spent the night with the man who destroyed my country.

And then I ran away with his child. With that, I thought that my relationship with him was over.

“I don’t care if it’s another boy. Even if his blood isn’t mixed with mine, I will still raise the child of my enemy as mine.”

“I still slightly want to crush that little creature that stole you from me. “

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뜻밖의 청혼
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astralmech rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: Completed
EDITED REVIEW: I finished reading and WOW, I cannot recommend this enough. This is how you know NovelUpdates readers are skewed because this deserves so much more than just a 3.6 rating based on only a few chapters.

The character growth on both Cabellenus and Alicia's sides is just so amazing. If any of you are thinking of dropping this because Alicia seems too meek at the start, please wait it out. Her character arc is incredible and seeing her become such a powerful and independent woman who seeks to stand... more>> at Cabellenus' side as an equal is just so GOOD. And Cabellenus' arc of understanding the trauma of his past, overcoming that pain and wanting to do what he can to keep his son from experiencing that same suffering is just so--!!! It's a slow burn, but seeing Cabellenus' reactions to Michael chapter 54 vs 155ish is astonishing and I'm so proud of him. Seeing men be vulnerable, especially with their sons is something we don't see a lot and it's written so wonderfully here.

More about the ML


Cabellenus, ugh, all-time favorite ML from any novel ever. I cannot stress how good his character development is. You know a character went through some serious growth if you can just imagine them from the end of the story throat punching themselves from chapter one. He's been through so many things, whether it be his trauma, being used as a child soldier, being tortured for the sake of these experimentations, or even being manipulated and gaslit by his older brother. But despite all of this, seeing him care so deeply for Alicia and Michael towards the end of the story is so heartwarming. Like, he's been through hell, but now he has a lovely wife and an adorable son and I just--! The thing that really caused the rift in his and Alicia's relationship was when Cabellenus called Michael a 'monster' back when he was in the womb. He said this because (due to the experimentations to inject demon blood into him) Cabellenus was convinced any child of his would be a monster like him. But hearing someone else call Michael a monster years later, it made Cabellenus realize how hurtful his words were, even if Michael didn't hear him say them. He went from "I don't weak things" to the most loving husband and father that you'll ever see.


More about the FL


Once Alicia really comes into her own, growing into an independent woman, I cannot stress how much of a MAMA BEAR she is. She is such a wonderful mother to Michael and you can tell that absolutely everything she does is for his sake. Having something to protect gave her the opportunity to grow and change from a timid, servile woman, to (she literally tortured a guy for hurting her son). Once she and Cabellenus started repairing their relationship, she's fueled with a desire to become someone that he can rely on too, so that he doesn't feel like he needs to protect everything by himself. To that end, there's a part where Cabellenus is forced to leave their home (Schwarhan) and Alicia is left there alone with Michael when there's an attack. Alicia stands her ground in front of all the nobles, declaring her position as Grand Duchess and vows to keep everyone and everything safe in Cabellenus absence. SHE IS WIFE!




What I also love is that later in the story, Cabellenus and Alicia have this really wonderful conversation where they confront the toxicity of their relationship at the start. They acknowledged that they cared for one another, but that their love wasn't genuine because their relationship wasn't equal. Alicia was constantly terrified Cabellenus would get tired of her and he never told her important things, while Cabellenus only knew how to show his love by hiding Alicia away and trying to keep things from her because he thought she would get hurt. It's such a wonderful scene in the novel and I keep rereading it because it's so raw and real. It's a turning point in their relationship when they truly start loving each other not as the people they made the other out to be, but as their true selves.



