An Art Student Who Lives Twice


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I dreamed of becoming a successful designer.

But, I failed.

‘If I ever go back in time, I would take back everything that belongs to me.’

It was the lament of someone who missed his chance 3 times.

But I was serious in my own way.

‘If only I could start over just like in a webnovel.’

It had already been too late.

Modern fantasy is still one’s imagination.

The moment I thought about it, my life became a modern fantasy.

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두 번 사는 미대생
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10 Reviews

Dec 25, 2021
Status: ---
Set in pre-COVID19 pandemic modern day, MC is an Artist who fails his first life and gets a second chance to succeed at being a successful designer.

I don't know how to rate this novel I initially loved it when reading 30 chapters of the TL & then glossed over things because I read MTL for the rest & there were parts I loved (such as interior cafe redecorating & the artwork being created).

  • But I think the mentions of Crypto/Bitcoin in a positive light just ended up being a dealbreaker to me. As after a certain point then I couldn't overlook MC seeing art as an investment and any investing aspects as it just highlighted shallow, self-centric, messy points. So I only read about 80% of this and decided to drop.
  • So for a minor warning, MC is a cryptoshill (he doesn't invest into it but is willing to if things went awry) & Trump is mentioned in this novel.
The following is a very long spoiler portion which I elaborate portions I didn't enjoy in the novel

---------- Crypto dealbreaker section

... more>>

I am only mention portions that stuck out to me & made me question MC's character and highlights that MC is more of an investor with cryptobro. Totally understand that it can be seen out of context in a way & honestly tried to gloss it over and detach myself from it because it's fiction & MC doesn't go investing into it; however it is difficult when MC talks about investing throughout the novel as his goal is to invest.

"'Even if you work hard to save money, one bitcoin and one stock are enough. At the very least, if you buy an apartment in Seoul, it goes up endlessly.'

In a way, money was infinitely important, but in another way, it was also an infinitely light thing.

In short, money didn't play a very important role to me in this life.

If there is, use it as an investment.

If it doesn't exist, use it as it is and put it in Bitcoin.

That was my basic motto."

I really wish this novel didn't mention Crypto as MC states if everything fails he'd invest in crypto/bitcoin (and when this was mentioned when he was already rich from his business & investing in a game company & getting shares from coffee company renovation franchise.

And he really didn't need to mention this as with these statements it just sounds like MC regrets in his past life/ 1st chance that he didn't invest in stock or bitcoin. So I feel the whole goal of being a designer just lessened and it more became him wanting to become an investor rather than a designer)

Originally I thought being open to the idea of partaking in stocks & crypto fit his greedy character (especially since he failed his first life so wanting money in this life made sense) and just relieved he didn't do crypto, but I then started to noticed how much more often it kept showing up and detracted a lot from what I looked forward to reading.

" Of course, it's not necessarily about money.

Money is what you should do to invest in Bitcoin."

But MC repeats throughout the novel on occasion that life his goal wasn't money.

Like MC admits he's greedy for opportunities but just latter half tries to make it sound like money is not his goal just a means to it... I don't know why he has to reason with the readers (or himself) that money isn't important to him.

Like I feel it is as he saves his family (specifically his grandma) with money & proudly admits it........ & he didn't need to invest in Coinsoft games & just do his own thing...

He is doing well because he has money & investing. If he didn't need money, you don't have to invest in all of this stuff to get more money just invest in yourself... He could've just invested into marketing and making himself more famous which I feel aligns with his goal but he doesn't even make a social media account.

" Money is something that exists, and something that doesn't exist.

In the beginning, I decided not to care about money in this life. "

But the hypocrite thing is he does care about money. And this line was pretty much the dealbreaker for me. These statements kind of echoed a lot cryptobro thinking where real money is sort of useless and you gotta invest in bitcoin idealogy. So I ended up dropping around this point because I was fed up over them just popping up again & again.


The following are what I definitely would just gloss over and not something I'd drop over, but noticed.

----------- MC coincidentally gets convenient opportunities


I felt a lot of things are too convenient for the MC & he got a lot of lucky opportunities from connections (like his professors) which was definitely very purposefully crafted by the author. Like it's great MC took advantage of it but the requirements and timing seem all too convenient.

