An S Rank Adventurer Me Along With Those Girls Who Are Slaves, Form A Slaves Only Harem Guild


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An S Rank Adventurer that’s feared by everybody, Egil, had only done monster subjugations alone the whole time since becoming an Adventurer.

But one day, Egil was brought along by an acquaintance to a slave auction.

Something like a slaveーーwas what Egil had thought but, when he fell in love at first sight with a virgin slave called Eleanor, he knocked down with all the gold he earned from quests without any hesitation.

But she has a secret. It is that she holds a strong resentment towards her childhood friend Adventurer who sold her off to a slave trader and she has set her heart on revenge. Egil who learned of that, vowed to lend a hand in that revenge.

Not all slaves are badーー.

Afterwards, those girls who are slaves gather around Egil and ended up being together with him.

This is a tale of the world’s strongest S Rank Adventurer, Egil, forming a harem guild with those girls who are slaves and travelling the world.

Associated Names
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(Old Title: S Rank Boukensha no Ore wa Dorei no Kanojora to Tomo ni, Dorei dake no Harem Guild wo Tsukuru)
Uragirareta S Rank Boukensha no Ore wa, Aisuru Dorei no Kanojora to Tomoni Dorei dake no Harem Guild wo Tsukuru
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Renaxan rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c6
You can thinking this story is absurd in fantasy way. We got MC that described as one of strongest person in the world, get seduce by girl that want a revenge. Heck, he's seems to agree. Just.. MC just got seduce and agree easily to a revenge plan, idk if he's short-minded, lust-boy. Im kinda okay with revenge, but because the reason because im got seduced by girl looks, really? Maybe he's just virgin so long time lol (attitide of heroine still unclear)

Aside that, adult material are good, the... more>> story itself are promising to follow (gonna be harem in future so idk later). For me, I just didnt like how the story start but its good read. <<less
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jasuke1991 rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: c4
I like this story. The unrealistic progression aside, the protagonist seems simple and so does the other characters. Early into the translation thus far, but there has been no issue thus far with any of it. If it continues this way it void be a 5 star recommendation.
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Oshibo rated it
November 17, 2018
Status: c27
So far I really like it, not the best but if you are looking for a way to pass the time with a lewd SoL that has occasional battles then you would really enjoy this (Though the story could easily change), though it does have some slightly dark stuff for a SoL. The battles aren't as intense because if it is needed the MC, who is the strongest person in the world, will take care of the rest, so there is no tension in the translated battles so far... more>> and instead he is a mentor that will take over when there are no other options. So it is cool how instead of being an OP MC that does everything himself, he lets people grow so that they can stand beside him not beneath him. I will give slight spoilers w/o spoiler boxes, but they will play no significance either at all or you will only know what I'm talking about as you read it yourself, if there is anything where it would be a serious and blatant spoiler then I will use the box. I'm giving it a 4 but it might increase or decrease as the story progresses as it is good but with some flaws.

There are some interesting characters like one comrade who will have no issue selling out the MC if someone stronger than the MC appears, but as long as the MC is the strongest there is no need to fear betrayal as the comrade adheres to "The weak shall obey the strong". Though to an extent he has the MCs protection because he is such a skilled informant that answers to the strongest people if they mess with him they are messing with the informant of the strongest person in the world and if it is found out you killed his informant/comrade you die.

He has a cool somewhat personal guild receptionist that has been with him essentially since the beginning and is a pretty boy that attracts males and females while at the same time he is a complete idiot. The interesting thing is the MCs relationship with these two is so strong that they gave millions of gold for the MC and while knowing his personality (one that wouldn't accept handouts) wrote it off as an investment into the MC.

The MC is cool and while it might seem weird that he agreed too easily to kill her childhood friends, his own past plays a part in that easy decision which is revealed in one of the more recently translated chapters at the time of the review. The themes of his past include Betrayal, Women, and Slaves, so this might help you understand why he agreed immediately w/o spoiling his past. His past is also what brought him to the slave market where the story begins in the first and the reason behind that is

His informant friend wanted to confirm whether or not the stories about the MCs past were real so he brought him to a slave market which is an establishment he would hate due to his past.


Eleanor his first girl is a hardcore M and while she takes the lead during sex, it is because the guy is innocent in things like s*x and she has knowledge from books. By taking the lead temporarily since she knows what she likes and is turning him into an S so he can take the lead on his own

He is a quick learner but she is going to be disappointed soon because only got so far recently after another woman gave him advice (actual advice with words) and it will stagnate if he doesn't start learning for himself



It is pretty fast paced but you are never lost, and it is also fast-paced because the author doesn't waste time with excess explanations, plot-wise you know what you need to and you don't know what you don't need to. I like it so far but with every work of fiction YMMV. <<less
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Aharlequin rated it
June 20, 2019
Status: c49
Very good. For a Novel that focused on Ero and it's good. Storyline is not boring and very interesting. Especially s*x scenes. Author knows how to seduce readers and plot are not easy to guess. Powers are also detail not that much but we can accept. When I start see this ones, I thought this ones gonna be like others (Fantasy Ero) but I regret.

