An Ideal World of Loneliness: Cursed To Be Hated By Girls


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It was another world, much like our own. The only difference, however, is that the populational ratio was heavily skewed toward women.

In such a world where the majority of the population was composed of girls, there was a man hated by the opposite s*x. It was so severe, abusive language was commonplace and he was subjected to heinous violence on a daily basis. For the young man, that daily hell had become the norm.

Upon seeing his suffering, the two goddesses of the world muttered, “You, boy, are cursed,” and lifted the malison. From there, his life took a 180-degree turn.

“I like you~!”

“Hey, hey! Wait a sec! Come play with me~!”

“Y, you’re wrong! Until now I… There was mistake! Forgive me!”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

This is a story about a slightly nihilistic young man and goddesses who love to crack dirty jokes without a shred of chastity. Slowly, the world begins to revolve around him.

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An Ideal World of Loneliness: Cursed To Be Hated By Girls
一人ぼっちの理想郷 〜異性に嫌われる呪いってなに?〜
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New HadaNUF rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: c20
Emotional Damage

Probably the best of the recent wave of "regret" themed JP novels. Cursed quickly separates itself from the rest of its kind by including supernatural elements and (gasp) worldbuilding. Seriously, I think this one and the one with the 3 yandere sisters are the only two NOT set in a highschool. Setting is a breath of fresh air. Full points for creativity.

Obviously, the main pull of this kind of story is the change of heart of the MC's abusers. As of chapter 20 all the groundwork is there, but... more>> the payoff is still forthcoming. I may sound calm, but the daily dopamine spike I experience whenever I check TL's website is slowly forming a dependency. This review actually manifested itself when I checked for new chapters this evening, only to see it has not been updated in 3 days. I write this with the hope that more reviews will motivate TL to go faster.

Anyways, the biggest gripe I have with this novel is the author's implementation of "comedy". As some of the other reviewers mentioned, it drags on. And on. Maybe our collective tolerance for JP lewd humor has fallen off, but its your standard JP fluff, so skip it and you wont miss anything. Honestly, this is a story that desperately needs humor, or it would be completely miserable to read. That "Depictions of cruelty" tag is no joke.

I rate this novel: 10 scalding bowls of miso soup / 10 emotionally volatile females <<less
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New Reality19 rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: c29
An interesting novel, ruined by jokes that go on for too long.

The serious parts of the novel are great, you see the MC's suffering, the world, even the principles of it. MC himself is not the vengeful type, and has trauma that is handled as believable, meaning he doesn't recognize his trauma or shitty life since that is what he is used to, which I believe is realistic as most victims in reality only recognize how f*cked they were years later.

Problem is that after he meets the goddesses mentioned in... more>> the synopsis, most of the chapters after are filled with slapstick comedy, which I admit is funny the first time, but if the same joke is told over and over and over in succession, it just ruins the chapter. A sample of how the novel's jokes go below (this isn't really the joke in the novel but the flow is the same) :


A: You hate me?
MC: No
A: Oh so you really hate me?
MC: What? No!
A: I see, so you absolutely hate me?
MC: I said no.
A: Ah I knew it, you absolutely, positively hate me

and repeat about a few more times


Now this isn't even the biggest problem with the jokes. The biggest is that these jokes go on for so long, sometimes half or even 3/4 of a chapter, and they can be skipped, but this means they are also pointless and do not advance the plot.

If the author tones down, reduces, or hell, at least makes funnier jokes at appropriate times, then this would probably be better than 3 stars. <<less
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c45
The MC is the opposite of what every protagonist or man would do in a situation where women always hated him before the curse was lifted off of him.

You would expect that after his curse was lifted, he'll be led by the nose by the two goddesses and exact revenge on those who hurt him; however, with his rational but still fear of women state of mind, he wasn't even when he first met these two goddesses who seemed odd and a little perverse towards him in taking his chastity... more>> away.

Still, since I mtl-ed this, the story was interesting to the point that it was heart wrenching if you like drama in a story like this, but it still held a spice of comedy and warmth to the heart.


To start, the curse our MC has after being lifted off of him, resulted in the people around him to be drowned in guilt and despair to the point that they were suicidal and held the desire to kill themselves because of what they've done to the MC. Moreover, the MC's younger sister also held this train of thought in herself that she seemed to have lost her mind to the point of being admitted to the hospital (and not the mental hospital).

But, in part, the MC is too forgiving to the point that after everyone renewed their image of him and has apologized to him number of times, he decided to just let everything be so as to not cause any further trouble to him down the road. Moreover, the fact that he was kicked out of his own house before the curse was erased, still remained in his mind afterwards after coming back to retrieve the things left in his family home. This is actually the part where the MC is pitiful since he seemed to have retained certain habits he had gained throughout the time that he was still living with his family like kneeling down on one corner of the dining room after his family sat down on the chairs, and also backing away right after his sister decided to give him a hug but he instead saw it as her planning to hit him for coming back home.

You could say that the MC is too naïve and forgiving in his actions, but he still has his head in the right place despite all the bad that was aimed to him. The author even said in one chapter that other than letting the MC have a dark persona, he instead let the MC to have a bright personality because he'd rather not let such heart-wrenching and dark character to ruin the story he desired to write.


I'm the type that likes slow-burn stories but also those that has drama or tragedy in them. But reading this made me feel like, "finally, a character that doesn't seem so focused on the negatives of things". This is a breath of fresh air, hence why I gave it 5/5 stars. <<less
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bozakir rated it
February 17, 2023
Status: c9
It's a bit too much on the nose. People are so cartoonishly evil in this story that chinese cultivation young masters look like Dostoyevski characters in comparison. Two goddesses are carrying the story. Their sections are dynamic and somewhat funny.
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