1) Oddly specific 5 employee company requirement for a government project

  • Like I don't quite understand why a government project would only only consider small companies with 5 employees to try to take part in their project. (and luckily MC starts off with a tiny JH designs company with his college friend.. which the company just felt shabby.. Like I understand if there was a govt program to help start-ups but MC's professor pointed out the 5 employee thing which was so oddly specific)

2) Extremely famous artist happens to want to collab with MC

  • Another scenario I think author does quite a bit is to make MC famous, MC ends up collab with famous people, but the set up seems all too coincidental.
    For example (I will call this the Rivals Fight over Thomas Kinkad's Painting section since I refer below too)

    MC goes to Switzerland to sell his work, & coincidentally try to buy famous Thomas Kinkade painting (as investment) to only fight with this rival same-age artist Seo Ji-won who wants the same work. Thomas Kinkade decides well I will make u two compete and give my art to the one I like most. Only to go well I not give to MC though cuz he happens to like your work more cuz Seo Ji-won need the motivation... AND I really want to collab with you instead...


---------------- MC is Self-centric & Always Successful (No character development in a way as this is just a success story)


1) Stroke kdrama ends up about MC's life & MC is always confidentally sure he is so successful in everything.

  • MC takes part in a kdrama production Stroke which he knows will do well as it does well in past despite him not partaking in it.
    I am puzzled why MC has to influence the writer to the point where the whole kdrama story ends up basically about him and his life? Like I kind of would think that MC's goal would not to change the kdrama storyline too much or else ruin the work's potential success, but he changed the story and basically used the kdrama to make more artwork for him to sell, as if he was sure any changes he did would make him more successful.

2) Eventually people around him kept praising him in exaggerated unnatural way.

---2a) Unnecessary Entreprenurial Compliment

A director said he's so entrepreneurial that MC would never get scammed (Like yeah director is well unaware to the director this is MC's 2nd life.. & Crypto is a ponzi scheme according to CoinDesk so if MC failed his art endeavors, he'd be scammed in the end...)

---2b) Even Trump would want to buy MC's Art

I really couldn't suspend my disbelief... when real life people were being mentioned, the whole Trump chapter where the tv host Jimmy would flatter MC's art of the oval office to the point that even President Trump would buy his work seems really unrealistic. (Like Trump has bought vanity portraits of himself which I which I think makes sense to hear a comment if MC drew Trump, but MC drew the oval office... so why specifically Trump would be willing to buy it? Can't Obama want to buy it too?) But I really don't think TV hosts would comment statements like that so specifically too. It just felt unnatural


-------------- Some Shallow Tidbits

1) MC & his father

reconciliation just ends with MC saving his family with money & father as failure artist.

  • One part stuck out to me when MC reconciled with his father, after MC paid his grandma's hospital bills & his father told MC about not wanting MC to follow his footsteps as MC's father failed as an artist. The story resonated enough with MC he made a work about his father and then got famous and rich off of it.
  • However my issue with this is, it just ends like that.
    I know originally MC planned to cut himself off from his family based on the bad relationship in his past life.. But it seems he decided to cut himself regardless even if it's now peaceful.
  • MC didn't take the chance to help his father get back into art or connect his father with his own connection network, despite MC already having the know-hows & business to do so and got the second chance to pursue his dream.
  • Like I know this is unnecessary but the author loved to do collabs but MC didn't do one with his father.... which could help his father no longer be a 'failure' as artist. But it seems like the author's goal was just to have MC bank off of this failure story.... not invest in his father giving well father is too old to get back into art impression.... MC definitely missed the opportunity to invest & give his father a second chance to fulfill his dream just like MC just got a second chance..

2) Rival is more of a replaceable / stepping stone
  • I wish the Rival Seo Ji-won was more expanded. MC had a rival same-age artist Seo Ji-won at the beginning of the college, which I thought would help MC grow in character in a way, but she just felt like a replaceable tool or a stepping stone comparison character.
  • Like she is much better painter than MC and in past life did really well, but in this second life, MC took her spot.
  • Reiterating the 'Rivals Fight over Thomas Kinkad's Painting' section, she later reappears fighting over famous painter Thomas Kinkade's painting she wanted to buy, but her character didn't change as she still felt immature & stubborn and didn't push MC into growing rather disappearing altogether.
  • But I am disappointed author keeps sort of highlighting her as a failure compared to MC. Just because she sold one painting and MC sold all his works in the same gallery exhibition really doesn't mean she's worse compared to MC when the gallery exhibition isn't over. & art isn't a race competition but I felt that vibe.

3) MC does not take advantage of having money/resources & using it to market himself or fully utilize social media


MC gets gigs to promote a game tournament & make a music video and they go viral which fun variety. But it just seems like a 1 time thing...... what I don't get is why MC didn't just make viral videos (or his own social media accounts and go viral).. or even yet spend money on marketing to promote himself more. (Like there is a chapter very late in the novel titled marketing and I was just like wow you only got to that part then... XD)

I kind of felt like this was a missed opportunity and that the author was solely more focused on the idea of collabing with others since collabing with others let MC dabble in lots of other fun projects but ignored the marketing / social media aspects as can be repetitive.