I recommend for the ones who want to read with good storyline and ero some weird Fetish (even S&M include) .
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Germ rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: c49
The lewd scenes are pretty good, but this novel tries to build a fantasy world around it. And that's the problem

If it was a series focused on sex, with some context or story to hold the s*x scenes together, I would rate it based only on lewd scenes. But since there are pretty big parts that are simply a fantasy story, I also have to rate that and it's pretty bad.

It's enjoyable and the plot is somewhat interesting but... the plotholes, the damn plotholes!

I'll make three examples. At a certain... more>> point, some newbie adventurers going on a quest talk about ogre reports and there being eyewitnesses. An experienced adventurer that has been working at the quest for weeks doesn't know about it. Nobody else that was clearing the zone from monsters ever said anything about it. How is it possible? The eyewitnesses should obviously be from your camp. Or if it was old information, nobody investigated the reports about monsters when the damn newbies did?

The villains I saw where also pretty shallow, the were... just bad people, jealous of someone, that decided to act two faced and were thinking to kill this person for... no real benefit? Despite the risk? Even before someone paid them to?

And now the whole heroine in slavery thing that is the premise of the story. Let's start with the slave collar. It stops the slave from killing the master. Nothing else. The magic is intelligent enough to know if you are attacking to kill or not, but it can't do anything else but stop you from killing. Not even act if you don't execute orders. Ok... and it seems there is a trick to get rid of the collar... Ok. It's obviously possible to have slavery without all that, but in a fantasy world it's a bit easy for a strong person to run away to somewhere else and become an adventurer. Why even use the collar though? But this is still acceptable.

Now, it's explained in the first few chapters that the heroine was tricked by her friends that put a slave collar on her and then sold her to the slave trader. And she was a princess. Ok now, what's the point of the collar then? Just tie her up and take her to the slave trader. I mean, you can't make her obey through the collar, so what's the point? And from how it was told it seems almost like she wasn't kidnapped, but couldn't do anything because of the collar... which doesn't have that effect. And she is a damn princess. How did they cover up everything? Nobody trying to rescue her? All the slave traders along the chain until where she was sold weren't scared to handle a princess? They didn't think they could get better rewards by bringing her back? The evil sisters didn't think the final buyer would bring her back to get a reward from the king? This just doesn't make sense.

TLDR if you can ignore the illogical part, somewhat interesting story for a 18+ novel and decent s*x scenes. <<less
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Custardmouse rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: c44
As far as lewd fantasy goes, this story is probably closer to three and a half stars, but I'm rating high for all the social conservatives who don't know how to read story tags and get insulted.

The translations are passable, and extra attention is paid to the exceptional lewd scenes, so go team! The girls are hot, and their various tragedies and backstories pass the verisimilitude test. I don't really believe that harems are part of the evolutionary psychology of human beings, so I like to see deeper reasons for... more>> harem than, "Society says it's OK." In this case, the girls have some background that might put them in a harem state of mind with a strong protector at their center, although I think things might be more satisfying in that respect with a world a bit darker than simply having slavery as an institution and nobles who are ambitious.

The fantasy world is very generic so far, and I really have no idea what this place is supposed to be like aside from generic European RPG. I can't even tell if it's medieval, renaissance or age of discovery. I honestly don't recall if there are demihumans or intelligent monsters or anything else that adds color or complexity to a fantasy world. Monsters don't seem to be a threat to society. Particularly when the MC is involved, conflict seems to be resolved in a few sentences of S class adventurer OPness.

While the MC and the first girl have a goal to achieve, the current plot seems to be focusing on an easy going girl raising arc (got to get stronger to fulfill your goals, gals). Along with the generic world, one of the weaknesses of this story lies in the RPG elements. There are classes, prestige classes, and adventurer ratings, but so far no details are given on stats, levels, skills or any of the other things traditionally used to measure power in an RPG style world. When it comes to LitRPG, go big or go home. I truly haven't any idea if any of the characters are strong, weak, talented or lagging behind, overrated or underrated compared to their guild ratings and the rest of the world, so sooner or later the author will have to spoon feed everyone a few lines about how "the girls are ready now" and we'll have to take it on faith.

The MC has some epic backstory, but his personality comes across as rather flat, leaving it to the girls to carry on the flirting and the banter. So far there has only been one storyline that hasn't been about girl capture, and the plot is simple and kind of hammered into shape for the author's convenience.

All that said, I have to give credit again for the lewds being really lewdly satisfying. I'm sure I will keep in touch with this story to see the development of even more lewd, if nothing else. <<less
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