An Extra Who Wants To Escape The Obsessive Male Lead


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I’m a fake bride.

Diello Argenta’s name engraved on my back indicated that I was his soulmate… but I was a fake.
One day, I possessed the unscrupulous villainess’ body inside an adult novel.

Is there any way I could survive?

…Contract marriage!

I’ll be his wife and act the part to protect his purity until the real one appears. So when the Duke of Argenta awakens his power, he will destroy my villainous family.
While becoming a fake couple with the innocent Diello Argenta, acting sweet day and night…

“If your soulmate appears, it’s time to end the contract.”

Hearing that, Diello, the Duke of Argenta, gave me a long look.

“When a Ferro dies, a new Ferro will be assigned.”

As he grabbed the tip of my chin, the distance between us shortened.

“…I’ll kill them until it’s you.”

What’s with him?

Out of nowhere, he started obsessing over me. Wasn’t he supposed to be a pure and sweet guy?!

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집착남주 두고 튀려는 엑스트라입니다
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Mashiro-chan rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: c26
This is a somewhat fresh take with soulmates since the dukes need to find their Ferros not because of true love, but because it would release the bind on their powers and unleash their full potentials. Although they would need to open their hearts and all to one another, a Ferro is not exactly someone who is loved.

To weaken the Argentas, Krua's father--the Duke of Alors--had her pretend as the Ferro of the young Duke Diello. Since the present Krua transmigrated into this novel, she wants to prevent her character's... more>> original tragic path. So, she came clean to Diello first thing and proposed they trick her cunning father until Diello's true Ferro comes along.

So far, I am really hooked with the story because the pacing is nice. It does not have any unnecessary bits and hoping it stays that way. The summary has already happened by chapter 26 and I am excited to see how the obsession with Krua will further deepen.

I like the main characters because both Krua and Diello are strong, smart, and know what they want. It would be great if Diello can really make Krua as his Ferro. Afterall, don't we make our own destiny? <<less
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