Not to mention the overarching plot is so intriguing too. The fights between the Imperial family, the Church of Prime, and their desires to take control of Cabellenus for their own selfish reasons, Alicia trying to save him, while Michael struggles with the belief that he's a 'monster'-- it's all so interesting. I'd love to ramble for ages about it, but there's just SO MUCH. And seeing them get to be a family at the end was wonderful. When Michael actually called Cabellenus 'Dad' for the first time, I almost threw my phone across the room in excitement. It took 100+ chapters, but it was worth it LOL And remember, broke is thinking James is the 2ML. Woke is knowing Fenrir is <3


TLDR (again) : I love this novel and the ending made all the slow burn pain worth it. Michael is best son material, Alicia is a powerful WIFE, and Cabellenus deserves nothing but happiness for the rest of his life. Sorry this was a ramble, but I'm gonna reread it now lmao


Honestly, one of my favorite novels. Spoilers abound as I've caught up with the raws at the time of writing this.

If you're looking for super fluff, look the other way. This is a very drama heavy story with the occasional cute scene to break it up. It's an angst filled trip about two people who don't know how to love properly before finally understanding each other as their adorable, precious son slowly parent traps them.


Basically the first ~50 or so chapters are just set up, showing how Cabel (ML) and Alicia (FL) met and how they eventually broke apart due to circumstances surrounding Alicia's mysterious powers and her pregnancy. This results in Cabel believing her to have died, leading to an eight year separation.


About the ML:

The first chapter (which details their reunion) depicts Cabel as a total a**hole, but I promise you he's the sweetest person, albeit clumsy and awkward. After learning of Alicia's 'death', he mourned her profusely, not resting until he could make the people responsible pay. He even planned on following her into the after life once he got his revenge because he felt there was no point in living any longer. After reuniting with her, he's extremely elated to see her alive but is choked up to see she has a son (whom he doesn't believe to be their unborn child from eight years ago due to the boy looking much younger and not having the trademark black hair and golden eyes of his bloodline). But despite their rocky start, he and Michael start to bond and seeing that process is super endearing. Like I said, Cabel is clumsy and clearly doesn't know how to treat Michael, so it's a learning process for them both. Eventually, he learns to care for Michael as his own son rather than just as Alicia's, even crying out of guilt and regret for the things he said about him before he was born-- not wanting his own son to have to feel that way (which is great because due to things, Cabel's emotional range is basically non-existent). It's honestly one of the best parts of the story.


About the FL:

As for Alicia, she starts off the story as a timid, shy, and broken woman-- constantly asking for death. She is acutely aware of how tenuous her position as Cabel's 'woman' is, as he's the one who gets to define the relationship, whether negative or positive. In other words, if he began to dislike her, she'd have no choice but to leave, but at the same time, he has the power to force her to stay even if she didn't want to. The clear power imbalance makes her uncomfortable the more she begins to value her own life. But after the eight year time skip, she's become a total mama bear. She'll do anything to protect her son and is terrified Cabel will take him away or hurt him if he ever found out the truth. Luckily, through various twists and turns, their family comes together to protect one another, slowly but surely bonding over time.


About their son:

Michael is a total cutie. He's very mature for an eight year old, being understanding and sympathetic towards his mother's difficulties while still being a child afraid of things that go bump in the night. He's very aware of how hard Alicia has worked to provide for him, with most of his childhood memories consisting of his mother baking him his favorite cookies and holding him in her arms as they fled from town to town. Alicia is often disrespected for being a single mom, so Michael's really protective of her. Because of that, he doesn't trust Cabel at first, even telling him to stay away from his mom because he 'doesn't need a dad' after he found out that Cabel likes her. But after a few incidents, Michael realizes that Cabel is a strong person-- strong enough to protect Alicia until he's old enough to do it himself, so he's willing to give him a chance as a 'father candidate' (despite discovering Cabel is his biological father early on, unknown to Alicia and Cabel themselves). He's an unbelievably precious boy!