Overall the author had lot of variety and explored lot of ideas, but I feel could've been better without the investing & flesh out some lacking parts. <<less
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Jul 09, 2021
Status: c1
Looking at what's there this 4+ stars with potential to be 5.

The setting is current Era Korea, as the backdrop for the ruined life of a man who never stood up for himself. Miraculously he is rewound to his college days before it all went wrong. The novel is making it clear that all he has is his knowledge of the future and he doesn't have a photographic memory or ridiculous abilities outside his field. 👍👍 It's a great setting and should give the author much to play with.

I have... more>> to deduct a star for the writing. While it may get better currently it's disorganized and the flow is chaotic. It's in no way shape or form unreadable it's just a bit off.

Bottom line: Well worth the risk <<less
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Nov 23, 2021
Status: c200
Edit: I finished this story via MTL (very readable since there aren't any weird fantasy terms). It's really good and the pacing and plot development held up quite well! MC isn't an overly greedy person and has always conducted things with sincerity but all with a keen eye for business opportunities and there is also a bit of romance at the end! Honestly a really superb work and one I will remember. I like this a lot! It's really a nice break from all the fantasy/Wuxia/returnee etc novels and fanfics... more>> I read and this protagonist is incredibly relatable. His past tribulations and trials are something most people growing up in Asia have experienced at least once in his life, and a lot of his thoughts and reflections are really fitting. The events also flow wonderfully and I've honestly been completely hooked by this story.

please give it a try if you like a modern reincarnation story that's a slice of life! There is no special abilities or any genius talent involved - simply a guy with experience and hard work and determination <<less
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Dec 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished this story with an MTL because I could not wait for the updates (since it is currently at C.29). I am a fan of isekai stories, and this one had me hooked. I finished it after 2 days of reading through it until C.200, and I enjoyed it.

I love how it was focused on his career as an artist, there was no romance (except like 1-2 pages near the end that came out of nowhere), and he uses motifs and designs that were popular in the future to... more>> bring his art to another level, while not completely ripping off those designs. I even looked up some of the artists as I was reading it to be a bit more familiar with them. It did feel OP at the very end, where I thought the quality deteriorated, but I loved how it made me think about art, and taking some fun weekend classes to enjoy having more art in my life. It is a lighthearted isekai novel about a group of friends who work hard to bring each other and those around them upwards. <<less
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Nov 14, 2021
Status: --
The writing is kinda chaotic at first but it later on it gets better. I'll give this 5 star since this is my type of stories. MC that went back from the past and tries to correct his life of living, he's also using his knowledge of the future designs and trends. I like it so much, waiting for more chapters!!
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Nov 30, 2022
Status: c9
Perhaps my expectations were set too high but I was rather disappointed. The lack of legitimate rivals and the MCs apparent sense of innate superiority irked me and while I understood his reasoning, the fact that the MC appeared to be copying/ taking advantage of other’s works in the future was something I found a little distasteful. It’s not a bad novel and I am stopping rather early so perhaps it’ll improve. Nonetheless, not in the same class of Genius of Performing Arts High, Van Gogh reborn etc
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Dec 02, 2021
Status: c27
I love this. There's no system bs or MC gain amazing skill. The MC only return to the past with his memory intact which he's not remember anything. Only the art industry since he's a person who is in that industry and maybe some common knowledge such as the rise of the land price, some big stock etc.
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Dec 01, 2021
Status: c27
Very light and not too much drama. MC is wisely making use of his advantages. I really want to read the mtl so if anyone who can read this knows of it, please comment the link and put space between letters.
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Mar 26, 2023
Status: c32
It seems fairly good so far, but the problem is that there are only 32 translated chapters, and the contents of the top-rated review is fairly worrying. So far, I definitely do think that the first 32 chapters are worth a read at least though.
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Dec 03, 2022
Status: c32
As a Fine arts and design graduate, I can relate to this story so much and reminds me of my college days. I would have put 5 star but there is one flaw id like to point out in the early parts of the novel. The medium should be properly conveyed at the beginning. Instead of using a general term "painting", it could have been either paper, water color paper, canvas, illustration board etc. Specifically saying the character will use what material on what like sketch on paper or oil... more>> on canvas, makes it easier to imagine for people who arent used to the life of an art student. Later in the novel it was properly described but the earlier chapters didnt.

The main character has a cheat which is his future knowledge but other than that, it seems the author really knows the life of art students. I am enjoying his cheat and story so far.

Im hoping for some more chapters! <<less
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