An Ex-popular Guy Can’t Get Love Down His Throat


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Until that one moment, my life was spectacular.

I was surrounded by many friends and even thought their smiles had some trust in them, so much as a sliver.

However, none had faith in me. Not them, not my teacher, not even my girlfriend. They all refused to listen.

I’ve then learned that “mutual trust” is nothing but fiction. The sad reality of their pretend friendships overwhelmed me, and since then, I haven’t been able to build proper human connections.

So, please, just leave me alone…
Don’t talk to me anymore…

There’s no soil for trust to bloom between us, people whose eyes can’t see beneath the surface.

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An ex-popular guy can’t get love down his throat.
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4 Reviews

Dec 08, 2022
Status: c14
So far the characters are believable, with the possible exception of the source of the false accusation. In that way, this is one of the better false accusation stories I've read so far.

The Good and the Bad:

... more>>

Good: His family supported him. It bothers me when loving parents/siblings believe complete strangers over their own family, this story avoids that pitfall.

Bad: He lets it go too easily. It seems like the author didn't want to focus on revenge, so the MC takes the attitude of "the damage is done". The reaction is believable. I would like him to get angry, but that's my personal preference.

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Feb 09, 2023
Status: c29
The initial premise dies out by chapter 5 and MC turns into an indecisive doormat pretty much immediately. The next 25 chapters are a complete waste of time with zero development or anything happening.

If you are looking for betrayal kino then stay away from this tr*sh.
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Oct 06, 2023
Status: c22
If you're looking for a main character instead of a sentient doormat you will be very disappointed. The MC will rant and rave in his head about how he doesn't want to be around someone only to willing let them into his home. The only thing I can think about while reading this is if there is an Italian restaurant out there somewhere that got a human spine instead of the wet noodles they ordered.
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Mar 30, 2023
Status: --
The writing is alright, just like the other dude said, he's established as a pretty confident outgoing guy but his personality just switches after the incident in the novel. It's not anything you can attribute to trauma or such, just poor writing in that regard. The story is just flat out boring aswell. God only knows why I read it all. Don't waste your time.
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