TLDR; This story is cute, but also heart wrenching because you just want their family to be happy. If you love family drama like I do, give this one a chance to get to that point because the pay off is wonderful. The translator is doing a wonderful job of adapting the story so just know you're in for a treat if you choose to stick around. <<less
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Ruby_078 rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c42
This is a very good novel I do say so for myself. It's right now become my second favourite novel after the "under the oak tree" novel. It reminds me so much of the novel↞ (under the oak tree). The FL had the exact same hair and eyes colours so if you love that novel then you will probably felt a little bit infuriated and angry since in early chapters will have a lot of them criticising that characteristic... (I feel so mad when I read it). Anyway give it... more>> a chance, I hope you will enjoy the experience. * it even has some very good illustration in nearly every 2 to 3 chapters which are quite welcoming 💕💕❖❁

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Veluna20 rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c45
Translation is great. I really love reading the awkward (at first) interactions between MC and ML. Please don't listen to seleneilene's half-baked 1 star review. FL really witnessed the event mentioned in the spoiler and It is actually proof that FL is smart and not easily manipulated by others because in the later chapter it is explained that it's a fake, made by blood of other Neinstein's royal family member who survived ML's massacre. The FL was timid for the same reason as Maxi in Under the Oak Tree. After... more>> years and years of abuse, it is expected for a person to act and behave like that. Too bad, at least as far ch 45, the ML is not like Riftan 😞. If you want to read angst, this may be right in your alley <<less
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MLisMyHubby rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: c31
The plot is good. Although the romance was not much of a fluff, there are mysteries or questions that will let you hook up in the story. Like the past of the FL and her mother's origin and there are other more. As the story progresses, you will be also curious as to the reason why she runaway because it was obvious that she was in love with the Duke. As of the chapter I'm reading, you'll know that there will be a lot of problems awaiting ahead for them... more>> but so far there is no main antagonist that I could see in the story. It's a good novel that you could read if you want something that is a bit light with no much drama or conflict or romance or mystery but still has a good story in it. <<less
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Audmod rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: c9
I really don't know how I feel about the story just yet. The first chapter is a little hard to picture since it feels like you were thrown right in the middle of a scene and have no clear idea of where it takes place (ex: middle of town/secluded place, How many years have past). The ML is actually pretty interesting to me and it's reassuring he's willing to take her son in and treat him as his own. My complaint is that the FL is pretty dull. The only... more>> thing I find slightly interesting are her inner thoughts.

Im already nine chapters in and she's barely spoken or done anything, and when she does all she talks about is wanting to die. From the little info we're given about her past it explains why she is how she is however her lack of Will makes the story feel very slow and (in my personal opinion) sometimes boring


The pictures are beautiful. The translations are great & I appreciate the regular updates <<less
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seleneilene rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c12
YAWWWWWN!! I give up. MC is dumber than a bag of rocks.


some rando guy gives her this amulet that supposedly proves her mom is alive and they're gonna kill her unless MC kills the ML... UH, she says she saw her mom die??? WHAT...


i feel like this is going to be one of those novels where MC is passive af so imma peace out now.

if you like dumb, passive MC then go ahead and give this a shot but if not then don't waste your time
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Anne_077 rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: c42
At first, I'm quite reluctant to read it because of such a poor rating (3.5 stars) but I really do say from my experience all of the ratings that you see accompanied with the front cover cannot be trusted. Like seriously I don't know how many gems had I missed because of it. Sometimes you cannot trust those rating and you should only judge them by the review section of this website. If it only has like 1 or 3 reviews better see it for yourself. I will keep it... more>> short, this is a pretty good novel and I do agree with the review under me that it does reminds me soo much of the "under the oak tree" novel. Quite sad it does not have much attention because of the misleading rating. <<less
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Alexandra_068 rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: c42
I love this novel so much, it even has some illustrations in some of the chapters and I love it! Thank you for the translation and I felt soo grateful for it.
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crsnjnl rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: c55
This is a great read! At least for me, I love this kind of plot. Hope you would update soon. The translation is as well superb! Please pick this up❤🤧

Edit: I rarely give feedbacks so I really am looking forward to this! If there's anyone there who knows other site where I can read the remaining chaps not available here, please feel free to give me a message. ❤
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