An Unexpected Pregnancy with the Fake Husband’s Child


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Shen Minglou has a secret: he has a rare eye disease and he can bear children.

The first time his eyes flared up, he met his first love, who was tall and had a deep voice. The only regret was that he couldn’t see his first love’s face.

When his eyes returned to normal, he wanted to see what his first love looked like, but his first love suddenly disappeared, as if he had never existed in his world.

One day, his estranged father suddenly contacts him and offers him 30 million yuan for his eye surgery in exchange for marrying the heir of the Qin family for a business alliance.

Shen Minglou is a poor and weak patient who needs to save money for his eye surgery. After 0.1 seconds of deliberation, he signs the contract under his cheap husband’s name.

He has never told anyone outside his family about this secret, and he is even more afraid of letting his cheap husband know.

He thought the year would pass quickly, and he would be able to get his hands on the 30 million yuan when –

He accidentally sleeps with his cheap husband.

The night before they are supposed to get a peaceful divorce.

According to the contract, he is not allowed to have any physical contact with his cheap husband, or he will have to pay back the 30 million yuan.

Shen Minglou panics, so he decides on the most appropriate course of action in his panic: run!

Shen Minglou hides and runs for months, during which his eye disease suddenly relapses, and he frequently suffers from dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.

When he and others worryingly go to the doctor to ask if it is the worsening of his condition that is affecting him…

His doctor calmly and responsibly tells him that he is pregnant.

Shen Minglou bursts into tears: My 30 million yuan!

Associated Names
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Accidentally got pregnant with his fake husband's child
An Unexpected Pregnancy with the Fake Husband's Child
Pregnant by a Fake Husband.
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